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  1. Will they go below face value? When face value is over $400 a ticket, I still find it hard to spend that much $ on a football game, especially with a 10 AM kickoff.
  2. I think a Thursday night game on the opening week is cool. College football fans always want to catch those early games, regardless who is playing. It's a great opportunity for NU to do well in front of a national audience. The Friday after Thanksgiving is basically a weekend day, so I have always liked that Friday game. The only one which may be considered odd is the Illinois game, but as long as NU isn't moving a home game off Saturday, I don't think it's a big deal.
  3. That move was announced weeks ago. Not sure how this is an example of NU getting the "short stick".
  4. I agree with this 100%. If I attended more games in person, and did regular tailgating or hanging out before games, I would hate the early games.
  5. I actually don't mind them. If I don't have anything else going on, I don't mind the early kickoff, and in Colorado it's an hour earlier for me. I am already awake early, no use waiting around for the game to start.
  6. You are exactly right. You have to complete the play and make sure the game is over before you start to celebrate.
  7. I am sure the parents of the losing team handled this really well!
  8. Was able to get into the ticket office online to purchase tickets. I had no idea that CU was going to have the NU tickets at an astronomical price. I was looking for 4 tickets for me and my family, and couldn't justify spending $1900 for 4 tickets. These tickets were not from ticket brokers, these were the face value of the tickets from the CU Ticket Office. The cheapest seats for sale (which weren't available by the time I got into the site) were over $300 a piece. I decided to not give the CU ticket office my $ this year.
  9. That's a great point. He could have been pissed off about having to wait for an offer from NU, but he did a good job of understanding the process. He used the process to his advantage to commit to Missouri, so he at least had a spot at a school as he finished his junior year of high school. He didn't burn bridges at NU, was mature and respectful during the whole process, and Kaelin ended up getting the offer from NU he wanted.
  10. Maybe Kaelin didn’t have a committable offer from NU until last week. Huffman also said that Kaelin reached out to the Missouri head coach right away on Thursday, to tell them directly that he was de-committing from Mizzou. That’s all that Kaelin can do in this situation It’s the way things go in recruiting. I really don’t care about Mizzou.
  11. Hail Varsity Radio had an interview with Mike Huffman today. Sounds like Rhule was upfront with Kaelin, and said they were prioritizing Raiola, but wanted Kaelin if Dylan chose elsewhere. As soon as Dylan committed to UGa, the coaching staff went right after Kaelin. Contacted him on Monday and met with him where they saw him throw on Wednesday. He impressed the coaches during that session. Kaelin had wanted to be a Husker since the 8th grade.
  12. From I remember, Bellevue West had a terrible defense last year. Kaelin was a big reason BW’s offense was one of the best in Nebraska last year. Yes, he has great talent with him at the skill positions, but I don’t think you should hold the 7-4 record against Kaelin. Plus, all of their losses were against other great teams in Nebraska. Coaches do use high school film to judge players, but they mainly use in person evaluations to give offers. The coaches must have seen something they like in Kaelin to give him an offer.
  13. I think it’s fair to bring in QB’s with different skill sets and have the offense adaptable to whomever wins the starting job. We haven’t seen one actual game yet.
  14. Sam McKewon speculated that NU has been working on him for a few weeks once they realized Raiola was out of the picture (which was probably in mid-April). It does seem like a quick flip, but NU probably went to plan B once Raiola made it obvious he was going to UGa.
  15. I have seen that some think Kaelin is a reach, but if he is able to help deliver the stud WR's out of Bellevue West, then it's worth taking a chance on him.
  16. I kinda figured that's who you are referring to, but is that a fair "nickname"? It's pretty dumb.
  17. Not only what Red Five responded to this, but Wisconsin and Iowa are going to have a much harder time to finish in the "top 2" of the conference after eliminations of the divisions. They can't just count on winning a much weaker West division, and be considered near the top of the conference.
  18. All good points. The margin of error for NU was smaller than Frost expected, and Frost and his staff struggled with the "little things" which were needed for wins. That's why his teams were so bad in close games. There was always a penalty, turnover, missed play, or some other mistake which caused NU to pull defeat out of the jaws of victory. The first thing for Rhule to do is to turn around the psyche and confidence of the team, so they can win close games. But , it's not realistic to win a vast majority of close games every year. The next thing Rhule needs to do is to upgrade the roster and development, so NU isn't playing close games against Northwestern, Illinois, Purdue, Rutgers, etc., having a better roster than Iowa, Wisconsin, UCLA, Michigan State, and then having a good enough team and scheme to be competitive against Ohio State, Michigan, Penn State, and USC.
  19. I agree to a point that the defenses are better in the Big Ten. But, the offenses are also pretty bad, and many of the coaches are fine with it.
  20. Rhule was smart to get a transfer QB who has 2 years of eligibility and has more of the skill set that Rhule and Satterfield are looking for in a QB. Thompson could have competed with Simms for the #1 job, but I get why CT wanted to be at a school where he was assured of the starting spot.
  21. Who cares. We all knew the o-line sucked last year. Casey wanted a place he was guaranteed the starting job, and that’s fine. He can now also play in a G5 conference where they don’t play the defense like what is played in the Big Ten.
  22. The type of football favored by a lot of Big Ten West teams won’t work once USC and UCLA join the conference, the divisions are eliminated, and there will be a true competition with all of the teams within the conference. If the teams you mentioned try to stay conservative and win games in the teens or low 20s, that will get them a bunch of middle of the pack finishes in the conference.
  23. You are correct. While guys like Jaylen Lloyd and Brice Turner may end up running track at Nebraska, and not see the football field for a couple years, they are still on football scholarships. Lloyd hadn't chosen a school for track because those schools were only offering partial scholarships. A big reason he chose Nebraska, was the opportunity to get a full football scholarship. I'm not saying you are incorrect on anything you are saying, just providing additional commentary.
  24. In the past, I thought it was a situation where the player could count against the other sport until that player saw the field on football. However, the big issue with track or baseball or other sports, is that they can rarely give full scholarships to kids. The reason those track athletes chose NU football late in the process is that they were able to get full-rides from football, while their track scholarships would only cover a portion of their college bills, even at some of the best track schools.
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