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  1. I understand it's an "odd"' picture for someone to see, but once you understand the situation is makes sense. The picture represents a very rare occurrence, in which people over-react to in my opinion. Quick story. I was in Lowe's a month or so ago, and I went to use the men's room. I'm standing at a urinal, doing my business, when a woman (clearly identifying herself as a woman, she was wearing jeans and a long sleeve shirt, but she looked like a woman) comes up next to the urinal next to me to do her business. If I was younger, or stupider, I may have made some stupid comment or asked a question to her, but I decided otherwise. In the end, it was 2 people just trying to use the restroom and then getting on with our day. I assume that's how most people (transgender or not) want to live their lives. They want to just live their lives as normal as possible. They don't go use opposite sex bathrooms to get a sexual thrill out of it, they do it to do their bodily functions and move on.
  2. Teach thinks the movie Roxeanne is an underground documentary on the wastefulness of fire departments and how fire fighters don't do anything but get cats out of trees and do fake drills and practice sessions all day.
  3. I wouldn't hit a current day 3 very well at all, maybe as a driving iron, but that's about it. Using a 3 or 4 iron off the fairway is very tough because of the loft is so little. It's just so much easier with a hybrid. I can hit my 4-hybrid anywhere from 220-240, but I am also at altitude.
  4. I think a lot of people could play better if they figured out their clubs between their driver and their longest iron. My longest iron is a 5-iron (which is basically like my old 3-iron), so I carry a 4-hybrid and a 3-wood, but I also carry 4 wedges. I will use my 3-wood (metal) off the tee quite often, and I will use the 4-hybrid for any shot from the fairway/rough which requires a shot over 220 yards.
  5. Yes, fair comment about the new technology for the average/novice golfer. It has made things "easier" for the average golfer. I got new irons last spring after playing irons from the early 2000s. I hit my new irons so much better, but I think what the average golfer realizes is that the "new irons" are much stronger lofts than what were played 10-20 years ago. That's a marketing tactic for club manufacturers to say "Hey, you are hitting this new 7-iron 15 yards further". No crap, that new 7 iron is basically an old 5-6 iron. I compared all of my new iron lofts to my old irons and it was a 1-2 club difference throughout the set.
  6. I am not the biggest Tiger Woods fan, but the way he hit the ball so flush with the equipment from the 90s is what enabled him to dominate the Tour. He hit it so pure, that he was able to take a much harder swing and not fear the ball going way off line. Most of the Tour players were swinging "under control" and not going all out because they didn't know where the ball would go when they mis-hit the ball. He was also able to control his spin so well, that it enabled him to play with a higher spin ball. When the bigger drivers, more forgiving irons (still blades), and the 2-piece ball (Titleist ProV1) came out, it helped even the playing field more. The next generation of kids grew up knowing they could swing out of their shoes and not be penalized too much with an off-center contact, and that's when the distance explosion and more athletic players came into the Tour.
  7. And Trump Sr. got all of his $ from his dad. The Trumpers don't want to admit or even realize how terrible of a business man Trump is. If he had taken his fortune he inherited and just put it in the S&P 500, he would be a far wealthier man.
  8. Trump was able to attract to the small-town, uneducated because he was able to touch on their fears of a more diverse and progressive country leaving the "small-town white folk" behind. I have seen it first-hand in my wife's side of the family. I have in-laws who hated Obama (probably just because he was a black man) and loved Trump because he was perceived to be a lot different than the previous regime. It's sad that this point of view has continued to persist across Nebraska nearly 2 years after Trump lost the Presidency, but of course Trump isn't allowing the GOP to move on and wants to continue to push his agenda of absolute rule over the country.
  9. That's what I mean basically. It sucks that it's so far down the road.
  10. How close are you to getting a good spot to get your teacher's pension? You might as well start looking into places to move down the road so you can double (nearly) your earnings by teaching wherever you move.
  11. The un-educated, white, lower-to-middle class have never had an issue with income and wealth discrepancies, as long as it's white Christians who are controlling the wealth.
  12. Let me translate these for the lay-person 1) Get rid of sex ed in schools so we can keep our heads in the sand that teenagers will actually want to have sex with each other. We will continue to push our agenda of abstinence, even though everyone knows that it's not realistic. Also, the liberal sex ed teachers are going to turn our kids gay and we should only think about people who only believe in the union of a man and woman, and have "normal" gender thoughts. 2) Even though America was built on the ideals of separation of church and state and the freedom of religion, we only think that freedom applies to Christianity. We need to go back to a society where we push our thoughts and ideals to others. 3) Since public schools won't allow us to push our Christian agenda, we need to demonize the public school system and push for private, Christian-based schools so that we can go back to marginalizing those who aren't Christian or have beliefs that are different than our own.
  13. My FIL lives in Hastings, and it sounds like the city decided against the final petition for one. Do these new casinos allow sports gambling? That's where the big $ is going forward.
  14. One of the first things I thought of. So, basically Nebraska will continue to be stuck in the dark ages.
  15. I think people will still move to areas with better weather and more cool things to do. That means a population shift to bigger cities in better climates. Companies will have more remote working, but it will shift to a flex work environment where a central location will be used a few days a week.
  16. If they are willing to make abortion punishable with a homicide charge, what's stopping them from making a miscarriage punishable with a manslaughter charge?
  17. I bet the winner of the USF&G Sugar Bowl finished really high each year in that poll.
  18. From Sip's statement on his podcast with Sam, it sounded like Sip moving onto a new job was voluntary. He just felt it was time to try something different. Now, there may have been underlying issues at the LJS which encouraged him to look elsewhere, but I don't think he was laid off or forced out.
  19. Man, I love the set up of things, and the tenseness it brings in terms of how things are going to play out overall. Just because you are a simpleton who has no attention span, you need a shoot ''em up and quick jump to the end of the series. This is why I hate you!!!
  20. Are you kidding me? This season of Better Call Saul has been great.
  21. Parker Gabriel left LJS to take a job covering the Denver Broncos. I believe he's now working for USA Today Sports, which I didn't realize was a thing.
  22. I know Roe v. Wade has always been a political hot button, but what is the impetus of this being potentially overturned, other than the SC having a super majority of conservative judges? This seems to be coming out of left field.
  23. Which is dumb and selfish by those coaches.
  24. Cam wouldn't have been drafted by the Eagles if they weren't confident he could come in and play right away. However, with Kelce ahead of him for one year, Cam has the luxury of learning from a HOF center and continuing his development. I don't get why people think players stop developing as soon as they get to the NFL. It's such a false belief.
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