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  1. https://theathletic.com/news/wisconsin-vs-minnesota-canceled-first-time-since-1907/4D57dArl3W0p We might suck, but maybe we can take some joy in this.
  2. Have you tried removing your head from your fourth point of contact? I’ve heard that helps you get better access to air.
  3. Are you talking about how in the “Why is no one posting in the prediction thread” thread I said more important things were happening this week, as my reasoning for why people weren’t posting? That thing I did once. I guess that’s why literally no one understood your “joke”. Maybe next time avoid the unnecessary attack on another poster.
  4. The loss is devastating for the program. Take a chill pill man.
  5. It’s not worth the effort man. Knapp had made up his mind.
  6. No flag. And that’s the game. I was hopeful for this season. I’m not sure we’re winning a game this season after this one. Just a devastating loss.
  7. It’s hard to argue with an irrational viewpoint but I at least respect you sticking to your guns.
  8. Back to back losing seasons is equivalent to being a top 25 team? I don’t understand this viewpoint. Neither win championships. I get that. But Pelini’s record at Nebraska is categorically better than Frost’s.
  9. Frost has had his share of blow outs. At least we ended the season ranked, played and won bowl games. Competed for conference championships. Etc.
  10. I hope it wasn’t but that might be the dagger.
  11. Two end zone interceptions. We’re our own worst enemy.
  12. NU 14 NWU 13 199 Rushing Yards 305 Passing yards
  13. There are more important and consequential things happening this week than Husker game day prep.
  14. For the first time in 4 years I feel like I can breathe again. 


    Our long national nightmare is over. Congratulations President-Elect Joe Biden.

    There is still work to do to ensure all votes remain counted, but this race is over.

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    2. knapplc


      All the privilege in these responses.


      So much privilege.



    3. commando


      there is still plenty of crazy time between now and january.

    4. Toe


      @commando It's probably not a question of whether there will be a tantrum, only how big it will be.

  15. They cite sources confirming the decision, but that doesn’t mean they were the original source. What about the whole NU/B1G saga makes you think it wasn’t us that leaked this? Regardless, we shouldn’t have started talks with UTC until we had approval. The way we went about things was wrong.
  16. How did “the media” get the story? We made it public. That’s what I’m talking about. This whole thing has been engineered by Nebraska to get people talking. It’s a bad look.
  17. We went into the season knowing it was conference only. It sucks to lose again but it’s the rules. I’m a little embarrassed that the team is making this spat public. It’s a bad look for us.
  18. The last thing we need is teams forced to play a game when it’s not safe to do so. This conspiracy none sense needs to stop. Covid is spreading through Wisconsin and it’s football team like wildfire. Let’s stop worrying about a damned game and worry more about public health.
  19. The earliest they can practice is 3 days before the game, although it looks like it’s not going to happen either.
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