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  1. Id prefer you jump off the bridge regardless.
  2. Hilltop lets get some pics of that set up!
  3. Anyone know if the camo N hat that coach Toni sports is available for purchase?

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    2. Savage Husker

      Savage Husker

      Nebraska Baseball is actually rockin the camo uni’s tonight and I think they are wearing the camo hat too

    3. ColoradoHusk
    4. RedDenver
  4. Anyone else think Bill Moos looks like Edward James Olmos? 

    1. desertshox


      you might want to see an optometrist.

    2. teachercd


      Do you think Edward James Olmos is someone different? 

    3. madman23


      Put a few thousand face craters on Moos and you have EJO. So say we all!

  5. Lol. That's why they call me whiskers.
  6. You are crazy if you think Martinez doesn't start this game. Obviously coaches are playing it close to the vest, but he'll be in there. Probably runs for 125 w/ 2 scores, throws 3 more. Huskers 38, Mich 28.
  7. My weather bone will split you in half!
  8. Weiss to KU

    1. NUance


      Ha ha! Them jayhawks likes the fatties.

    2. The Maudfather
  9. This really could not be more vague
  10. Business as usual for us. Show up, play football, leave with a W.
  11. Led Zepellin cover band tonight.... Zoso, anyone ever heard of them?

    1. Vince R.

      Vince R.

      led zepagain is playing in Santa Fe Springs (15 miles south of Los Angeles) they're really good

    2. madman23


      Great name... Zoso is playing tonight in Omaha tonight @ the Slowodown. I'll be drunk.


    3. Vince R.

      Vince R.

      sorry, Zepagain is playing tomorrow during the game. So I will be missing it ha and being drunk is the only way to do it.

  12. If thats true, you better believe I will be there to see all 30 seconds of it live. Probably have to get hammered drunk, as well

    1. madman23


      response to GSG


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