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  1. Atbone95

    WR Charles Njoku

  2. Atbone95

    DE Ty Robinson

    No I know. And you're 100% right. We will compete, and we will win. Death to Bama.
  3. Atbone95

    DE Ty Robinson

    Preface by saying that I am NOT coming at you at all. But this argument always pops up and it is exhausting. Of course no one is saying we want to lose to Bama forever. Of course no one is saying we will never be able to compete with Bama for recruits so we might as well not try. But reality sets in and it is 2018 and for right now, until we can win more than 4 games in a season, we'll take what we can get. Expectations ebb and flow in sync with program performance.
  4. Atbone95

    DE Ty Robinson

    43rd best DE in the country? Decommitted from Bama? lol I wonder who decommitted from whom
  5. Atbone95

    JUCO DT Tony Fair

    If he ends up there, I will be very happy for him. Kid worked hard, paid his dues at JUCO (assuming), and he deserves a shot to show he can compete at a high level, Nebraska, Oregon St, or otherwise.
  6. Atbone95

    JUCO DT Tony Fair

    I can find the post where I said James Palmer Jr would never play a minute at Nebraska. lmao
  7. Atbone95

    DE Ty Robinson

    Holy SHUDDER
  8. I didn't finish my thought, sry, that's my bad. I'm confident Martinez is gone after JR year.
  9. Atbone95

    OT Bryce Benhart [Nebraska Commit]

    Frost is 6'3, for reference. I told you - saw this kid in the airport, 6'8 might be even a touch short. Dad is a big dude too lol
  10. I want Milton after a medical redshirt year and a transfer year make him a 6th year senior with one year left to play. A man can dream. It is technically possible.
  11. Atbone95

    CB Jeremiah Criddell

    Well hey guy, I appreciate you.
  12. Atbone95

    WR Aydin Henningham

    But... wha..... The staff hasn't changed since his first offer..?
  13. Atbone95

    CB Jeremiah Criddell

    I love the excitement. The joke is the occasional delusion, just trying to bring people back down to earth.
  14. Atbone95

    CB Jeremiah Criddell

    Didn't make Top 5.... but everyone knows the Top 12 is critical.
  15. Atbone95

    DE Brant Banks

    Ask Dave Ellis, he's been around the block.