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  1. Moiraine

    The Environment

    Really wish they'd figure out a way to record this stuff.
  2. Moiraine

    Speed City

    You're acting addlebrained.
  3. Moiraine

    Bold Predictions for 2019

    I think you're under-appreciating the importance of continuity and teammates with not only great talent but who have been well coached every year they've been in college. Lawrence is a great player who's surrounded by great players who've had great coaching. Martinez is a great player who was surrounded by players who'd had less than 1 year of (we assume) great coaching who for the most part do not have the level of base talent that Clemson's players have. On top of that, the original post you replied to used the word "comparable," which doesn't necessarily mean just as good. But I happen to think both QBs are top 5 this season, and that's definitely comparable. hush
  4. Moiraine

    Bold Predictions for 2019

    Weird how the guy he replaced went undefeated in games he played last season and took the team to the playoff the year before. I guess that has nothing to do with overall team talent and he was also a football god of unparalleled abilities.
  5. Moiraine

    The Choice to Change

    Pretty cool to see that the changes in who was starting came about because of those players talking to Frost.
  6. Night games are exciting but 2:30 games have a more college footbally feel to me for some reason.
  7. Moiraine

    Bold Predictions for 2019

    Martinez is better for our offense than Lawrence would be, and I doubt Lawrence would have won more than 4 games last year if they switched places. Lawrence’s supporting cast is more talented and has had better coaching.
  8. Moiraine

    Speed City

    But what about Nefastka?
  9. Moiraine

    RB Marvin Scott III [Nebraska Commit]

    I don't know if ranking him as the 49th best RB is correct, but on 247 only the top 23 RB are 4 stars or higher.
  10. But he can call Trump out in debates if Trump is willing to attend them.
  11. Moiraine

    The Trump Economy

    Yes I know. But I still think it’s stupid to say talking about it caused the recession. Companies (including the one I work for) were preparing for it before the media started talking about it. They track lots of things including the same things the media reports on before they report on them. Whatever factor that plays, it was going to be played regardless. Maybe the media sped it up slightly but imo they certainly won’t have caused it.
  12. Moiraine

    The Trump Economy

    It’s starting. Trump and Fox News are already blaming the left for causing the future recession by talking about it.
  13. Moiraine

    Pump-Up Video Season

    I have always heard The Bear knew his football. This confirms it for me.
  14. Moiraine

    Tristan Gebbia

    The starter is a 6th year senior. So there's a decent chance Gebbia will have 2 years as a starter there.
  15. Moiraine

    The Matrix 4

    I still love The Matrix, and I always thought the 2nd and 3rd movies were good Sci Fi movies, just not great compared to the first one. I will watch the new movie. I'm not someone who thinks anything in the original can be ruined by a sequel. Just like the last GOT season doesn't ruin the ones that came before it.
  16. Changing the margin from -80 to -72 is a lot, but we're still a huge outlier.
  17. Moiraine

    2019 Captains

    I'm not all that surprised that neither of the Davis twins are captains, because whenever I see them in interviews they're always either really quiet or they have other DL taking questions with them. It seems like it just might not be their personalities to stand out as leaders on the team.
  18. Moiraine

    BTN Bus Tour - In Lincoln August 19th

    That's what we're talking about though; how the team looks during camp and what the predictions are. Were they positive during Riley's years for that reason or because they didn't want to be negative? It makes more sense to be negative right after a loss. It's more acceptable to the fans at that point.
  19. Even I found it interesting and I don’t watch the NFL.
  20. Moiraine

    BTN Bus Tour - In Lincoln August 19th

    I don’t read much of their stuff. I just don’t remember a whole lot of negativity when Riley was here.
  21. Moiraine

    Who gets drafted?

    Then every post predicting how many wins we'll have is on that list to. It's the most obvious type of thing for people to talk about right before the season.
  22. Moiraine

    BTN Bus Tour - In Lincoln August 19th

    What they can definitely see better is change over time. Only problem is they will also try to stay positive even if we suck