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  1. Oxymorons are fun....yay!

  2. aka Huskerpedia? That was when they went to a pay site if I'm not mistaken...this placed turned into a dumpster fire...it was fun hehe
  3. Just to let you know GFOA... Huskerboard is a bazillion times better than Huskermax. Prepare yourself...you may crap your pants...
  4. Livin' on BAN! Take my hand, we'll make it I swear!! Oooooh oooooh!!!


  6. Odds on who gets banned next???! Let's see....

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    2. walksalone


      I'm gonna give myself 5/2 odds, for the Hasselhoff gif I just posted...

    3. Frott Scost

      Frott Scost

      Im done for man. I knew I should have come up with a more original name when I signed up. I wasn't planning on staying that long, but you jerks kept me here. I blame all of you!

    4. Count 'Bility

      Count 'Bility

      Rike Miley fixes everything Po.

  7. I didn't see it at all...but looking back on the A&M game debacle got me thinking...sh#t went down hill after that...slowly but surely...
  8. X 2 It has a lot of truth to it about both HC's. I would only add that there were a lot of fans that saw through Bo's crap after the 2010 fiasco and were taunted for not being a "Boliever." This was totally ridiculous, as now finally the sheep have finally seen the light[/size] seeing the light. Lol. Thats funny. AFHusker 2010 and his crystal ball that no one wanted to believe..... It wasn't that hard to see, I was far from the only one who gave up on him after that year. I mean how hard is it to see that after three years our offense would be what it was under Bo, an inconsistent turnover m
  9. Smoking some ribs, using the 3-2-1 method, so excited...you guys.

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    2. Stumpy1


      JB is a pretty cool dude. Have drank beer with him and been to his house. He has a stripper pole in his living room. Had the mayor, who has a construction company also, install it.

    3. Chaddyboxer


      Stripper pole...now that's awesome

    4. Chaddyboxer


      Turned out redonkulous. So good

  10. He's tearing it up in the receiving game. Such a weapon...
  11. Watching the Senior Bowl now! Almost missed It. sh#t
  12. Looking like a solid recruiting weekend! Get em Riley!!

    1. BigRedN


      I agree. Pleased here.

    2. BigRedN


      I agree. Pleased here.

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