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  1. Sounds good. I thought I saw a knee to his helmet, if you didn't see one, no big deal. Shedeur was taking a beating, and I am sure he got to a point he wanted to tap out.
  2. I agree that the luster is off of Deion, and schools aren't as interested in him I was mainly joking that Deion is going to try to get out of Boulder and find a new school for Sheduer, since the season ended so poorly. I know it's doubtful that Deion leaves CU until after the 2024 season. I do think that once Shedeur exhausts his eligibility, Deion is catching a private jet out of Boulder.
  3. I think they have to shut Shedeur down, and Deion is looking for a loophole in the NCAA regulations for Shedeur to be able to transfer again and immediately eligible next season.
  4. I was sitting on my couch this morning thinking of how Chubba reminds me of the old gum Hubba Bubba, so I got thinking of Chubba Bubba. My thoughts immediately turned to Bubba Starling, wondering if he had any eligibility left. Man, NU fans have a lot of scar tissue when it comes to the QB position since Eric Crouch left NU.
  5. Well put, Mav. In an era of quick fixes and instant gratification, Nebraska and Trev are trying an opposite approach of stability and long-term growth. Will fans be patient enough to go through growing pains, that's the big question. I think Rhule and his staff have over-achieved this season, but given how the season has played out, not making a bowl this season will be disappointing. Outside of football, NU sports are achieving great things this fall, and that's exciting to watch and follow. But, football is king, and the only thing most Nebraskans and fans care about.
  6. Deion's handling of his kids during this is so weird. On one hand, Deion is getting his kids a bunch of hype and interest and making a ton of money in NIL. But, on the other hand, Deion isn't really preparing Shedeur for being in the NFL. Deion is being worse than a helicopter parent, he's being a bulldozer parent, trying to clear every obstacle that his kids are going to face. What does that do for his kids? It doesn't force his kids to overcome adversity and learn how to grow for themselves. All that does is make sure that Deion is able to say to his kids "I gave you all your success".
  7. Shedeur’s first injury was to his wrist, and then he got hit later in the game at the back of his helmet. The injuries occurred on two different plays.
  8. NU QB’s thinking to themselves “at least we haven’t had that type of turnover this season”.
  9. Where is HuskerX or whatever that dude called himself saying that good coaches win in their first season? Maybe he should have just said “good coaches win in September!!”
  10. It’s a derivative of the “call plays that work” argument.
  11. Wisconsin players, alumni, and fans are also going with the 2004 Nebraska talk of “we have gone away from our identity and that’s why we’re losing” talk that permeated back then.
  12. Agree that a lot of things have gone NU’s way to win the West. However, needing to turn to so many young guys on offense isn’t a recipe for success.
  13. We are very close t agreeing, but the play with Fidone and Kemp is a one-read pass. The other WR’s are window dressing to keep other defenders occupied. The play is designed to attack man-to-man defenses which Maryland uses. Haarberg’s ONLY read is the safety. The safety did a poor job of double-teaming anybody, but maybe they instructed him to stay back and play for the overthrow.
  14. People were pointing out Haarberg’s passing will probably lead to INT’s in the Illinois game. NU skated by in that game with limited damage (until the RB fumbles in the 4th quarter), but the INT’s have cost NU the past 2 weeks. NU has been living in borrowed time the entire season.
  15. Yeah, that was perfect!!! Bravo!!! I also would have accepted 1) he’s not old enough to drink or 2) he hasn’t hit puberty yet.
  16. From what I have heard, DeBoer is a great QB coach, and that’s what is missing from Satterfield’s expertise. Penix is also a very talented QB, who has started for 4 years of college football. However, you call for an easier reads, and that play should be an easy read. Both players are in the same window, coming from the right side of the formation into the middle. All Haarberg has to do is read the safety, and throw it short to Fidone if the safety backpeddles or throw it deep if the safety is squatting.
  17. I agree with you 100%. This was a play design to specifically attack Maryland and try to score points. The design of the plat works, because it puts the safety in no-man’s land, and he only gets the INT because of a terribly thrown pass. Of course, Satterfield critics will say “why are we even calling this play, given the fact our QB’s can’t do execute it”. I somewhat understand that argument, but we don’t know if this play is being executed well in practice, so Satt is putting it in the game plan for a house call. This is why I am giving Satt mostly a free pass on this year. For me his grade is an incomplete, because he doesn’t have the players to run the offense he thought he was going to run. In fact, I give Satt credit for trying to bring in some option wrinkles to take advantage of what Haarberg does well.
  18. Haarberg didn’t have the patience to see if the safety was squatting on the TE route over the middle, which allowed Kemp to break open behind him from the slot. Defenses now know what Haarberg tendencies and errors are. They know that he targets Fidone more than any other receiver, and when he throws a bad pass, it sails high. The safety was standing there, following the TE route over the middle. He wasn’t worried about getting beat deep, and he was waiting for the bad throw. Satterfield is calling that play for a house call. NU had stolen a possession from the fake punt, and gotten into Maryland territory. NU needs to score on chunk plays and Satt was going for one.
  19. While he’s an amazing athlete, Coleman is a project at WR. He’s only been playing organized football since 9th grade. He could be great down the road, but he could have been special if he was willing to bulk up and become a DE/OLB.
  20. OWH had an article on McGuire this week, and how he has adjusted his coaching to work with the younger WR’s. McGuire has come down to the sideline during games, while Satterfield has gone up to the booth. Sounds like McGuire prefers to be able to do one on one coaching and encouragement during the games, which is good when the young group of WR’s have been forced to play more. https://omaha.com/sports/huskers/football/nebraska-assistant-garret-mcguire-says-gameday-switch-has-helped-with-freshmen-receivers/article_1e554be1-b6b3-5d53-adf4-0e181477a295.html
  21. Thanks. I thought there was a connection with Scott and Raiola, but I wasn’t sure.
  22. Walter Rouse would have been a big get for NU in the transfer portal. NU had him committed, but then OU came in and got him last second with the help of more NIL $. But, if you want to say Raiola isn’t good at recruiting because of that, so be it.
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