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  1. He went home for Labor Day, it was approved by coaches and all of his classes are online. He's excited the season is back on and he'll be in Lincoln soon (per Twitter interview).
  2. Losing him to Vince Marrow... what a guy
  3. Just play the crowd noise from after this play on repeat. I don't remember Memorial much louder. Edit: This is the stadium wide "f#&% Miami" chant, right?
  4. 100%. I guarantee if you told the P5 school they could have official visits if the kids (and their guests) did daily tests while there, they'd do it in a heartbeat. Money isn't the issue. Just.... sigh.
  5. "Uhhh, you said recently twice" "I like recently" Beautiful movie.
  6. Insert “if he can’t do it against St. Paul how the hell is he doing it against Ohio St” comments here Meh. Vedral struggled a ton in C1 ball too. Different (non-existent) OLines, WRs who aren’t running crisp routes or aren’t in the right spots or can’t bail you out. Way different.
  7. Which is a big bummer - he’s my favorite RB film I’ve watched this class.
  8. I, for one, hope he had a great pool party today.
  9. Westside AD saw your post and hit you with a "Hold My Beer"
  10. Can I start at the barometer that wins 6 games a year? I like that one
  11. No worries haha, I thought it wasn't. BUT I SHARE RIVALS SECRETS WITH THE BOYS
  12. Isn’t this the kid that those who watch Omaha football say is better than Dickerson? I like it
  13. FOIA was filed at Michigan St today, and the same lawyer is drafting the same for all of the other public institutions.
  14. I mean, they've been to a national championship game these kids were alive for, so.
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