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  1. Awesome articles and especially ones not written from Nebraska.
  2. Looks like Alex is ahead now. Hope it stays that way.
  3. I highly doubt that OU will join the PAC. If anything the SEC. Reason why not for the PAC, is the travel for their fans. That would be to far for their fan base to travel every away game.
  4. It's funny how people are saying that Good Riddance to NU and that they never amounted to anything. If that was the case, then why aren't we hearing the same spew about Colorado leaving? You won't. CU was good for a few years but never put up the record that we did, and people know it. Now to self-satisfy themselves, they have to throw the banter at NU so they can feel good about themselves. Whats even funnier is that the Big 8 was a great conference and allowed texas in after their conference failed. Now 14 yrs later this conference is failing. Common denominator anyone?
  5. They hate Bo because Bebee hates Bo. Come on Man.
  6. The way it is looking, Iowa I'd going to be it. The next two years, Iowa is scheduled as our last game. Let's see how this roll.
  7. Don't know if this was said or not, but OU didn't move to the SEC because the SEC wanted only OU and aTm, but OZu wanted them to take their little brother (osu). SEC said no, so OU didn't take the offer. Will they say something differnet next year? Who knows, but I do know they like the rivalry. Also you have to remember that KU's strong point is their baseketball and any conference will take them because of it.
  8. I also live in Okc and was theatened if NU won, I would get the crap beat put of me. What part of town do you work/live?
  9. I will have to agree completely. Well except for the time, it is now 21:58.
  10. I will take pics of mine tonight when I get home. But I don't remember seeing any teams on it at all.
  11. i know we have OU scheduled for non-conf games sometime in the future. not sure on the exact year tho As of now, we aren't scheduled with them up to 2012. Don't know about 2013 Oh and I live in Oklahoma City, when OU loses, that is all the buzz around here is to fire Stoops. Let him lose 2 in a row and I am shocked I don't see people with axes and picks walking down the street to the stadium chanting his name.
  12. well according to my betting sites, the line isn't out yet.
  13. Cant remember myself. All I remember is parking and then going inside.
  14. All we have to do is get L. Jones of his pace. Once he thinks they are going to lose, he just gives up. I hear the OU fans gripe about this every week when I go into work (live in OKC). And if you watched the games where they have lost, you will notice it is true. He starts shaking his head and they are done for the day.
  15. This next Saturday should be a holiday for both Nebraska and Oklahoma for this will be the last time the big 8 will ever happen again. This week is going to drag out, I know I will be pacing at work. Bad thing is, I live in Oklahoma city and already had threat (kidding of course), that if NU takes the championship and then leave, I am going to get a beating. I day bring it on, I will take every lick in stride with my index finger raised proudly.
  16. Totally agree with you here. I am definitely going to miss these games. I know they are going to try to make Iowa our new rivalry, but it will never have the same feeling as OU.
  17. Well have to break the cycle sometime.
  18. There is no way in hell that the bcs will rank aTm over OU when they didn't even play a ranked team this week. With that said, bring on the old rivalry and hope this week goes by fast.
  19. With dallas's money, you will never change it. And who knew when they made this deal that two teams would leave the Big 12 and it would be NU and OU for the last championship game.
  20. Just got the tickets in the mail. Sec 317 and paid $88 each.
  21. Your forgetting something. If OU wins, then that means a three-way tie and 3 teams in the south will get the trophy with this logic.
  22. Yes, they mentioned it a couple days ago. Wasn't a huge segment, just a mention and what the outcome would be.
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