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  1. I mean… you could just give them to the starters. The whole team knows who the starters are regardless of what color the jerseys are, so I fail to see how the tradition makes them separate.
  2. Football players don't wear cups anymore.
  3. Please stop talking about testicles, guy.
  4. Maybe we should stop lowering taxes.
  5. If the current leads stand the House will be 222-214 Republicans.
  6. You’re ignoring the negotiation aspect of things. The president discusses the judges with Senators before nominating them to make sure they have the votes. Especially in times like these where they’re barely getting approved. They don’t just come up with a name and hope the Senators like the person.
  7. What I meant was keeping the House was preferable to gaining a Senate seat but I was probably stating the obvious.
  8. The Republican in Nevada is up by 800 votes now. The Democrats may end up gaining a Senate seat. Keeping the House would have been preferable. I took a look and Democrats are ahead in 16 uncalled races there, so the House majority may only be a majority by something like 4 seats. Unfortunately even with only a majority of 4 that means Republicans running all of the committees.
  9. This is an example of why an argument that someone is good for the country because they're popular is lazy and stupid and holds no water. Group think is a strong and horrible thing.
  10. I'm pretty sure people have already answered that question for you. But to give one example, he will go after his political enemies in any and every way he can just for not agreeing with him. I'm sure this is going to sound hilarious, but there used to be some morality when it came to politicians. Sure, the stuff he's doing is legal, but that doesn't mean he should do it. Some of it is god awful. He's the worst of Trump, but he's not as incompetent at reaching his goals as Trump. I'm just exhausted with this environment that Trump brought to the forefront. I'm exhausted with Republicans focusing so much on hateful s#!t aimed at things that don't matter. Their entire MO is riling up hate in their base in order to distract them.
  11. This is my feeling. I don't want the Democrats to barely be beating bats#!t crazy a$$h@!es. But since people seem totally willing to vote for them, that seems to be what they/we are stuck with. My wish is that the Republicans will go back to being the party of bad policies instead of trying to subvert democracy.
  12. The Democrats need another miracle candidate like Obama
  13. Ya but it's only 'cause he's in a city full of America-hating libturds
  14. They won't like it and then they'll blame Obama
  15. Not that Heard is normal, but normal people don't have super secret conversations in their Twitter inboxes.
  16. These are mega corporations, and what does any of it have to do with prejudice? Please stop using catch phrases instead of putting your thoughts into words that make sense.
  17. Not disagreeing with your point but I don't think we'll have democracy here much longer regardless of what happens in Ukraine.
  18. Stop voting for old people. Also, it depends where they are and what the tax revenue is.
  19. Everyone who doesn't win a Heisman sucks in my book. The grammar on this website wanted me to say "Everyone who doesn't win a Heisman suck in my book" and now I'm confused.
  20. Ukraine wouldn’t have so much satanism if the Soviets hadn’t torn down their churches.
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