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  1. Atbone95

    OT Reece Atteberry

    Well that escalated quickly. What gives? From a talent perspective, I'd assume we'd still be all in. Something wrong off the field?
  2. Atbone95

    Recruiting Classes vs Winning Percentage

    You're a Husker fan who appeared on the board and has used each and every one of his 7 posts to comment on Wisconsin and their success....
  3. Atbone95

    2019 Season Prediction Thread

    Give Scott a B-?! Burn this man alive
  4. Atbone95

    2020 Basketball Recruiting Notes

    Considering both committed to Miles...........
  5. Man, I thought I was being smart and even I got hosed in college. I was in several dorm rooms where cops forced their way in because one roommate said it was okay while all of the others were yelling no. Wandale wasn't contacted by the police initially, he was contacted by a campus security officer (CSO). It is UNL's nice way of saying mall cop. Mall cop works for the university and follows the universities rules. If you don't really comply with them, they call the UNLPD. I had CSOs call UNLPD because we were "loud and they heard the tabs opening cans" (they were right, but that sucked). UNLPD shows up and asks to search, at which point you can decline (breaks the university's rule, but saves you legally). Cop is then forced to come back with a warrant.
  6. Basically the current stance in the state. A friend works in the county attorney's office - she said o one is going to prosecute it because it is a waste of time and it'll get legalized eventually anyway. Wasn't saying I doubted you, I just hadn't heard that before. I don't think high school grounds are treated the same as a residence in the form of a college dorm. The university has a bunch of rules and they can hose you if you decline a search for violating their rules... but you're within your rights to decline the search.
  7. At least when I was on campus, Berry Law in Lincoln was notable for being a great firm... that could get you off of just about anything if you needed to. Here's what they say about campus search and seizure: https://jsberrylaw.com/blog/college-students-and-dorm-room-searches/
  8. .... 1) I'd like to see a link to where the probable cause for search and seizure is lessened on campus compared to the general public. I searched and struggled. 2) The appropriate answer to the kind officer is still "No.", "No thank you", or "Nah".
  9. Atbone95

    QB Peter Costelli

    That's a pretty fast pocket QB, 247.
  10. This is just poor United States citizen education (maybe he was too high lol). Consenting to a search of your car (across the street in the garage) because the officer smelled something funny in your room (of which, you seem to have had nothing) is a misstep. Scott, get these kids some legal lessons, it'll pay dividends.
  11. Atbone95

    JUCO OT Jacob Gamble

    Totally - we've visited the campus, they've come here, we've offered their players, etc. All relatively new concepts for a Nebraska football staff.
  12. Atbone95

    JUCO OT Jacob Gamble

    From Council Bluffs originally, and it looks like he wants to stay close... I think it'll be us or Iowa State.
  13. Atbone95

    CJ Smith Enters Transfer Portal

    Totally understand the sentiment - but at some point, it is a two-edged sword. He is responsible for the roster just like Riley was responsible for Calibraska. Edit: I'm not saying I have any concerns or it warrants a big eye roll (too late, I think). But it's definitely part of the job to be mindful of.
  14. Atbone95

    QB A.J. Bianco

  15. Atbone95

    JD Spielman Concussion

    There was a loootttt to unpack with this injury. Great, GREAT house work.