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  1. I meant in general. Unpopular hot take - we've surpassed natural selection as a species, and now everyone riots when money/power/whining/complaining/community spirit can't stop the circle of life because they're entitled to it.
  2. I'd say that's about right for Lincoln as well.
  3. I mean, I've been in here multiple times touting following Dr. Gottlieb - https://twitter.com/ScottGottliebMD?lang=en. I threw out newspapers and media outlets, I rely on his comments and national/local gov't (including CDC) announcements. He says the CDC agrees on the diagnosis rate in a recent interview. That's his point. He takes the virus very seriously, but is pro-opening schools this fall.
  4. No, but I appreciate the straw man. I said masks are important. I said COVID is serious. I don't understand where we took a fork in the road as a society and became terrified of illness.
  5. People die. It is a fact of life. I'm not sure if it is social media (I think it is) or what the cause might be, but we have become a society terrified of illness. Not just death, people are scared of being sick. And that's not a healthy way to live. Has medicine advanced too far that we're so entitled we feel shouldn't ever be exposed to a runny nose?
  6. I'm going to play devil's advocate for a second. The number of cases are way higher - Former FDA head Dr. Scott Gottlieb estimates we're diagnosing 1 in 10 to 1 in 12 cases right now. At 58k positive tests yesterday, we should estimate (lower end) that ~580k people would have tested positive if everyone went to get tested and we had the capacity. The Mississippi governor is a math guy but he completely left this part off of his equation. On your comment - "The highest estimates are 20,000,000 Americans have has the virus. If you assume the virus has been here for 6 months that's 111,000 cases per day. At that rate..." This isn't accurate or a good way to look at it. It completely negates the exponential growth of a virus, this hasn't been and never will be a linear growth. That's why we're so worried about overwhelming hospitals too quickly. If 40% (128 million) is your target, and we've already infected ~20 million, and we're infecting conservatively 500k people per day, we're actually not far off (about 200 days). This is all to say we're going to continue infecting 500k people a day because we are refusing to wear masks. We should wear masks or we'll be stuck at this very high plateau of infection. It's pretty simple.
  7. I'm bored (and drinking), so I'll expand on my post. Here is a good tweet from Chaz. Frost (OC) and Lubick (WR, Pass Game Coord.) had the Ducks in the National Championship. Leading receivers that season: Dwayne Stanford, 6'5 205lb - 43 rec, 639 yds Devon Allen, 6'0 185lb - 41 rec, 684 yds Darren Carrington, 6'2 205lb - 37 rec, 704 yds Not to mention how important TEs were in that offense with Frost/Lubick. 3 TEs caught passes for Oregon that season for almost 600yds of offense, all 3 are now playing/did play in the NFL. (6'5 250lbs, 6'6 245lbs, 6'4 250lbs). Oregon made a killing on speed, but don't be fooled into thinking that meant they sacrificed size.
  8. I think small speed worked well in the AAC and in recruiting Florida. It could work here. I think Lubick got here and reminded Scott that that wasn't what had them playing in a national title game when they were coaching together. I'd be excited to add another guy like Grimes.
  9. Younger brother is a 2024 prospect (man, I keep feeling older) who is already picking up D1 offers. Oregon offered this week. They seem pretty close too. 2024 = will start 9th grade here in a month
  10. I'll be curious to see if (and how hard) we go after DCap's little brother.
  11. Yeah, just saying in general... shady practices.
  12. Tenne$$ee is about to get in trouble for an assistant who isn't playing by the rules. https://atozsportsnashville.com/tennessee-vols-jeremy-pruitt-texas-am-football-jay-graham-recruiting-ban/
  13. I just came here to say that I'm not sure who has longer, more incoherent posts: HuskerLaw or our new friend Kansas45.
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