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  1. I learned about blow jobs and fingering in 5th grade and nobody cared enough to do anything, because it was about 11 year old boys and girls, not 11 year old boys and boys.
  2. All the GOP wants to do is make their voters mad, and it's typically over nothing.
  3. I wonder if part of the difficulty of the invasion is due to the Soviet style apartment buildings. I knew that was what most of the public housing was and it's still all over in their cities, but I was looking up Vuhledar today and it only has 14,000 people but it still has 2, 3, and 4 story buildings all over the place (maybe higher than that, hard to tell). You don't see that in the U.S. in small towns. It gives a lot of places to shoot from and hide behind. I'm just reading now this town was built in the 1960s just for the coal miners to live in. That might explain why there are so many of these buildings. It was a planned city.
  4. This is one of the dumbest things I have ever read.
  5. I wonder how long this country can continue to excel when we have leaders who are either utter morons or completely selfish. For example, blaming the collapse of SVB on “wokeness.” Most big companies have some type of diversity or inclusivity person or small team. It’s a tiny part of the budget. It can’t cause a bank to fail. This country’s problems can’t be solved when half of its leaders are either completely full of s#!t or have no interest in solving them.
  6. To answer the OP question again, the Republican party is a joke. It may end up a joke the way Putin is a joke, so a powerful joke, but that's what it is. And nobody is going to come save us once this collapses. The people who think it's no big deal having the House speaker make these accusations are morons. The people who think it's no big deal that he's allowed to run for public office after attempting a coup are morons. And once the government collapses they're going to start getting quiet once they realize they are getting special treatment from the new dictatorship, and pretend they aren't to blame.
  7. Presidents who attempt coups after they lose are far more dangerous to our country than violent criminals. The latter will increase once the government collapses, and then we'll have government backed, legal violence like we see in Russia and China.
  8. No, that's not the case. I misspoke on the name, but the Deposit Insurance Fund will pay for the majority of the deposits. This is including deposits > $250,000.
  9. It’s not directly paid for from taxpayer funds. Most of it will be funded by FDIC insurance paid for by banks. Some will be from loans bank can take out from the Fed. If any of those loans aren’t paid back, those will be paid for by the taxpayer. It may also happen that if banks have their insurance rates increase, they’ll pass the cost onto the customers.
  10. They did business with a bunch of cryptocurrency companies also. In better news, the government will be honoring the depositors’ funds for both banks.
  11. I don’t think you read the article. Yellen said one thing that was wrong, but the main important point is people making less than $400k will not have a higher share of audits than what they had historically. And it makes sense than 90% are under $400K. They make up more than 90% of households. This is what Yellen said which was incorrect, which she contradicts later with what is really going to happen. Yellen's letter stated that, "contrary to the misinformation from opponents of this legislation, small business or households earing $400,000 per year or less will not see an increase in the chances that they are audited." Let’s say there are 100,000 audits per year and 90,000 are on households making less than $400K. The funding will allow this to increase, let’s say to 200,000 audits and 180,000 on households making less than $400K. The proportion on households making < $400K stays the same, which is what she says everywhere else. But her statement above is wrong. Everyone, including people making < $400K, now has 2X as much of a chance to be audited. What she should have said (and I think she even said it in another quote in the article) is that it won’t increase proportionate to those making >= $400K.
  12. I honestly don’t care that much which version we get stuck on. Just not changing clocks is the most important piece. That said I like the current one as of today where it’s lighter at night. I don’t like it when it’s dark when I’m getting off of work.
  13. This probably has the best explanation for what happened that I've seen. Opinion | Silicon Valley Bank Feels the Toll of the Fed’s Inflation Fight - The New York Times (nytimes.com) And I can summarize it a little further (at least, I think I can). Actually, I'm probably doing it way worse. But I've already written this crap. Banks have low interest or no interest deposit accounts, and when interest rates rise very slowly, normal customers don't really think about putting their money into something with a higher interest rate, because it just doesn't cross their mind. On top of that, Silicon Valley Bank had a higher than normal # of "not normal" customers, i.e. big companies, investment fund runners, and others who are always paying attention and trying to get the best interest rate they can. With faster interest rate increases, not only are those people who are paying attention going to move their $ into things with higher interest rates, so are more of the normal customers. As this started to happen SVB had to make that $ available by selling and taking a loss on treasury bonds, which they should not have invested so much of their $ in. But the reason they had to put so much $ into these is their customers were doing too well and not taking out loans. Their loss they released to the public (I assume because they were required to) was not actually that bad ($2b on $200b) but then you add in the fact a lot of these customers are people who look at the internet all the time, and news spread like wild fire, and too many of them went into panic mode and decided they needed their money right away. But even without that, if they were losing the $2b Thursday, it likely would not have stopped there even without the panic. The $2b loss happened before any panic, just from regular withdrawals and people wanting higher returns. What happened Thursday was probably just a fast version of what would have happened anyway. My guess on the biggest factors are: Inflation and the reaction to it - increasing interest rates quickly Changes to Dodd-Frank, making it so banks like SVB did not have to go through as much stress testing, which they may have failed with the type of investments they were making Tech companies doing great, then immediately not doing well The internet existing The changes to Dodd-Frank were voted on by Democrats and Republicans, and I don't think they should have been made except potentially for small banks. But things could have been a lot worse. In a rare demonstration of bipartisanship, the House voted 258-159 to approve a regulatory rollback that passed the Senate this year, handing a significant victory to President Trump, who has promised to “do a big number on Dodd-Frank.” Later this month, five regulators are expected to release a plan to water-down the Volcker Rule, which bans banks from making risky bets with depositors’ money. Regulators have already proposed easing limits on how much the largest banks can borrow, a change that was opposed by Obama administration appointees at the Fed and the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, who argued it was too soon to reduce capital requirements for the biggest banks. And the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, which is run by Mr. Trump’s budget director, has halted the agency’s continuing investigations into finance companies. Republicans saw Tuesday’s vote as merely the beginning, not the end, of the Dodd-Frank legislative rollback. For years, House Republicans have been pushing for a more significant overhaul of Dodd-Frank and last year passed the Financial Choice Act, which would have crippled the consumer bureau and revoked the Volcker Rule. However, that bill stood no chance of gaining Democratic support in the Senate and Republicans, looking to score a victory before the midterm elections, ultimately chose the pragmatic path of approving the bipartisan Senate legislation.
  14. What is it about the past 7 years, and about Texas, that makes you think these women won't end up in jail?
  15. SVB CEO lobbied for relaxation of Dodd-Frank rules | Fortune I don't know a whole lot about it but I do know complying with the regulations is more difficult for smaller banks because it takes additional people, some of which have that as their only role. I think a $250 billion threshold is ridiculously f#&%ing stupid. There are only 10 banks in the country above that #. You can't tell me a $50b company can't afford to do this work.
  16. Let’s pretend it was Antifa. So, Trump the genius gets tricked again. He riled them up and wanted to join them. He was too stupid to realize they were Antifa. That’s the argument these little pea-sized brains are making.
  17. Hopefully people don't treat this like the toilet paper pandemic
  18. If we legalize child labor can we deport all the kids because they're stealing our jobs?
  19. Dude hasn't opened The Bible.
  20. “You reform the entitlements, but you do it in a way that you don’t take anything away from seniors or people who are getting ready to retire. You focus on the new generation, you focus on what’s next,” said Haley, who served as US ambassador to the United Nations under Trump. Someone knows their voter base.
  21. The majority of the tanks Russia is using are T-72 and T-80 which the U.S. faced in the Iraq War. I'm not really sure what's modern about Russia, especially on the ground.
  22. It was one of the worst episodes of the series, but based on how good most of them are, I'm not worried.
  23. I felt the same way about blackface being edited out of an episode of The Office. There has to be room for stories to have commentary on s#!tty things. There has to be a place where people can talk about something to say it’s s#!tty. In this case it was made clear that the person wearing blackface was doing something wrong. I guess the only argument I can see for it is maybe it’s one thing that goes far enough that we want to remove it from memory altogether and have it only mentioned in museums. Dunno.
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