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  1. If Hooters is family friendly, your's should be good to go. Good luck in your success.
  2. Was hoping this page would get more active now that the season started. I'll chalk today up to the poor win from the football team. Anyway, the ladies are looking real good. What I am coming out of it now that game 2 is over: The two Freshman (Knuckles and Kubik) are playing as if this is their 2nd year. Really impressed. I was scared to see two freshman take over our two best Seniors that left the program. I believe we won't have to worry about that. Kelly Hunter is now a grad assistant and they had her up in the booth. She mentioned that having shoes hard to fill when being new is actually good and challenges the freshman. Kubik does need to correct her stance when in the back row while being served, but I am sure she will adjust. Davis, Sun and Sweet looks like they really worked and improved during the off season. Coach Cook mentioned that Davis needs to fix some consistencies, but you really couldn't see them in this game. She was full out. Sweet didn't have the hic-ups that I saw last year. Hames is looking good to. Her feet are set and setting the ball very well to the ladies. I do think her and Schwarzenback need to work with each other a bit more. Seems that Hames wasn't getting the ball high enough on most of the sets to Schwarzenback. The only thing I can see the front row needs to work on from tonight's game is blocking. Most were either missed or the bounced to out of bounds. Was worse tonight than game 1. Would like to hear what your thoughts are.
  3. Anyone have the after game presser with Scott? I missed last year. What was the difference?
  4. Atleast Scott recognizes what needs to be done and admits AM is at fault for some of it.
  5. If it wasn’t for my job, I would’ve downed a whole bag by now.
  6. This is going to be a long long season if we don’t clean up.
  7. Wide open. Confusion on who has who. Nevermind - great blocking for SA.
  8. I guess we don’t trust our offense at all now.
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