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  1. He was out with some type of injury against Indiana. He didn't dress.
  2. At least Johnny Rodgers had a great NU career and a Heisman Trophy to grift off for the next 50 years. Your description of Davison is spot on.
  3. It's basically just a change in name and slight operational change. Instead of Lambrecht being the Frost cronie running the NIL, it will be Peed and Davison left as the Frost running-buddies running this out of Lincoln.
  4. Because Davison was part of the problem of why Frost wasn't successful at NU. They were more interested in partying at Gate 25 then they were about running a successful football program.
  5. Do we have Grant Winstrom's, Jason Peters' and Tom Osbourne's thoughts on this move?
  6. Just decided to leave 1620. Supposedly has a new job lined up, but no clue what it is. My guess it’s outside the media.
  7. Whipple has that flight from Omaha to Phoenix booked for the Saturday after Thanksgiving. He's gone.
  8. Minnesota dropped a TD pass in the end zone, which turned into a Purdue INT. That basically turned the whole game in Purdue's favor. I am surprised that Minny's offense dropped off so much without Mo Ibraham, but that's what happens when a team depends on a 30-year old college running back.
  9. They definitely have used Martin this year as the fair catch guy inside the 10, which I don't have an issue with. Palmer was used once in that situation against Indiana and he fielded a punt at the 5, which is a no-no. I think Busch told the punt returners to not field anything inside the 8 yard line, but that rule of thumb can change if NU plays on a grass field which allows for punters to stick it inside the 5 easier.
  10. Most assistant coaches are now on 2-year contracts. Mickey was given a 3-year contract to help lure him to Nebraska.
  11. The tough sell to Dykes would be to get him out of Texas. Not saying he wouldn't do well at Nebraska, but his most success has been within the state of Texas, and he's very comfortable there.
  12. Guys like Matt Turman are hailed as heroes for having a tiny, tiny part of a National Championship season, while the Martinezes and Armstrong are treated like bums by so many fans because they didn't win enough.
  13. Imagine how fat Frost would get trying to drink all the beer in Wisconsin.
  14. When has a coach-in-waiting situation ever worked? Was Jimbo Fisher the CIW at Florida State the last couple of years for Bowden at FSU? Other than that, I can’t think of any of those actually panning out.
  15. Just because Frost didn’t turn out to be a good coach, doesn’t mean that Mike Riley didn’t deserve to be fired when he was.
  16. It gives schools more ability to not worry about payouts to coaches who are getting fired, but I don’t know if that makes them impatient. Plus, Wisky is now 2-3. But, your point is still mainly true.
  17. Sounds like Wisky fans didn’t want to risk losing Jim Leohnard to another school, so they did a pre-emotive firing of Chryst with the hopes that he succeeds in the interim and he can take the full time job.
  18. I agree Tucker’s season last year was a fluke and Sparty was crazy to give him that huge extension, but Leipold is a totally different coach in terms of experience and success.
  19. The one thing that I do think Mickey brings us being around what a true, talented team looks like from his years at LSU. While Mickey won’t talk bad about the roster, I’m sure he and Busch walked in and saw that the roster needs significant improvement. The only bad part of that is that the areas need the most improvement (the lines) also take the longest to recruit and develop.
  20. Rob Zatechka said they were out (injured) against NU. Matt Mullen said all night that the Indiana WR group was not talented and couldn’t create separation.
  21. I learned that we beat a very bad Indiana team, and the rest of the schedule is full of more very bad teams. Even if NU wins a few of those games doesn’t make NU a good team. It makes them the same as a bunch of other bad football programs. Would Mickey leading NU to a few more wins over some very bad Big Ten West teams give me enough confidence that he would build a consistent, top 1/3 of the conference team in the conference? I really don’t know right now.
  22. Most think that Colorado will target Ryan Walters, who is the current DC at Illinois. Not only has he done well at Illinois, but Walters is a CU alum.
  23. But on kick returns you know guys are supposed to make the first guy miss, and then head north-south. You can't expect to make those jukes all the way down the field.
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