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  1. If you didn't get orders/aren't following along in the Discord... just attack some combo of Stanford/Arizona State and wreak havoc lol.
  2. If you don't want to hop in the Discord, that's totally cool. Head west, young man... head west
  3. Just started this year, it's fun! Get in there, we could use help.
  4. The same argument is 100% true in the reverse. "Why does it take Frost multiple years to turn around a roster and the program?" A strong roster can carry an ineffective team for multiple years. A weak roster will tank a team, even with strong coaching, for multiple years until it starts to turn over.
  5. That's honestly probably the smoothest feet of a lineman I've watched do 1:1s without pads. Drills aren't really fair without pads, but the way he moves himself is very impressive.
  6. From a recruiting perspective, this does put some schools (like Nebraska) who rely on getting kids on campus at a disadvantage. Someone called it out in another thread - recruiting bans and missed games don't hurt schools like Ohio St, Michigan, Penn St.
  7. Well, I'm bored. 

    1. NUance


      It's gonna be a long, boring spring.  No sports.  No school in many places.  No communal activities of any kind.  

  8. I don't have information on how long the concussion lasted (no clue), but the severe concussion in spring ball last year is true. Blind-side, cheap shot by a s#!tty player who was immediately kicked off the team when he hit JD...
  9. I wondered why I blocked that guys posts. jk I knew, this was exactly why lolol
  10. Forget rankings (also not bad) - this kid would be a steal, and the staff knows it. It's clear he is a huge priority.
  11. I still watch him light someone up or chase down a RB and think "man I remember watching that guy beat Bookie on every route at our camp"....
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