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  1. Served one too many minors, one too many times.
  2. Keisei was HOT today. Scored 10 in the first game, 9 in the second for 19 pts on the day (games only go to 21). Started the second game 3-3 from three.
  3. Here's an idea: can we just win a game against Iowa before we try poking their university/fan base on Twitter?
  4. Christo announces on Twitter he'll be here. We're into round 14 on the draft and still no Mason pick. I would say it is safe to assume he is N.
  5. I don't see how me having higher standards helps Adrian Martinez hold onto the ball, or our entire OL learn how to block. You work with the kids you teach. We don't work with the players. There's a difference.
  6. There is no maximum. But is there some sort of governing body that determines "acceptable"? Why can't a Nebraska donor offer Lexi Sun $100k for one of her sweatshirts?
  7. When do basketball schedules typically get announced for the year? Getting antsy for Nebrasketball this year. 

    1. Mavric


      IIRC, the HOL guys were asked this earlier this week and said August.

  8. We’ll see when the rankings come out, but this guy feels like Bryce McGowens of football. Type of recruit that would put us on the map and open some eyes for peers.
  9. Competing with tOSU for one and KSt for the other. Both good players, but there is a big difference.
  10. Must have missed this - Traudt said he has 9 more OV's to take if he wants them. Did the NCAA double the allotment due to COVID? What happened to 5 visits? And is that only a basketball thing..?
  11. Genuinely curious - have you dug into the progress he's made since being here? Him and his staff have made incremental improvements every single year he's been here so far. If improving every year for 4 years doesn't sell you, I'm not sure what would.
  12. +1 all around, agreed. I also hope he continues to exist
  13. Glynn Watson played fine at that height in the B1G. He'll live.
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