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  1. Still don't understand how you can be the #6 RB in the class and be ranked so low. Is Rivals/247 all about the APB now, which gets ranked differently?
  2. Don't forget - Clemson signed six 5 *'s last month. As many as OSU and Bama combined.

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    2. The Dude

      The Dude

      I won't forget.  I just don't know what to do with this information.

    3. Redux


      @The Dude spread the word amongst fellow Dudeists.

    4. Decked


      That’s the difference. LSU in all likelihood may have completed a year where all

      the stars happened to align. Clemson will be better next year and probably in the title game again. I also expect Bama to swap with LSU. 

  3. You said nothing about bringing back NCAA Football, you'll never have my vote. Might as well be Sam Keller.
  4. Wow I wonder if Rodney will stick with Miss. St, this info has all been so helpful in that regard
  5. We have two open spots, and we need guys who can make immediate impacts. Film isn't amazing. Ranked pretty low by the services, offer list isn't too long, and he was committed to Kansas for a reason. I hope I'm wrong and he has a great career, but he isn't a gamble I'd take when we only have 2 spots.
  6. Wish him best of luck, but this isn't a guy you spend one of your last schollies on.
  7. Closest to Wandale I've seen in the 2020 class, tbh: https://n.rivals.com/content/prospects/2020/jo-quavious-marks-202368 Would also take in a heartbeat: https://n.rivals.com/content/prospects/2020/emmanuel-forbes-jr-234363
  8. He's not even 6'5? Wow I thought we were recruiting size, this is dumb
  9. Western Michigan... son of a...

  10. That's all great advice, thanks!! I was looking at ideally the new East expansion (602-612), so it looks like the map says $250/seat. What is the value of the ticket after the donation? Trying to ballpark how much I'll spend total.
  11. Bonus points if you know how this all works for basketball. Are your points account based or are they sport based..? Do they ask you which sport you're donating to when you're giving?
  12. Not sure where else to put this, mods can move if need be. The time has come and I am ready to get myself some season tickets. The only problem is the ticket office, in my experience, has been incredibly unhelpful in how the whole process works when I have called and asked questions. You'd think they'd be more helpful when I want to give them money... I have signed up and I'm "on the list" according to my confirmation email. But I know donation levels factor in heavily (and I haven't donated anything yet...), and I can't find resources for how that all works. Do I donate now and just assume I go up the list? If so, where do I go to donate? Do I wait until they see if there will be tickets for me, and then they tell me how much I'll need to donate to be eligible? I've found these links but they don't go into much detail - how do I check my points? A lot of the links from the Huskers website end in a 404: https://huskersathleticfund.com/assets/img/pdf/2019-Nebraska-Athletic-Development-Contribution-Guide.pdf https://huskers.com/news/2009/8/14/204774861.aspx
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