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  1. Need. Talented. Interior. Linemen. Who. Aren't. Converted. Tackles.
  2. "No one is going to care when we're playing in Indy"
  3. That sure seems like the offer list of the #81 WR in the country, huh? We ShOuLdN't ReCrUiT 3 StArS
  4. I would expect a bump sometime later this season.
  5. Probably the DB commit we got yesterday.
  6. Atbone95


    A 49-38 win in the snow sounds... unlikely, but I feel it. Should be a good Saturday.
  7. Wait... do the coaches know this kid doesn't play tackle? We don't recruit people who don't play tackle, someone really ought to let them know they messed up. (I'm excited to see a real offer go out to an interior lineman)
  8. I really appreciate HuskerMax's courtesy, but what if I don't want the football schedule taking up ~20% of my screen on every page I view?

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Atbone95


      On every single page though? Home page is cool. When I'm trying to look at stuff in the basketball forum and it's making up 20% of the width on my screen... I'd rather have more room to actually see posts, ya know? 

    3. JJ Husker

      JJ Husker

      I agree, it’s not needed other than the home page. And the shameless plug for HuskerMax.......


    4. ZRod


      Front page is cool. Why does it need to be on everyone though? Super annoying.

  9. Can you stop posting on every kids' profile saying they're bad plz?
  10. Lives in Iowa City, doesn't mention them? Very niceeeeee.

    1. Waldo


      Will be an nice touch to a huge recruiting weekend. Win or lose, happy Gameday is coming. 

    2. Stone Cold

      Stone Cold

      Yep, need to figure out how to make getting there happen.

  12. Man that's just tough. They both deserve it so much... I'm going to assume Armstrong? He's older, it is his last season, and he is trying his best (mixed success) WHILE INJURED at a position he's never played in college for the sake of the team. If you go strictly by performance... Sully is better...
  13. Rumor has it Henry Gray had quite the weekend, and mom was very pleased...
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