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  1. Oh. Well I don't know then. What is time anyways?
  2. Oklahoma had 408 yards of offense on 69 plays. Nebraska had 384 yards on 61 plays. Nebraska had a more explosive offense than Oklahoma. Damn. Also, only 1 turnover in this game and that was a meaningless athletic interception that ultimately hurt OU more than it helped it.
  3. I've been impressed with how Adrian's played this year. He's definitely matured, but I think having Verduzco on the sideline is really helping him.
  4. I'll heap it on Scott Frost as much as the next guy, but, I thought the gameplan was good. Just the OLine giving up too much too quickly
  5. I'm going to chalk up the Illinois lost to first game of the season nonsense. Oklahoma's normally an explosive play offense and they didn't manage to have one. Defense forced them to earn every yard and every point and that's fight that you like to see and that we have seen. Connor Culp needs to see a sports psychologist. If you took away the mistakes on scoring plays for both teams, this game ends 24-23 Oklahoma. If you take away Oklahoma's mistakes on scoring plays this game ends 26-16 Oklahoma. If you take away Nebraska's mistakes on scoring plays, this game ends 23-21 Nebraska. They played well enough to capitalize on OU's mistakes, but mistakes of their own made all the difference. . Proud of their effort, proud of their performance. Build off it and go to East Lansing and beat Michigan State.
  6. Do like what we've seen from Smothers. Nice having a backup QB who is actually a QB rather than a WR that thinks he can play QB.
  7. Listen up, y'all! The US invaded Afghanistan on October 7, 2001. The Huskers haven't really been the same since. The US formally withdrew from Afghanistan on August 31, 2021. We played and looked like crap against Illinois on August 28, before the withdrawal. I'm not saying, I'm just saying. On a real though, this one comes down to whether the offensive line can step up against what looks like a solid front 4 for Oklahoma. If they can, and can open up some lanes, get out to the edge, and give Adrian some time to throw, the Huskers may just have a puncher's chance. Now, unfortunately, we only have past performance to base our judgments on, so there's no expectation that the line will be able to accomplish that more times than they don't. So, the interior run game will struggle. Martinez will get pressured into some mistakes, which should be enough for Oklahoma to take it comfortably. Culp makes both FG attempts, though. To give him some confidence. Oklahoma 49 Nebraska 20
  8. Florida State losing to Jacksonville State on a Hail Mary.
  9. Florida State just lost on a hail mary to FCS Jacksonville State. JSU then planted their flag on FSU's logo in midfield.


    Yeah, it does get worse.

  10. Offensive line is the unit that has to improve the most. Huskers got hosed on two touchdowns, and then left a touchdown and three field goals on the field. That's (does math) 30 points. They won by 25. So they offensively they legit played rather mediocre and were still able to win by more than 3 scores. That's not bad and what should be done against the Buffalos of the college football world. Now, will they do that against OU next week or MSU the following week? I'm not holding my breath. A real opportunity to set a marker these next two weeks. 1-1 and I think we're showing promise.
  11. LOL at the change in playcalling after Buffalo called the TO when the game was clearly over. I was texting the same thing with my friends. "Oh they want to play the full 60? Well let's oblige them!" Next play Smothers bombed it. Also texted that we should kick a FG after the bogus penalty negated the TD. Hint: I'm Scott Frost.
  12. Hey man, math is hard. Also, have you heard of the 3 point touchdown?
  13. Listen, they're going to punt once in 4th quarter. Surely.
  14. I think we need to take bets on how we're going to screw up a punt return next week.
  15. Surely we're going to run out of ways of f#&%ing up punt returns?
  16. Right and so now it's bad that it's likely happening again?
  17. I mean Buffalo has been pretty solid the past couple seasons. Yeah, they're the MAC, but this is a program that lost to another MAC and Sun Belt team not too long ago.
  18. Yeah idk about that either. Student section is behind that sideline too.
  19. From legitimate mistakes leading to lost points, it should be 34-3. Two missed field goals and a touchdown called back for holding. Add in the phantom OPI and it's 41-3.
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