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  1. If I'm counting right, college football teams only get 22 weeks of on field practice per year with coaches, not counting bowl prep. 15 extra practices (3 weeks) is a 13.6% increase in practice time. So ya, it might get us 1-2 more wins.
  2. Why would it being Minnesota be upsetting? They beat us.
  3. 7 days ago, 68 teams were bowl eligible. I count 12 teams that got to 6 wins this week so we should be out of contention by like 3 spots.
  4. Does anyone actually know what they're talking about on this? Us being mid 60s is irrelevant if the top 64 teams are already bowl eligible and there is a spot left. Edit: just read a breakdown from a week ago and Nebraska needed a miracle, so you're probably right.
  5. Why watch any regular season games when both teams have 2 losses or more? Because football is fun to watch.
  6. I imagine the # of bowl games is determined mostly by sponsors and revenue. It's weird to say there are too many; nobody is forced to watch any of them. Teams losing money in bowl games is a non issue; they are not forced to play in a bowl game. They can say no. There's really no problem with having more football.
  7. The nose of the ball hitting the pylon is a simple concept. Ya, that's a touchdown if the player has control of the ball when the football touches the pylon. Control is the only question. I don't believe he had control long enough to call it a catch before he crossed the plane/the ball started moving. The juggling started about a yard before he crossed into the endzone.
  8. What is the rule in college football for possession when it comes to making a football play? The only time he has any semblance of control of the ball without it wiggling is immediately as the ball hits his hands, and that only lasted a split second. I didn’t think this was that close of a call and should have been an INT.
  9. I assumed the guy would be from England. This is a parody of kind of the same thing.
  10. I'm okay with Rhule going to Texas A&M
  11. And how the hell does that happen after an interception? You've got plenty of time.
  12. A little debbie downer here, but when our players get ints they have to have the mentality they are the only chance for us to get a TD.
  13. probably a personal foul bringing it back to the 48
  14. There is a better chance we turn the ball over trying.
  15. Can we quit talking about their WR being out as if Nebraska has all of their players?
  16. Is Uma suggesting we're going bowling?
  17. ya... John Lennon wrote a song about this
  18. I have to ask... why did he think he needed to hold there? Glad it wasn't called, but it didn't seem necessary...
  19. I wonder if they thought that would work
  20. At this rate we need around 9 more plays to get to the endzone
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