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  1. What channel is NET World? Is it on Cox cable in Omaha?
  2. Haha...just read the thread. Cripes. I gotta get into the press...people will believe friggin anything. If we played in the SEC, or if it was PSU or MSU or OSU...hell, all four: We'd all be in the top 15. Because we'd lose some like we did this year, but we'd also win a game at S Carolina and Georgia and play that late season garbage team the SEC slips in there and guess what? It's all bullsh#t, straight...up. Those teams are overrated. They're good, but not as good as the rankings say every year. A 9:30 game against KSU is not the bellwether for the state of BIG football. See
  3. Not really. Mizzou and A&M suddenly are top 10 programs? We beat them pretty routinely. You know why they're suddenly contenders? SEC wins are worth *2, based on genuine opinion and espin. Oh...also, it might be easier to find ways to add additional enticement for top shelf recruits down there. Just speculating.
  4. There is also the possibility that the AD has been testing the waters during the season, and discovered/decided that there were no better options available to him outside of retaining Bo. In the meantime, I see us locking up defensive linemen left and friggin right. I have a sinking suspicion the Blackshirts are about to be filthy unit for the next few years. Optimism rising.
  5. Thank GOD we don't have to hear about how the MVC is "actually a lot tougher than you think" anymore. Gonna be REAL fun watching Creighton realize how bad they miss Evansville. Once Doug leaves I bet you'll see a lot less snobbish douchebags walking around Omaha with Bluejay gear on. Come ON Nebraska...
  6. This is a good spot to stop reading this brain melting thread. I feel like punching myself in the face in front of a bunch of kindergartners. +1
  7. This is a well reasoned post. Out of character for you, really.
  8. What's that? I thought I heard something SUPER boring, but I'm literally too disinterested to care.
  9. Wiegert was so friggin good...but so was that whole unit. What I remember about those guys is that Zatacha (sic) and all those other guys were rocking 4.0s in like biochemistry...and Zach had a 2.8 in something like Continuing Studies on Jim Morrison's Drunkest Moments Man...we had like 9 of the top 20 linemen in the nation on that team. I'll never forget...like clockwork, about 5 mins into the 3rd quarter they'd stop the game every three plays to help a defender off the field. So many players straight up quit against those guys. They'd just had enough...and really, who could blame them?
  10. Yeah, maybe...they're a scrappy bunch. If Fitz goes that thing could implode fast though. I see the obvious one...NU-Wisco. There's just something about that team I do not like...the kind of dislike that is borne out of a grudging respect. I really thought MSU would turn into kind of an annual blood feud. Oh well...Wisco is even better. If/when Iowa beats us a couple times we'll learn to despise them in a heartbeat. That is one douchebag-infested fanbase right there. My buddy and I got into it with about 10 Hawkeye fans at The Bob last year...this guy in front of us was literally tu
  11. This is the only video they should ever show. (Linked rather than embedded due to language.)
  12. Nothing there I disagree with E. We lost some guys too, one who is logging substantial time for Florida. (Although apparently he's struggling down there a bit.) http://isportsweb.co...ine-struggling/ Either way, I'm encouraged and hope for continuing improvement.
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