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  1. Atbone95

    OT Antoine Whitner

    Any reason you chose OT over DT Mav?
  2. holy s#!t I don't even think the United States is in as much debt
  3. Atbone95

    LB Seth Coleman [Illinois Commit]

    He comes from a naturally strong family, chilllllll
  4. Atbone95

    Minnesota Week Pressers

    plz advise on how Farmer has been doing in the weight room, I am curious
  5. Atbone95

    QB Luke McCaffrey [Nebraska Commit]

    Pretty solid QB #2 on day one. And it only took Martinez 3 quarters to go down for a full game this year, so hopefully that gives McCaffrey some encouragement to stick it out.
  6. Atbone95

    DE Ty Robinson

    SPH, is there a thread you haven’t spread your pessimism in yet?
  7. Atbone95

    RB Ronald Thompkins [Nebraska Commit]

    Depends on how bad the tear and the surrounding damage was. They won't do surgery until all swelling is gone in the knee. Had a buddy at work who tore his ACL earlier this year and it took him a full month before the doctor would touch it.
  8. Atbone95

    DB Quinton Newsome [Nebraska Commit]

    Damn, I definitely see a lot of "doesn't like contact" in that highlight video
  9. Atbone95

    *** 2019 Recruiting ***

    "We want winners"
  10. Atbone95

    JUCO OG Desmond Bland [Nebraska Commit]

    You're correct. The point Warrior is making is that games played has no impact on terms of ability to transfer. It affects their status and future eligibility, which is their choice to make - but they can leave whenever they want.
  11. Atbone95

    Signed - WR J.D. Spielman

    Hey, it's all about the development game. Maybe JD wasn't this good in high school. Hell, maybe we actually found a player who got to college and worked hard to be better and grow as a player... not too many kids doing that in the years past
  12. Atbone95

    Lacking Swagger

    The players had swagger a couple of weeks ago and someone made a thread about how they needed to be benched for not taking losing seriously. Meh
  13. Atbone95

    Signed - WR J.D. Spielman

    "4 star or bust"
  14. Tickets/hotels bought for Friday playoff baseball in Milwaukee, Saturday Huskers in Madison. Let's go!

    1. Huskerzoo


      I've lived in both places. Hit me up if you want food suggestions or anything. 

    2. macroboy
  15. Atbone95

    *** 2019 Recruiting ***

    Anyone ever go watch IWCC? Any fun? They are #4 in JUCO right now.