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  1. Heading to Madison this weekend - anyonek know what their COVID rules are? StubHub keeps giving me a warning every time I look at tickets to be aware of their rules. 

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    2. Red Five
    3. CheeseHusker


      The greater danger is beer and sausage farts.


    4. admo


      Ticket warnings, because Your options are catching covid or catching aids.  Be careful you don't get both!


  2. Frost did go out to Central Carolina this offseason (with UNK's coach, I believe) to study their offense and chat with the staff.
  3. Jokes are hard, it would seem.
  4. Is he good? He's leaving for a reason. Lots of talent in the portal, but I'm always wary... kids don't leave programs because they're starting and lighting the world on fire, typically.
  5. A competent OL? I can't imagine that, sorry.
  6. Rivals guys said today that he'll play down the stretch, but don't expect an impact. He's good, but not enough to displace Allen or Vokolek right now, which is fair. They are playing at a very high level. He'll get some reps and be ready to go next year as TE1.
  7. Right. Just very physically and emotionally abusive to his own players. https://minnesota.cbslocal.com/2021/05/10/unnecessary-roughness-former-gophers-claim-tough-practices-ended-football-careers/ Read the portion about Grant Norton.
  8. I hate to break it to you, but no one in the country has signed a player yet. (Again, rankings are based on quantity as much as quality.)
  9. "How do people who follow recruiting closely and have for a while defend the fact that our recruiting class is currently ranked 83 out of 130?" Roster management due to the COVID year can't be blamed on the coaches - we're looking at 13 available scholarships this year, meaning we can't sign 20 like some schools plan to. The recruiting services have admitted they're not able to watch all the film this year due to the "COVID backlog", if you will. Expect ratings to change pretty drastically after HS FB season ends in December this year. Do I wish we were higher? Yes. Do I wish we were in on higher rated players? Yes. Am I hitting the panic button and saying Frost and his staff can't recruit? No, they've proven that isn't the case. Check back in January.
  10. Really hoping there are decent OL transfers in the portal. Will be the biggest impact we can make on this team.
  11. Grandparents live in Kearney. Lived there for a few years growing up. Considering a move back to Kearney for school this year, I thought.
  12. 4 schools? Oregon, Texas A&M, UF, wherever he ends up next?
  13. Yes, it is rare (I believe) to have 2 coaches dedicated to LBs.
  14. Does anyone know if UNL publishes donation levels for PBA men's BB tickets the same way they do for football? Doing some research for next year. 

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