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  1. He looks to have a great frame and speed. If he's a legit 6'1" - 6'2" he could be a candidate to add some weight and be a Nickel back.
  2. This is a great point. There is a glut of players who haven't exhausted their eligibility due to the COVID year. This is creating more eligible athletes with fewer available scholarships. Casey Thompson wouldn't still be at NU if it weren't for that extra year. Fans wouldn't be getting concerned when a player like Garrett Nelson "leaves early" even though he had 4 years of action on the field.
  3. I think that most kids who enter the transfer portal go in on their own accord, and are not pushed to the portal by their coaches. Players enter the portal for numerous reasons, but it's usually "player driven". The competition within the team, the requirements to develop as a player, and balancing school and athletics are what kids sign up for when they agree to become a high-level, college football player. Division 1 athletics is very competitive, it requires a lot of work for the student-athletes, and it's not always fair.
  4. You put a lot of blame on the coaches for not developing individual players, but the player has a responsibility on developing, too. Someone has to play. If a kid gets brought in, and isn't contributing to the team (regardless of reason) in a few seasons, it's reasonable for a coach to suggest to that player that he moves on. If a player is talented and works hard enough, he will most likely be able to get another D1 offer. Only the guys who don't belong at D1 level at all are going down to D2. You bring this up because NU is at over 100 scholarship players headed into spring. I think this is a 1-year issue where Rhule has inherited an underachieving team and is looking to make improvements. So, honored the scholarship offers from the previous staff, added a number of offers to kids who weren't previously offered, and has brought in a good number of transfers. Rhule is doing this because he thinks the roster needs turned over, and that's not a terrible thought given NU's record over the past few years. Going forward, Rhule and his staff will have a better idea of the talent on the roster every year, it should be easier to manage, and I don't think NU will go into the spring with this many scholarship players.
  5. More kids on scholarship means more kids not playing which leads to more kids transferring. Adding scholarships isn't the answer.
  6. But Jerry Jones makes $ operating the Dallas Cowboys every year and sees the worth of the Cowboys increase every year. Jerry’s initial $150 million investment is now worth an estimated $8 billion. Meanwhile the Cowboys haven’t been to the NFC championship in 27 seasons. You say his goal is to win, as a Cowboys fan myself, he has failed miserably for nearly 3 decades. You may treat big NU donors as “owners” but they don’t get a return on investment, other than what’s been stated in previous posts. They are making a donation, while Jerry Jones is running a business. Jerry Jones is a very successful businessman, but he’s a terrible sports owner when it comes to winning.
  7. I understand NIL is part of college football right now, and now it’s important for NU. I think it has some good aspects to it, but I think it has negative aspects to it. I am just saying I would have a hard time donating a lot of $ to a NIL fund. Of course, it’s not even an issue for me, and if I had millions or billions of $ to able to be a “big donor” maybe it wouldn’t be a big deal to make the annual donation. However, wealthy people don’t get wealthy by throwing away their money. If these donors were giving their money away without improvement in the product, I could see those donors think about stopping their donations.
  8. I’m just curious what type of “returns” you would expect as a donor? Yes, if I were a big donor, I would be frustrated with the lack of winning over the past 20 years. But, that’s the risk you take in donating to a college athletic program. The big donors do get perks from the athletic department in terms of tickets, sky boxes, Champions Club passes/tailgate spots, etc. Honestly, if I were a big donor, I would struggle giving big $ to a NIL fund just to pay the players. I think players should be compensated for their NIL, but these NIL funds are outside the original intent of the program. I do think the success of NU’s NIL funds have been getting a big quantity of mid-sized donations. But even then, I personally would struggle making that donation every year.
  9. Rhule has developed a plan, and having "his guys" as coaches enables Rhule to have trust in his assistants to be lock-step in that plan. Rhule can go out on his own to recruit and leave his assistants to deliver his plan out on the recruiting trail. Everyone is going in the same direction.
  10. Regis Jesuit is one of the biggest private schools in the Denver area. They are traditionally very good at nearly all sports. This kid seems fast and athletic, so he may be worth bringing in and seeing what he can do.
  11. It's probably both. I am sure Trev let Rhule know that there were some questions about the work ethic of the former staff, so Trev recommended that Rhule and his staff not be shy about putting things out on social media. But, it does take the effort to put things on social media.
  12. The athletic department screwed up when it expanded the East stadium with that additional seating section, instead of investing in upgrades to Memorial Stadium. Once this new football facility is complete, Trev is turning his focus to stadium upgrades. If you want to argue that the stadium upgrades should have been done before the new football/athletic (because it will be used by all athletes) then I guess that’s fair.
  13. It probably helps Rhule’s energy level to not be hanging out at a nearby bar and chasing tail. But that’s just my opinion.
  14. It does more than attract kids. All of the facilities, the perks, the bells and whistles, etc. are done to attract kids to NU, but have them perform at their best (and for the team) once they get to NU. Coaches want players hanging around the facilities because they aren’t goofing around and getting into trouble. Coaches also want players to hang around with each other because that helps build trust, rapport, and better teams. Also, if the player excels on the field and in the classroom and has a great experience in the program, the coach can turn around and use that player (and others) as an example for future recruits and their families. It’s the life cycle for the college athlete and athletic programs.
  15. I agree. I don't think that's an option for teams/programs.
  16. The chart isn't being produced by the football team or athletic department. This is being done by some random guy on Twitter. The random Twitter guy is still using the old position names. I think that's fine because we haven't seen a go-forward depth chart or an indication of what the coaches are going to do on the defense.
  17. Hood is a project. He went to Georgia over 400 lbs, and is coming here at 350 lbs. He still needs to reshape his body to be a viable option on the field. Yes, he appears to have talent, and it's great he has a number of years of eligibility, but I think it's a long shot for him to see the field for meaningful snaps in 2023.
  18. Fair enough on ND. But ND also has a national following which Baylor or TCU don't. There is a reason a TV network was willing to pay one school for their own TV package 30 years ago.
  19. TCU and Baylor’s religious affiliations wouldn’t be good fits in the Big Ten. Houston is a trash academic school which is basically a commuter school. A&M isn’t ever leaving the SEC.
  20. The rivalry between CU and NU in the late 90s through the mid 90s was one built on hatred. Of course, Bill McCartney started that "hatred" but NU fans returned that hatred pretty well. I hated CU. While we are at it, the thought that the NU-OU rivalry wasn't a rivalry built on hatred was bunk. Growing up in the 1980s, I HATED OKLAHOMA, and I know my dad hated them too.
  21. Does Deion have a daughter that likes to bang numerous football players? I'm sure that helps in recruiting.
  22. The style of Compton and Lewan (played at Michigan and in the NFL) are doing what Barstool Sports want them to do. I am not a big fan of Barstool, Dave Portnoy, and their "bro culture" they try to cultivate, but Barstool is very popular with young men in the desirable demographic of 18-35. While I am not a fan of what Barstool does, I can't deny that they have been very successful at what they have done. I am not a regular listener of Bussin with the Boys, but I will listen when they have a current or former Husker as a guest.
  23. I understood your point, and it made 100% sense. If there are a number of scholarships players to go from NU to UNK, then there is a problem with identifying, evaluating, and recruiting talent out of high school. Even if we have a lot of walk-ons who go the UNK route instead of plenty of nearby FCS schools, then why are those walk-ons at NU in the first place?
  24. UNK is D-2. They are a level below the FCS teams, but not the worst level out there.
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