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  1. Me too. Here's more. I think they made them square to crop some things out they don't want to show yet.
  2. Gotcha. I still think it's a stupid question but it makes more sense now.
  3. No one in Nebraska texted this announcer to ask why we're losing close games.
  4. I was wondering what happened to that rule
  5. Our guy moved first, then their guy entered the neutral zone, then our guy moved again to touch him.
  6. Damn these announcers are dumb. OMFG it obviously hit the ground. WOW.
  7. I was wondering if we've ever had a B1G schedule as easy as the ones Iowa and Wisconsin tend to get, and next year it looks like... almost. Our only tough crossover is Michigan. I believe this will be by far the easiest B1G crossover schedule we've had. I looked at Iowa's future schedules and in 2024 they have 0 tough crossovers. It's Indiana, Maryland, and Rutgers,
  8. It does feel a bit different but what will really show it's different is if we beat Minnesota and Purdue easily, and maybe Wisconsin. That will show the team isn't still headcases playing down to lesser opponents. It wasn't really the blowout losses that mattered before, if they were going to be losses anyway. The worst thing is when we hang with really good teams and lose, and then against the s#!tty teams we also lose. I'd be ok with consistently barely losing to the good teams if we can consistently beat the rest. At that point I can start hoping we'll actually pull off a win like this one.
  9. I know you're not replying to me here but from my perspective I wasn't upset we scored 0 points in the first half. I was upset the creativity we saw against NW was gone and didn't show up until the 3rd quarter. I feel like that was the plan but I feel that plan backfired by tiring out our defense too soon.
  10. You both have points tbh. We weren't gonna score 29 on Michigan in each half. But the playcalling was so basic in the first half against Michigan. I don't know wth we were doing there. It was like we were trying not to mess up. If we could have scored even 10 it might've made a huge difference.
  11. I think there's too much in his head now. He's good but he seems to run as a last resort. I feel he could be so much more explosive if he more readily looked to run. I think it is probably too late to try to change that with him when I assume they've been doing the opposite all along.
  12. Why was our playcalling so milquetoast in the first half? That's not what I remember from before Frost got to Nebraska. It kinda feels like that was the plan, to hide things then open it up in the 3rd quarter, but it made the defense tire out before the game was over. For me to believe we're getting better, we need our next game to be consistent with these last two. What I mean by that is we have to stop playing up or down to the competition. If we play as well against Minnesota as we did against Northwestern and Michigan, and it's a trend and we are actually better now, we should beat Minnesota by 14-21 points. If we do the same old s#!t, we probably lose to them by 3 points in the last minute. At the very least I want us to start beating the mediocre teams regularly before I'm gonna start believing.
  13. Was that dude mimicking eating corn off a cob. If so I feel sorry for him since he’s apparently never done it for real before.
  14. Announcer’s kinda dumb. “Mich has really taken the crowd out of it.” Um, Nebraska is on offense.
  15. LOL Imagine how easy WR would be to play if the rule was you could just run into a defender on the field and draw a penalty.
  16. I wonder what our O playcalling problem really is. Are we letting the D dictate too much what we call? I.E. is the Michigan D showing a formation we think the option wouldn’t work on so we just don’t try?
  17. I think I might’ve been able to impede that guy better than Benhart did…
  18. Would be nice if the refs started getting some of the live calls correct.
  19. The offensive coaches seem to be trying to lose by as few points as possible.
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