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  1. If you play 3 yr. at NU and don't make it to a bowl it is your own darned fault. 44 dudes need to look in the mirror.
  2. And that was one missed kick from being 4 in 5 yr.
  3. 23? Imagine being pissed if the preseason rankings had Nebraska at 5th. Now imagine that being the case for 30 years. Thats the NU us older guys know. That red N on the helmet used to stand for "tough sumbitch" and you better know it. Now not so much
  4. should have played luke more. but hate to get a freshman hurt though so use in good setups.
  5. It is hard to win when your lines are getting handled.
  6. Does Iowa fan really hate Husker fan like that? Cause straight up we dont care about them
  7. Many coaches I can think of who have left Nebraska since 2003 have gone on to good success. NU would be in a better place for sure if he had been retained.
  8. OK but just be warned that when Frost does get us "that good" again and the Big 10 IS having to adjust to us ,I am going to quote your crap right here and you are going to have to eat it.
  9. Truth. A male collegiate athlete does not reach a ceiling at 21.
  10. This. Defense is under its 3rd DC in 4 yr.
  11. Benhart, Farniok, Gaylord....with names like these, maybe they should drop football and start larping? here ya go, omg:-)
  12. Do you understand percentiles? ...asking for a friend.
  13. It's not that we CAN'T .... it is that we WON'T.
  14. You forgot an important category: Players on the team who really care: 23 to 98
  15. Decent means hanging in there long enough to qualify for their retirement program which he did. And your second point: Yep that is about it! I mean type away for fun, it is just a board. People get what they paid for when they read it.
  16. I mean at Nebraska we are just people helpers. We are feeling good about all the other running backs in the conference who we are helping have break out days! You go, boy!
  17. Maybe someone here could answer this competently if they had spent 5 years playing Div 1 ball, earning a NC as a player, going on to a decent career in the NFL as a defensive player, then serving on several highly successful coaching staffs, eventually becoming a HC and winning the AP Coach of the year award after having been undefeated. Anybody with those credentials posting on here? I will wait.
  18. If you've ever been a college athlete, you will understand that there is growth in strength from 18-23 years old. That is why I do not favor throwing the young guys in against the wolves. In practice if you are on the scout team you generally go hard in 1v1 against the second team on down, but there is a general rule that you don't mess with the first team guys in practice, and in turn they refrain from ripping your head off. This arrangement allows you to survive until your sophomore year. The new kids are playing younger bc they are better coached out of high school but you can't speed up that physical maturation. SO I prefer to let a kid develop with healthy knees in order to see what they can really do when they are 21-22 year old.
  19. It will be better. Things have a way of improving after riding out the tough times. Martinez' greatness will shine through, he has tremendous talent. Once the players who aren't buying in realize they are stuck with these guys they will come around. It wouldn't hurt if we could make the program a little less Green somehow IMO
  20. And 55 of those were against a team they were playing for a second time that season whom they had previously held to 13 points. It is always harder to slow a team down the second time.
  21. ...said the team captains on their way to a 4-8 season.
  22. Oh, I don't know about this... Have you ever wondered what the team might look like if the coaches had some real guys step up on the team and lead? For example, Chin didn't have any trouble handling Auburn who had previously beaten Alabama and Georgia. But also, lets say you are an Algebra teacher but after a couple weeks the kids decide you suck because the last guy was so much easier, so they don't even move past long division. Seeing that, how fast are you going to throw quadratic equations at them? Maybe never. And everyone would say, that math teacher is in over his head. The other guys are simplifying expressions, and we are just doing long division.
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