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  1. They're going to have to prove the documents were declassified if they didn't put it in writing, and if they did the FBI would have already known about it. But I believe he still wasn't allowed to have them even if they had been declassified.
  2. It keeps going through my head... what other reason did he have to keep it?
  3. He should not be allowed to run, but not necessarily because of this. He should not be allowed to run because he first tried to subvert the elections and then attempted a coup, but it was up to congress to impeach him and make it so he’s ineligible. People who attempt coups should not be allowed to hold political office.
  4. There is a 0.000000001% chance Trump loses the GOP primary if he runs, even if he’s a convicted felon.
  5. It's a dumb throwaway coach speak comment when they don't know what to say or don't want to go into details or want to leave work.
  6. If he’s convicted of a felony and jailed through 2024 (not betting on the latter), I wonder if he’ll still win the GOP primary. Then when he’s elected, can he pardon himself to get out of jail?
  7. Don’t do this thing because it might hurt you politically. Nevermind what it might do to the country whwn you constantly try to convince the public that everything, including law endorcement, is rigged against them.
  8. They’d be pretty s#!tty at their jobs/trading if they didn’t know what it meant. That doesn’t make the tweet is not misleading.
  9. @Scarlet I agree with BRB. If everyone thinks of Inflation as year over year, then to say "Holy cow. There was ZERO inflation last month" is either misleading or he's ignorant of how 99% of people talk about the topic. He should have said something like "Holy cow. Inflation finally didn't increase MoM."
  10. My lord we are f#&%ed. Actual senators saying this s#!t when they know who Trump is.
  11. I don’t know if there is a capital I Inflation which means exactly “year over year inflation.” But the 8.5% is inflation year over year. The 0% is month over month. Which means the rate of increase was 0%. We’re holding steady to what we had in June. Inflation did not get worse but also didn’t get better. Let’s say hot dogs cost $2 in June and July of 2021. Then in June of 2022 they were $4 which is 100% inflation. Then in July of 2022 they were still $4. We are still at 100% inflation from 12 months ago, but the rate of increase is 0. At least… I think that’s how it works
  12. I would love to know how many people like Paul fall into each of these camps: a) Think the US is invincible and it's okay to say things like this and our government will hold up just fine when they keep telling the public that the whole system is rigged. They do what they do for the votes/whatever office they hold, but don't think anything truly bad will come of it. b) Are okay with autocracy, even if Trump is the autocrat, and think they will gain from it/get some of the power c) Are actually stupid enough to believe the bulls#!t - we're at a point in time now where many of the GOP leaders were raised on Fox News, so it's possible some of them believe what they're saying.
  13. That's a pretty dumb take. For one thing, anyone open to voting for Trump will decide whatever they find is not important.
  14. Trump is outpolling Biden and none of this will change Trump voters' minds. On top of that Trump can win with fewer votes than Biden,
  15. And they're willing to burn everything down over it. All of these Republican talking heads and politicians and asshats either want autocracy and somehow think that will be good for them, or they're complete f#&%ing idiots and don't understand what's coming because they think the U.S. is invincible.
  16. The only way this is an escalation of the war is if you believe Crimea is officially Russian territory.
  17. They are not going to figure it out. This will go one of two ways. Their numbers will dwindle enough that things will be okay. Or one of them takes over and becomes just like Putin. And who I won’t feel sorry for is the Republican leaders who get murdered by this person, since they brought it on themselves when they could have done the right thing. Oh, and the regular Republicans will say (after it’s spouted by their state media) “well if it wasn’t the Republicans the Democrats would have taken over!”
  18. Republicans have lost their f#&%ing minds. https://www.nytimes.com/2022/08/08/us/trump-fbi-right-reaction.html
  19. It's known to most other people here what the term "just because" means. It doesn't mean anonymous or unknown. It means "for the hell of it."
  20. You also referred to pro-choice people as pro-abortion people, so it's a bit hard to believe you didn't actually mean "just because" meant women get abortions on a whim.
  21. He's calling you dismissive because you're being dismissive. You're dismissing the idea that there can be any other abortion reason that's justified. It's ok to admit you're being dismissive. "Just because" implies the reasons for the abortions aren't good/justified. If you don't understand that you don't have a good grasp of the English language.
  22. Ok, your post makes more sense now knowing you're talking locally. Nationwide the salaries are about even. And I don't know. I assume it comes down to the risking your lives part, or at least the idea of it. The # of firefighters who die on the job is actually very low. I will say that jobs that were traditionally held by women continue to pay pretty low for what they are. I.e. nurses and teachers.
  23. Again, I wish people would stop being morons about this. The things humans are doing that are claimed to cause climate change also cause numerous other problems. If you don't believe in climate change or don't believe humans are a factor or don't think it will happen as quickly as claimed, it doesn't f#&%ing matter.
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