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  1. Why did we try out guys from the men's soccer team, but not anyone from the women's team? There has to be someone on campus who can kick it over the lineman.
  2. Here's to hoping we see the same 2nd half improvement that we saw last year!

  3. Bob Heffner - Asst Coach Craig Berube - St. Louis Blues Coach
  4. Or that he apparently plays on the o-line. He broke a 69-yard run against a D-1 defense as a 7 year old and the coaches have him blocking!
  5. What is wrong with JD fielding punts? He already has a TD return this year and is ranked 11th for average return yards. We aren't talking about putting Santino Panico back there. JD is one of the best returners in the country. Why mess with that?
  6. I knew we should have redshirted Adi Kunalic.
  7. It seems to me like completion percentage was pounded into his brain so hard that he is afraid to throw an incompletion. It's almost like he has the yips when it comes to throwing a ball on time. Even his touchdown to JD was after the play broke down and he was all by himself. Combine that with happy feet and he doesn't have a chance. He needs to get back to having "no fear of failure" and just let it rip. I don't remember him having any timing on time with WRs other than the one Wandale dropped and even then it was slow developing and wide open.
  8. Are you liking your own posts? Who would possibly agree with this?
  9. I had prom there back in the day.
  10. There were times last year when I thought AM should have thrown in Stanley's direction even more. Just about every QB has a favorite WR they favor. This is also because coaches use their best WRs as the primary reads of passing plays. I would be more concerned if Martinez didn't utilize one of the best WRs in school history as much as he did.
  11. My least favorite thing about following recruiting is airing out a kid's academic situation. I guess it comes with the territory but it's disturbing to me to see strangers discussing the grades of a high school student just to make sure he can qualify to play football. No one really knows the situation and the ones who do shouldn't be sharing it anyway.
  12. I feel like a Fong CB is almost stealing the commitment announcement from the recruit. He pretty much only posts a CB when he has some pretty concrete evidence.
  13. Well one is true and one is not. Nash's dad is also not looking to get on every TV outlet to spew nonsense or try to promote his new clothing brand. If I want to avoid the Hutmachers, all I have to do is stop following him. Ignoring the Balls has been much more difficult.
  14. I can't stand Dan Hoppen. I don't understand what makes him qualified to have a segment to himself. The worst part for me is that they all think he is some renowned food critic, which just adds to his arrogance. He can have his opinion, but it's usually wrong.
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