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  1. Huskerbreeze

    Braylon Heard Transferring...

    Sometimes kids have to swallow their pride to be part of a bigger plan. We'll see if he prefers to be a little fish in a big pond, or a big fish in a little pond. I can see advantages to each. Wish him well. GBR
  2. Huskerbreeze

    Rome to transfer

    For those of you that consider the schedule easy.....any bets on whether we go 8-4; 9-3; 10-2; 11-1; 12-0 during the regular season. My bet is 10-2. That will likely get us to the championship game. GBR
  3. Huskerbreeze

    Rome to transfer

    I would classify our schedule as "easier", not easy, weak, or anything remotely like that. It is nice to have OSU and Wisconsin off of our schedule, but UCLA, Northwestern, Michigan, Michigan State, and Penn State will be tough games with those conference games on consecutive weekends in November. Purdue showed some life too this year. We better hope our team as grown up by November 1, or we could be facing a three loss season pretty easily.
  4. Huskerbreeze

    WALK-ON LB Jack Fordon

    Ya gotta tip your hat to the walkons and the walkon program. It takes much perserverence on both sides. From the kids perspective--They work their ass off in the hope that they may be a diamond in the rough and be coached up a bit to play at D-1 Level. From the coach's perspective, they have extra kids to handle....more duties on their shoulders, etc. From the college perspective....they have got to provide room for the kids, extra facilities, etc. I don't know any school in teh country that has a walkon program that compares to Nebraskas. This was something that Coach Callahan nearly destroyed because he didn't see the value in it. Those six -eight kids that truly turn out to be those "diamonds in the rough" can be the difference between a win and a loss, and provides us depth in games and in practice. Whatever someone says about Coach Bo, he sees the value in the walk on program here in Nebraska. He is special that way. GBR
  5. Huskerbreeze

    SIGNED OT Dwayne Johnson

    If Husker fans are going to cry about a kid trying to make the best decision he can, please bad mouth Mixon for committing to Mizzou and switching to Huskers. It seems we want it both ways. It is awful when a kid looks for different opportunities when he is committed to us, but, woohooo...great news when a kid switches his commitment from another school to be a Husker. We should welcome the kids who switch to us, and wish the ones that decide to go elsewhere, the best of luck. They just obviously felt the vibes with the Huskers weren't the best. Better now than later. I will tell me what bothers me more...and that is kids like Heard leaving after they (and us) have invested so much time and effort into their football careers and academics. Tells me they were expecting one thing and got another. GBR...
  6. Huskerbreeze

    SIGNED OT Dwayne Johnson

    Assuming that every kid's family is being bribed is just not right...MOST kids go play for the SEC because they feel that is the elite conference right now, and if they can play there, they can play anywhere. Plus, weather is a big plus for the SEC teams. They have also had a big bunch of kids to pick from in the south. It is not across the board. Look at Mizzou and Arkansas....they have got a very weak class when compared to the rest of the SEC teams. That is reflected in the fact they had an awful year. We just need to keep getting some of those elite kids in here TO STAY and we will be fine. GBR
  7. Huskerbreeze

    SIGNED OT Dwayne Johnson

    For those of you that are "disappointed" that family would sway his decision, that is a terrible attitude. If I were in a position where I had several opportunities, and people were pulling me every which way but loose, family would be the one group I would count on to try and get my head screwed on straight. There are all sorts of consideration, including weather, travel distance, FAMILY, etc. Anyway....we should all hope that these kids make the best decision for them and we HOPE that the best decision for them is being a Husker. If not...wish them well and let go. Just sayin'... GBR
  8. Huskerbreeze

    SIGNED DT Dimarya Mixon

    How many more can we pick up in this class?
  9. Huskerbreeze

    DT Deadrin Senat [USF - Signed NLI]

    Thanks IllinoisHuskerFan!! That is what I was looking for.
  10. Huskerbreeze

    DT Deadrin Senat [USF - Signed NLI]

    I was trying to find a list of JUCO commits to various schools...anyone have that info? GBR
  11. Huskerbreeze

    SIGNED DT Dimarya Mixon

    Dimarya....hope you become a Husker....you won't regret it. Plus....anyone who is curious....head to the Mizzou tigerboard if you really want to see what Mizzou fans are like. l It has been tough living in Mizzou land. Glad they are no longer in our conference, and that the SEC SEC SEC chant has turned into a bunch of whimpers........
  12. Huskerbreeze

    DT Deadrin Senat [USF - Signed NLI]

    That comment was directed at the post by Ibleedred....who said he wanted more JUCOS. Three quality JUCO's is plenty. UNLESS ,we can get a four star or even 5 star recruit, which is probably no happening this year. We have a really nice class. I have no complaints. Anytime we can get a top 10 or top 15 class, we need to be relatively satisfied, considering the state of our program the last ten years--good but not great.
  13. Huskerbreeze

    DT Deadrin Senat [USF - Signed NLI]

    Not saying JUCO's are not needed once in a while, but we are not going to build a winning legacy trying to guess on what JUCO's may pan out in a year or two. I would just as soon we punt all JUCO's and build a program from the ground up. Just saying.... GBR
  14. Huskerbreeze

    WR Laquon Treadwell [Ole Miss - Signed NLI]

    Ol' Miss will be investigated...they got Michael Oher simply because he was adopted by some Ol' Miss grads...DISGUSTING!! I hope they get investigated for that.
  15. Huskerbreeze

    SIGNED RB/DB Drake Martinez

    Speed kills...on either side of the ball....What bothers me about the defense is that it seems like it just takes too long for these good athletes to get on the field. Offense would seem to be a bit easier transition. GBR