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  1. Atbone95

    Fall Camp Notes

    Coach Frost’s 3 steps to coaching: 1) Genuinely care about them. 2) Know what you’re talking about. 3) Communicate that knowledge effectively.
  2. Atbone95

    Martinez for Heisman

    The B1G road crew talked about it when they interviewed Walters. The core philosophy of this offense is putting defenders in conflict - take your numbers advantage in some area of the field. Make the players split. The defender has to choose which one he covers - whether it's two receivers going in and out, a receiver over the top with a screen to the edge, etc. He will be wrong 100% of the time. The majority of the throws in this offense are built to be wide-open throws. The challenge is getting the receivers to the right spot and making sure the QB knows where he should be looking. I think Martinez and our offense can do that just fine.
  3. Atbone95

    Husker player safety and targeting

    Ed Cunningham, you've been here this whole time haven't you?
  4. Atbone95

    Colorado Tickets

    Do people really think the prices will come down on gameday? I'm hesitant to drive out there and bank on them coming down... for $300, I could have a pretty large bar tab at the nicest bar in Lincoln and Uber home instead of driving 7 hours.
  5. Atbone95

    CSU Zach Schlager to Transfer to NU

    Walk-on - if there's a time to say zero risk, this is it. Win win for everybody.
  6. Atbone95

    CSU Zach Schlager to Transfer to NU

    Not sure this is the best place for it? If we did want to make a profile, we'd want to move to 2019. He's transferring immediately (2019) and would be in that class. He'd have to sit out a year, yes.
  7. Atbone95

    JUCO DT Jahkeem Green [Nebraska Commit]

    Didn't practice today. Fellow players impressed with his size, Chins expects him to compete to start and at a minimum provide depth. Doesn't sound like a redshirt to me.
  8. Atbone95

    One Player from the Riley Disaster

    Puke and puke.
  9. Atbone95

    Huskers in 2019....

    But some of us know how to squat, right? RIGHT?! If you say no, we can have that discussion again too.
  10. At first I was going to say something about doubling our win total being disappointing... but then you went and made that last comment. You wanna pass the joint man?
  11. Atbone95

    OLB Chris Jones

    I'll take a second Chris Jones from Florida.
  12. Atbone95

    The Running Back Room

    Yes, after the entire defense is unconscious on the ground due to a truck stick.
  13. Colorado tickets - anyone have better suggestions on finding them the traditional StubHub, etc? 

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Atbone95


      As long as it's not fake ;)

    3. teachercd


      Just wait...come that friday before the game the prices will spike again...come Saturday morning you will get them for 50 dollars.

    4. Atbone95


      Ugh. I don't want to drive to Denver only to find out they don't come back down Saturday morning... it's a gamble. 

  14. Atbone95

    Fall Camp Notes

    Fair point - you're probably right.
  15. Atbone95

    Fall Camp Notes

    Full contact without pants on? That's... ballsy