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  1. Same situation Suh was in - OR kid who wanted engineering and had to look elsewhere.
  2. Two issues, IMO: 1. Seven scholarship running backs, with none leaving this year if they don't want to. Sure, inevitably, someone will. But there are also 3 freshmen already here. 2. Pipeline to Georgia already exists and is plenty strong with or without Braswell. 10 players on the roster from Georgia, many from top programs in the state.
  3. Yep, they ripped out the track on the north east corner of the stadium that sat between Memorial and the practice fields.
  4. Lower on the board than Edwards was, I don't think we take him. IMO
  5. No pictures, but I drive by in a few times a week as I'm running errands. Nothing crazy, but it seems to be going up fast. The building got tall in a hurry, it looks like the majority of the exterior walls are up. Next time I go by I'll take a picture or two.
  6. Rocco Marcelino (Creighton Prep) picked up an offer from Minnesota. Makes 10 Nebraska kids with P5 offers this year.
  7. Fair, which is why you take one right now at most because even with 3 gone, you still have 4.
  8. I agree with a take I read this week from I believe Washnut - Edwards is probably the only take right now at RB, we have 7 scholarship RBs with no one graduating this year. Edwards brings some versatility to the room (can play WR, return kicks) where Braswell and Sergio probably just extend the log jam.
  9. Atbone95

    MLB 2022

    X-posting - I'm looking for a baseball bar in Lincoln, ideally one that pays for MLB TV and has all the games. Any suggestions or know of a place? Thanks in advance!
  10. ISO a baseball bar in Lincoln. Need to have most (all?) games available, ideally. Suggestions?

    1. BigRedBuster


      Unfortunately, Lincoln is really not a baseball town.

    2. swmohusker


      Baseball at a bar might drive me to sobriety. 

    3. Atbone95


      Had a relative making their MLB debut, had to find it somewhere :D I learned that Sportscasters at 70th and Adams has it all! 

  11. If he plays anything like the spring game, yes.
  12. Seems like we're in the top 4. Scrapped Miami visit to add LSU, so they seem the farthest out...
  13. Gave his visit a 12, "beyond perfect". He thinks he'll take his other visits but has no idea where.
  14. My assumption is Gunita - efficient recruiting operations. Don't make the same trip twice if you don't need to. Get in early, let everyone who's worthy at the school that you're interested and keep moving. I think we tried to play "hard ball" or act bigger/better than we are in previous years... that worked in 2002, Vince and Mickey/Busch are bringing a reality check.
  15. I will gladly take the OU slow play if it works in our favor. This kid reminds me of a Breece Hall situation, and we f'ed that one up the first time...
  16. My read is this offer is to have a backup for Wynn if he says no - or to try to put pressure on Wynn? IMO, stupid bluff. All in on Wynn, we're not in a place to tell him to hurry up and make a decision.
  17. Ran a 10.53 in the 100 and a 21.58 in the 200 yesterday.... both should be current bests in the state.
  18. Creighton Prep's QB (Dean Donaldson) is also getting some attention. Was at Penn St this past week.
  19. What a gross, gross group. Iowa? Colorado? Texas? Purdue?
  20. Watching him in the spring game was... tough. Effort was awful, to be kind. Didn't even take a step forward at the snap, straight up.
  21. Orrrrrrr, it could have to do with the previous coaching staff just never contacting kids for seemingly no reason. From Cayden's mouth himself in a Rivals article. Never heard from Held or Austin.
  22. It is always something with this team...

    1. ladyhawke
    2. TonyStalloni


      It happens to every team.We just don't hear about it. Not easy to keep 150 players happy. 

  23. Couple more unofficials this spring. OVs to start the summer. Nebraska "might" get his 5th visit.
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