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  1. Appreciate this post. I know it wasn't all bad from everyone against Illinois, but a loss does slant the microscope. We'll be very interesting to see what happens against Fordham, and more importantly, Buffalo.
  2. I just hope Fordham doesn't line up in an even set
  3. Hyperbole, yes. Should have been clearer what I was trying to say. There are some who face harsh circumstances here in the US. And we're just out here saying, well, hey person who is in an incredibly s#!tty situation none the fault of your own with no relief or respite in site, at least you could have it worse as we proceed to do nothing about helping them. That's what I'm trying to say. Just screw those people here who have it bad because others elsewhere have it worse?
  4. So because it's worse other places means we should stop trying to make it better here? I get it, yes there should be a level of gratitude that the US isn't Afghanistan, Syria, etc. But just because it isn't doesn't mean we should rest on our laurels and stop trying to make things better, because for some, living in the US feels like Afghanistan, it feels like Syria.
  5. Didn't they specifically make a point of not driving/spiking the QB to the ground in the rules? That's what Tannor looked like he did when I watched the replay. They didn't show the taunting but even if he did taunt, that would've just been added back to the end of the return, I think. But yeah, the fact that Illinois wasn't called for one holding and Nebraska was called for a holding when the official responsible for calling holding was out of the game is pretty damning. It's incredible how the offensive lines of our opponents manage to play a perfectly disciplined game whenever Nebraska lines up on the other side.
  6. Took the words right from my keyboard. I was typing this exact same thing. At this point, I'm not interested in a coach that says Nebraska is a destination job and that we'll have for 10+ years. If we're a stepping stone that means we've had a few solid years in a row, which makes us a more desirable job, which has it's upstream effects.
  7. I know experience doesn't equal ability, but Illinois's offensive line is one of the more experienced units in the country, but the line and linebackers were able to get pressure on the QB more often than we saw in previous years. Illinois didn't big chunk run it down our throats. Thought tackling was pretty sound for the most part. Coverage wasn't lock down but it wasn't awful either, would simply say unremarkable. Martinez had time to get rid of the ball. It's not like Illinois was constantly in the backfield. So I wonder if the reason why the ball is in Martinez's hand is: The routes take too long to develop (i.e., the playcalling) The routes are there but the receivers aren't able to get separation The routes are there but Martinez isn't making the read and is holding onto the ball too long Next week is only going to tell us something if they somehow manage a loss or a close game. So we're going to have to wait a couple weeks to get answers to the questions we all have.
  8. taps mic


    This thing on?

  9. What did we learn? I don't think we learned much, and that's too bad because what I had hoped we would have learned was that it looks like we have a team who is mentally prepared for a football game. But, on the day we saw: Cam Taylor Britt attempt to return an obvious touchback, directly resulting in a safety. Culp missing an extra point. Caleb Tannor being penalized 30 yards negating a play where the defense forced a turnover. Adrian Martinez turning the ball over for the 36th time, and what feels like at least the 20th time turning the ball over when you absolutely cannot turn it over. Culp missing ANOTHER extra point. That team went and gave Illinois 18 points through their mistakes. It looked no different than any of these other 13 1 possession losses we've accrued under Frost. When is Frost going to care about special teams? It's so obvious he doesn't given the lack of scholarship players and staff. The defense for the most part did their job. Forced sacks, got pressure on the few times Illinois threw. Tackled well. Was generally okay and competent. Will be curious what a more potent attack does. The offense is broken. Passes take too long to develop, the line can't protect for very long. I think there's more depth at receiver. But we need to simplify. It all feels too complex and slow. Martinezs footwork must not have ever been the focus of coach verduzco, because Adrians footwork is still inconsistent, and that leads to the inaccuracies in the passing game. The QB whisperer is starting to be revealed as a fraud. Easier and tougher tests lie ahead, but certainly not what any of us were hoping to see to inspire belief that this year will feel any different.
  10. The fact that the Democratic party can't seem to get their s#!t together is frustrating.
  11. Nebraska beats Iowa and Purdue but loses to North Dakota and UC Riverside. They have simultaneously been better and worse than I thought so far this year.
  12. This is a team with no returning starters with zero chemistry and familiarity with each other before the start of the year. Yeah, no moral victories and such. But if they can keep improving as much as they have in the first 10 games, there should be a ton of reason to be exciting.
  13. Instead of blasting Frost, Tommie needs to focus on blasting his midsection, quads, calves, etc.
  14. Brain says there should at least be a competition. Gut says it's 2AM for 2 more years...
  15. That game wasn't a 16 point game and could have really tilted on a few big plays. Wisconsin returned a kickoff for a TD. 2AM with a late read leading to an INT that set Wisconsin up with good field position to make it 24-14 Missed FG Twice unable to convert after getting into scoring range.
  16. Alright, now I can go back to whatever the f#&% it was that I was gonna do
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