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  1. Not sure I would be drinking if bathroom access is limited. Unless you want to piss yourself.
  2. I’m thinking of the pandora’s box that will open up if the NCAA lets players keep a year of eligibility. A year off? Would that make some of the incoming freshmen less likely to avoid a redshirt? They’re going to have all of the time in the world in the weight room?
  3. Or do you make the decision to enter into the next chapter of your life? Imagine there are some folks on the roster who are buried on the depth chart but are close to getting their diplomas. What do you do during this very unique time?
  4. I think attitudes with this will change with time. Main stream media can start by not sensationalizing it.
  5. Pelini never had a poor record. His foundation was built on a sinkhole that was going to open up sooner or later. It was a matter of time. Thoughts?
  6. Fair point. Cosgrove also called that 2007 defense which was atrocious. Folks forget about the better D the year prior.
  7. Mistake firing Frank? No Mistake hiring BC? No Mistake firing BC? Yes Mistake hiring Bo? Yes Mistake firing Bo. No Mike Riley* Mistake hiring/firingNo/No. Whoever replaced Pelini was going to be a “bridge coach.”
  8. Fifty nine is too young to leave this world. I remember him being one of Callahan’s better recruiters. He was integral in getting Suh to Lincoln.
  9. Blame Eichorst. Don’t blame Riley. He delivered to UNL what he has his whole career, .500 ball. Eichorst aimed low when he terminated Bo. He went out and got Pelini’s antithesis. That is where you should lay yout frustration. My opinion anyways.
  10. “Starting defense! Place at the table!“
  11. The KSU syndrome of the early 90s. They got a taste of some success and it got to them a little bit.
  12. The team imploded. The senior year leadership that season was lacking.
  13. They let out a season of frustration that Saturday.
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