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  1. Beau told Michael Bruntz at HuskersIllustrated that it's not true. Nebraska is still in it. Thanks, here is another confirmation that we are still in it: Sean Callahan @Sean_Callahan @Backmanb Beau Sandland just text messaged us and said the report is not true and he has not eliminated anyone from his final three.
  2. From @DevilsDigest twitter: 2013 TE Beau Sandland will make his announcement about his school of choice on 12/19 at 9:30 AM MT. ASU and Miami are in his final two.
  3. I swear I saw Bo mouth 'watch the fake!' .... in Bo I trust...
  4. could you further elaborate that point, because outside of the irish's moral prohibitions, i do not see academics having much of a role at all. this is an honest question, i'm not trying to be facetious. As of June, 2009 the total profit for the Big Ten as an athletic conference was $117 million. That's a fair chunk of change. For the 2009/2010 academic year, the Committee On Institutional Cooperation assisted member institutions (the eleven athletic Big Ten members and the University of Chicago) with $7 billion of funded research. That's billion with a B, as in Big Money. The University of Nebraska will not be a full-fledged member institution in the Big Ten's athletic revenue until 2017, although we have been assured we will not make less than we would have made in the Big XII. That means we'll function quite well as an athletic department with around $75-$85 million available over that time. However, we became a "fully vested" member of the CIC as of July 1, 2011, meaning we have access - but are not guaranteed to get - an equal share of CIC money. That funding is available commensurate with the kind of research we are doing, and other stipulations. They're not just going to give us that funding, we have to have programs that have need for it; but it's there, ready when we are. The most tangible benefit to Joe Husker Fan is the BTN, which gives us our sports whenever and wherever we want it. But CIC membership is by far the greatest benefit to the University of Nebraska, and it's not even remotely close. Not arguing against the notion that NU could see increased research revenue in the B1G, but I don't understand the CIC to be a research fund granting organization. I believe it actually charges a membership fee, but allows for better coordination of research projects across multiple universities and saves money through pooled-purchasing. $7B is the total research revenue for all of the member universities. How much of that is directly attributable to their membership in the CIC, is not totally clear. I think that is consistant with what you said, but I didn't want people to get the impression that NU would have a chance at an additional $7/13 billion.
  5. Will take an official Jan 28. Rivals is reporting that he is being recruited to play D.
  6. Rivals reporting the Beck has met with (5-9, 177-pound) Abdullah and that he will visit NU on the 14th. Looks like USC, Bama and the Vols are interested/offering. From Homewood, Ala. He was in the O-D All American Bowl game with 2 INT, 8 tackles and some pass break-ups.
  7. Rivals beat reporter thinks he might go N soon.....
  8. Sorry to have hijacked the thread - but thanks for the info. A saddening list. Is this type of attrition typical for a top-25 program?
  9. Just our of curiosity, is there a list anywhere of the de-commits, both in incoming and outgoing, of the past few years?
  10. Wonder how many times a player has been 1st team AA, but not on the first team in his own conference?
  11. 2010 Holiday Bowl Big 12 Big 10 vs. PAC 10
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