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  1. Different C.J. Smith from Florida, took a double take. I guess not all that uncommon of a name.
  2. Thought he was just appointing himself 4 stars in that graphic lol. Rivals has updated him, now a 5.8 four star.
  3. To add on suspicions - this feels like the kind of kid you'd regret not having on your football team if you don't get him. Feels like a Breece Hall from Kansas - "he's not that good, he plays lower competition, it probably doesn't translate, it's fine he goes somewhere else", etc.
  4. Will it ever get better? At least we're good at VB?
  5. Wishing you knew what you had before it was gone... What I wouldn't give for some Tommy YOLO Bombs back in an offense with a >10% chance of completing the pass over 10 yards down field.
  6. Does this kid's phone quit ringing at this point?
  7. Or, living in Hawaii in a year where visits weren't allowed... Dillon Gabriel was the best relationship he had in D1 and did a great job peer recruiting.
  8. Was the board down again last night? Seems this is happening more and more frequently... and if it is intentional, either for maintenance/upgrades, where is that communicated? I could not connect to the board for ~6 hours last night. Also, it's been annoying but never said anything. Did you rip out the ability for users to have statuses on the home page? I no longer see them.
  9. You could say "The peanut gallery turned on Nate" but I think that happened a while ago.
  10. Supposedly the story goes he was a 3rd-4th round grade, and that was his max if he stayed in the FCS. He thinks he's better than that, and can play his way into a higher round with a solid year in the P5. And we have a coaching staff that, despite on the field results, clearly sells well. So, here he is.
  11. If we get Dickerson, 3 of the 50 state players of the year... I'll take it lol.
  12. You joke, but that's almost exactly what he did for the last 3 years with Riley's kids. Now they're gone, he can't make the excuse anymore, and I think he's learned that's a good way to piss kids off.
  13. What a sad pipedream... you can do it, don't do it to yourself, don't get your hopes up, don't get your hopes up, don't get your hopes up...
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