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  1. Sometimes you have to have the “want to.” I wonder if he is playing for Nebraska just to appease his father?
  2. 1990-99- .864 1980-89- .837 1970-79- .820 1910-19- .792 1900-09- .774 1920-29- .726 1930-39- .725 1960-69- .712 2000-09- .661 1890-99- .614 2010-19- .581 1950-59- .405 1940-49- .374
  3. That game result surprised me. USC was not ready for the physical attack.
  4. If there was not a 6 win requirement would the bowl committee’s take Nebraska every year?
  5. I view a decade from 0-9. There was so much promise in the program at the end of 2009. That ended up being fools gold. This back half of the decade was a fall. We are trying to put Humpty Dumpty back together again.
  6. He just made a tweet dressed in Ohio State gear.
  7. He had some sloppy games which made victories a lot tougher to earn. As far as losing his job due to performance, that was a big problem with Pelini. The guy could not manage a roster. Who was Taylor Martinez’s backup? Was it Ron Kellogg?
  8. We never got a chance to see Cody Green. He was mismanaged when he was here.
  9. This has been a problem since Taylor Martinez. The incumbent doesn’t lose his job to poor performance. Granted the QB rooms have been horrible until recently but it’s an observation of the last decade.
  10. Weather was awful. I had no trouble getting out of Champaign quickly.
  11. What was Eichorst thinking? He hired the antithesis of Pelini. Did he not think a record of winning was important?
  12. I view Osborne as two guys. Football coach and post football. His passive aggressive attitude towards the program has not helped.
  13. It’s the Devaney/Osborne curse. How many schools can say that they had their best two coaches back to back?
  14. Did Frank ever reach out to other P5 programs after his dismissal? Frank to me seemed like a guy who probably didn’t interview well with employers. I hope he is content with where he is at. How much longer does he want to do this? He is now in his mid 70s.
  15. Bo would probably excel best at the NFL level as a positional coach. Let other guys handle personnel. He could do X’s and O’s.
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