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  1. when did he post this? I can't find it on his twitter, wonder if he took it down. interesting I just checked also and it's gone. He posted it this afternoon See the Tarin Smith thread. He's gone.
  2. Transfers don't really surprise me anymore, but Tarin looked like he was on track to become a major contributor here for the next few years. Is there something else going on behind the scenes that we don't know? This strange season has turned into a strange off season.
  3. This sort of coaching carousel is becoming more and more common. Its rare for any coach, particularly the position coaches, to stick at the same school for more than 4-5 years. I honestly think these kids will soon start to understand this is a business and put less weight in the coach and more in the academics/location/fit.
  4. I know he played at a high level, but I couldn't help but feel like he didn't look like he was trying very hard this year. May have been injuries, may have been mental because he was often doubled and cut, but something never looked right with him this year.
  5. Any bars in Omaha that will stream the Husker basketball game since its ESPN3?

  6. Vault of Glass... Ugh

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    2. whateveritis1224
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      So Bungie unbalanced the encounter after people actually beat it? Good to know...

    4. whateveritis1224


      They didn't unbalance it, everything is the same with the enemies, the teleports are now random so you are unable to give people specific tasks because everyone can get teleported instead of the people furthest from him.

  7. Love the hit, I just hope the guy is OK.
  8. Unbelievable that Creighton and Nebraska could meet in the second round... Love it. GBR
  9. Turner is too fragile to expect him to be a full time running QB. I like the idea of him having a package of plays, but I don't know about full time starter. If we wins the spot, so be it...
  10. Haven't bought either yet but I've always been a xbox guy and the controller is the biggest reason for me hesitating to make the switch to PS. Was a XBOX and XBOX360 owner. Went with a PS4 this time around and the controller is great. The L2 - R2 buttons are much more "trigger" like than old PS versions. I agree with what has been posted. BF4 is a great game with some issues (serious at times, but usually not bad). NBA2k14 is pretty good.
  11. For any chance at the dance, the momentum has to be maintained. A single loss at this point could doom the Huskers. Media has taken notice and we have to keep their attention by winning...
  12. I would be the yelliest coach in all the land if I had to watch my players make some of the dumbest plays ever.
  13. I wouldnt mind seeing him go out the way he came in. The guy was one of the fastest i have ever seen his freshman year... i had to pick my jaw up off the floor a couple times. His speed was unreal. I remember ESPN did one of their sports science features on his burst. That injury definitely slowed him down a step.
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