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  1. Frost said "hit in the head" in his press conference, so that's all the confirmation you need.
  2. Zaire Anderson played for the Broncos for a while, too.
  3. Will you be joining the crew leaving the program? I'm sure we would all be very torn up.
  4. Decked, you've referenced multiple times that Fleming has transferred. No one anywhere else is reporting that. Care to share a source?
  5. Down to -3... lots of money on Nevada I guess. Still like us. The real money is on Under 152. We won’t score 100+ again, and Nevada’s total yesterday was 110. EZ, Bol.
  6. We are not back. We are still Nebraska. 

  7. Fair. Still, even at #20, we're closer to the 12 than 29. Scott just making sure we hit the bet
  8. Would you look at that... Patrick is a 4* AND we'll easily finish this class in the 15-20 range, which guarantees we'll be closer to the #12 class than the #29 class. What a day.
  9. Before people knock him... technically ranked higher than Tamon Lynum was, and Lynum is high on the depth chart already (in a good way - he's good, we weren't that bare). Trust Fisher.
  10. The #1 and the #15 TEs in the country... that'll do.
  11. Henrich was the guy who missed the tackle on the long run and looked just completely lost. Didn't touch anyone.
  12. ... we're back? 

    1. Mavric



    2. man eating mastodon

      man eating mastodon

      Gotta put a full game together but they did get a w finally! I'm really liking what the defense is doing 

    3. MLB 51

      MLB 51

      I really hope this the turning point.

  13. Mav, do you have a list anywhere of those who have planned to do this? Sounds like the large majority of them are. Hell, life sucks at home, might as well suck in Lincoln with Duval training you.
  14. Nate/Sean said today they feel good about us getting Woods...
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