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  1. Gotcha. Know nothing about them. Thanks.
  2. Right now my One main concern is Maddi. For some reason she is in a funk right now getting serves and cannot keep it in or not pass it right, and they keep serving to her when she is in the back row. I am hoping that she has figured it out or Coach has something planned for it.
  3. I think it's odd they focus on how many followers she has on a trade card. You'd think it'd be career states upto that year.
  4. I am really shocked that they aren't in the Top 10. How Minnesota is ranked as high as they are is mindblowing. 1-3 isn't a top 20 ranking IMO.
  5. They looked great. I still believe that Orr (34 assists in 4 sets) needs more experience under her belt in the college level and believe that Anni (12 assists in 2 sets) should be the starter setter. Orr was doing great in the first couple of sets, but wore out in the third. If we would have kept Orr in for the 4th set, we would have lost that game. I am still stating that Cook has his hands full for the rest of the roster on the other starting 5. Middles are still crushing it. It would be hard to pick from all 3 of them. It still seems that Callie (5 Kills of 17 and 3 blocks) is some times timid on offense and stays by the net instead of trying to set up for a spike. But when she does have it dialed in, she hits with great strength. Kayla (13 kills of 19 and 2 blocks) and Kalynn (1 Kill of 4 and 0 blocks (although it seemed like she had more and only played 1 set)) seems to be perfect every time they are in. Sad to see that Kenzie (1 error of 2 with 5 digs) is seeing little playing time along with Keonilei (7 Digs and 2 Aces). I am hoping Cook can keep them going so they don't transfer next year because we all know they will be picked up in a heartbeat. Keonilei's serving is amazing. Having 2 Aces in the little time she played speaks volumes. Lexi has definitely won the starting position of Libro. 21 digs is pretty good with Orr being the next highest with 10. For the Outside Hitters, Madi ( 13 Kills 7 errors of 36) Sun ( 11 Kills 2 errors of 36 errors) and Krause (12 Kills 7 errors of 32 attempts) I believe are the 3 will be the go to until Lauren gets better. Unfortunately Whitney isn't doing to great (1 error of 2 for -500 (but only played one set)). Definitely needing more time in practice.
  6. After watching the game, I think that Anni is the better setter of the two. While Orr is good, I believe that she needs to work on the timing or height. Seems most of the balls were short for the hitters. Callie has definitely worked this summer and it showed. 10 blocks and a couple of kills where last year her offense was almost non-existent. Krause killed it for her first game in the college level and Meyer showed that she belongs in the line-up. The middles between the three are going to be great competition. Kenzie is still working out great with her digs. Wish we could see more of her, but Lexi also proved why she won the Libro job. Wondering how Cook is going to throw the line-up in the K-State game. Going to be an exciting year for sure.
  7. If Cook is a man of his word about positions are anyone's to fight for, he is going to have a hard decision on who the starters are. Callie looked really good offensive wise. Hope she keeps it up. Both Lauenstien and Batenhorst were fun to watch and stepped up. Only Starter that I think you can guarantee is Hanes (if she is healthy) with Evans as a close 2nd as setter. And for the announcers. I usually am not happy with Big10+ announcers, but they had me laughing during most of the game and made it interesting to watch.
  8. This might answer your question. I don't think this years seniors will be eligible if I read the graph right. https://www.ncsasports.org/coronavirus-sports/ncaa-eligibility-coronavirus
  9. Now the NIL is out, I am wondering if NU will bring back the names on the back of the jerseys and give a percentage to the players. I don't see why they wouldn't, it would be money lost if they didn't.
  10. Do you know where I can order these?
  11. Love her drive and being humble. I am only wondering when Coach Cook is retiring. With Tyler being back and as an Associate, I am thinking that Cook will be retiring in the next couple of years. If so. I am hoping the recruits that we are getting won't turn away. I believe it won't with Tyler's background and experience (especially after this year in the Olympics), but one has to wonder.
  12. Sad, one of the biggest games to watch and we are "blocked". Looks like YouTube.tv looks that much brighter to subscribe to.
  13. IMO this is a big loss in the upcoming years. She was increasing her level each game. Sad to see her retire.
  14. Am I reading it right where we won't be able to see the Stanford game unless we have the Pac-12 Network?
  15. Does anyone have a good poster of the VB season games? Would like to put it next to my football poster to collect wins/losses.
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