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  1. I digress..I enjoy everyone's opinion on HB...even yours. I was just trying to point out the irony. I don't post much but have been around long enough to see posters similar to you only last a few short months. Lighten up a bit. It's ok to disagree with people but be open to other peoples opinions, and if need be..move on. Now lets get back to dissecting 5 second twitter highlights.
  2. Tell that to the 50+ million who voted for Trump. I surely hope you weren't one of them.
  3. Ohh the racist undertones. What a time to be alive....
  4. I currently live in this district and in a rural community. Your points are spot on. This is a place where people still openly drop racial slurs and talk about minorities like they are the plague without any backlash. I’ve lived in many rural areas throughout the Midwest. This is by far the most pro-trump/racist I have ever been around.
  5. 3) It about as cheap as beer comes. They've started selling 30 packs here in Iowa for around $15-16. Dont drink it around me..or you might have to share.
  6. My wife always asks me when I'm going to get a hobby. I tell her planning our vacations is my hobby. I don't like to surround myself with "toys" and "things". I'd rather experience travelling somewhere for the first time. Go to Costa Rica. It's a retirement dream destination for myself (30+ years down the road). I haven't quite got the European travel bug yet. However, Italy is pretty high on my list. The food and scenery look spectacular.
  7. We plan on being in Iceland for 9 days. 8 of which will be on the road. First day in Reykjavic, then Hvollsfollur Vik, Hofn, Egilsstadir, Akureyri, Hvammstangi, Olafsvik, and then a cottage by Keflavik airport. Lots of driving..Probably averaging out to 3 hours a day w/out stops. Next vacation will hopefully be more relaxing. If you do plan on booking hotels or AIRBNB's do so early. We booked about 6 months in advance because prices and availability were running out. Spring/Summer booking is also about twice as expensive as fall/winter, expect to drop about $150/night for a
  8. Thanks for the info. We fly in on a Thursday and plan on spending all day exploring Reykjavik and adjusting to time change. We'll have to check out the restaurant. We want to hit up as many waterfalls as possible (online pictures probably don't do them justice). Snorkeling between 2 tectonic plates at Thingvellir national park is on our bucket list. We have a list of things we would love to do/see but unfortunately probably wont have enough time. Any international travel advice for some first time planners? We've already had to buy a cheap burner phone as our phone company ha
  9. I second BRB on Costa Rica. Amazing country with such a laid back lifestyle. Get away from the Resorts and experience the culture. The food and scenery are also top notch. Oahu was also a nice trip. I had a buddy in the military who was stationed there so we had a free place to crash and his wife took us anywhere we wanted to go. I'd suggest getting out of Honolulu where traffic is crazy and the tourists flock and go experience the north shore. We snorkeled the North shore and saw Dolphins / Sea Turtles and some other cool marine life. We also went to a traditional Luau danc
  10. This thread has gone from constructive conversation to Westboro Baptist crazy..Use the ignore function people and let the mods take out the trash.
  11. This sportcaster dropping some truth in the heart of Texas. I wonder how much backlash he's receiving.
  12. Question for those who are for or against some sort of gun laws/regulations. What else can be done to prevent this from happening at our schools besides better mental health evals and some sort of gun restrictions? Are we going to have to start treating our schools like prisons and enforce daily lock downs with armed guards standing out front? Is this even an option for districts who can barely afford to keep their own doors open? Or does this really boil down to child discipline, respect, finding jesus, etc.. and how its been lost amongst the youth? I see these viewpoints all
  13. Unreal..it’s amazing how much McCain has changed his tune on other issues now that his health is deteriorating. Makes you wonder how he currently feels about his stance on gun issues. Either way I feel no sympathy for a man that has profited so much at the cost of innocent lives.
  14. Are there modifications that can be made to any long rifle that’s makes them “automatic”? Take for instance the bump stock used in the Vegas shooting. What are the legal magazine limits for AR guns? Can you easily obtain a magazine that exceeds the legal size? Just curious, my experience with anything beyond a weapon used for hunting is pretty limited.
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