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  1. +1 all around, agreed. I also hope he continues to exist
  2. Glynn Watson played fine at that height in the B1G. He'll live.
  3. Getting rocked by a blind-side edge rush is a little different than Adrian just dropping the ball from his hands twice a game.
  4. Do you think we talk to him everyday? /troll
  5. I would like to come clean to the board... I attended a C-1 school, and I benched maybe 225 and ran a 5.2 40. Those were the days. I agree with you - I said I didn't have any more confidence in Smothers than I do Haarberg.
  6. Haarberg as the backup worries me. Adrian will get hurt this season, at some point, always does. It happens in a spread offense. Then we're back to starting a C1 true freshman at QB. Not that Smothers would be that much better from an experience standpoint.
  7. The outcome is unfortunate and gross, but that is the point of everyone being entitled to a defense. The defense attorney did her job, and she did it very well. The law is clear (in a bad way), and she applied the law in a way protected her client. The law is intentionally written to protect those from false accusations; unfortunately, I think this case has exposed a loophole that needs to be closed. That is on state legislators, not the defense attorney.
  8. Dude sure is trying to look like Nate Gerry 2.0.
  9. 6"10?! At that point, you're getting too big to play football. Very hard to get leverage. If he's good at basketball, that's the route he should go.
  10. Different C.J. Smith from Florida, took a double take. I guess not all that uncommon of a name.
  11. Thought he was just appointing himself 4 stars in that graphic lol. Rivals has updated him, now a 5.8 four star.
  12. To add on suspicions - this feels like the kind of kid you'd regret not having on your football team if you don't get him. Feels like a Breece Hall from Kansas - "he's not that good, he plays lower competition, it probably doesn't translate, it's fine he goes somewhere else", etc.
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