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    Colorado Tickets

    I work in a business park just up US 36 in Broomfield, which have a couple nice hotels (an Omni and another one), and there will be teams that stay in those hotels, as well. There is a tollway that goes from the airport to US 36, that gets the teams near Boulder pretty quickly.
  2. ColoradoHusk

    Discontent in the AD?

    I will have to listen to the segment, but I think Dr. Stark does work with Creighton's basketball team (and maybe volleyball), so if he were to also try to work with the NU basketball and volleyball teams, it could create a conflict of interests. I know Dr. Stark is not an employee of either University and is an independent consultant, but I am just throwing that possibility out there.
  3. ColoradoHusk

    Worst Call Ever In A Husker Game

    That's why I had no sympathy for them when they were crying about missing out on the National Championship in 1994. Also, it was because their lame conference (yes, I called the Big Ten lame) put the Rose Bowl over the National Championship game in the old Bowl Alliance.
  4. ColoradoHusk

    Worst Call Ever In A Husker Game

    Included in my list.
  5. ColoradoHusk

    Worst Call Ever In A Husker Game

    These might not be the "worst" calls in terms of blatant bad calls, but these were the costliest to NU in my opinion. 1) Penn State's 4th down catch in 1982 in Happy Valley. He was a yard out of bounds when he caught the ball inside the 5 yard line. The game-winning TD also came on a trapped pass. Gave NU it's only loss that season, and Penn State won the National Championship. 2) Phantom clip call against Nebraska which wiped out a Corey Dixon punt return TD in the 1994 Orange Bowl against Florida State. 3) Refs missing William Floyd's fumble at the goal line in the same game as #2. I guess it was a close call, but it gave FSU a TD, which they didn't earn. Sorry for the poor video quality, but this is the only thing I could find on YouTube.
  6. ColoradoHusk

    *** 2019 Recruiting ***

    Because that's Chinander's base defense philosophy.
  7. ColoradoHusk

    Dedrick Mills - LOI Signed

    There is nothing wrong with your definition of an every down running back, but I don’t know if that really applies to Frost’s offense. Mo is going to be on the field the most at RB in 2019, because he is the most versatile. We’ve already seen him be great getting outside in space running and catching the ball. In 2019, they will get him more involved in the between the tackles game. Mo is going to be 20 pounds heavier in 2019, to enable him to be stronger and more durable. He was already a pretty tough runner, he just didn’t have the necessary size to be a complete back. Mills will have his place in the offense, and will probably be on the field a lot with Mo. I just don’t see him getting as many carries/touches as Mo. Mills may be the back to use in the 4th quarter to move the chains against a worn-down defense.
  8. ColoradoHusk

    Colorado Tickets

    I don't do the marijuana, but be careful of the edibles. It's tougher to regulate the amount of THC in them, and people tend to consume too much of the edible as they wait for the effect to kick in. Again, this is just what I have heard, and you probably don't have anything to worry about if you are a seasoned veteran.
  9. ColoradoHusk

    Ozigbo to Play in East-West Shrine Game

    It's ok to change your mind!!! Hahaha. I agree that both of them will be graded in the middle rounds of the draft, and they each could have decent NFL careers. Honestly, once they are drafted it can be a lot of luck and circumstances when it comes to length of NFL career. Hard work and professionalism helps a ton, but sometimes a guy can't stay healthy or is drafted by a team with a bunch of other guys at his position.
  10. ColoradoHusk

    Ozigbo to Play in East-West Shrine Game

    I would put him ahead of Stanley Morgan, and honestly I don't know if there are other players who may be drafted.
  11. ColoradoHusk

    What is your opinion on this?

    I LOVED Phil Hartman as Ed McMahon!!! What a great GIF!!!
  12. ColoradoHusk

    What is your opinion on this?

    One big thing is that a football player (or even a women's volleyball, basketball, etc.) can't SIGN for a scholarship offer as a 7th grader. The 7th grader can commit to a college, but it is non-binding, just as the scholarship offer is non-binding. If you follow women's sports at all, high school girls in volleyball get a lot of pressure to commit to a school early in their high school career (9th/10th grade). Now, girls do mature faster than boys, so they reach their peak height earlier, but scholarship offers to young students is common. I want to say that the Rolfzen twins committed to NU as 8th graders (at least by 9th grade).
  13. ColoradoHusk

    Mikale Wilbon

    I agree that any running back would have a hard time succeeding in Riley's crappy run offense. I don't think anyone is making that argument.
  14. ColoradoHusk

    Mikale Wilbon

    Honestly, I don't know if there was a lot of Ozigbo's play worth praising prior to 2018. He showed moments of strong play, but due to him being overweight, he was slow, he didn't pick up his feet very well going through the hole, and he wasn't able to make much out of plays if the immediate hole wasn't there. Ozigbo deserves all the credit he got in 2018. He got himself in great shape, he got faster, and he was a much improved back. If you were able to predict that based on his fairly average play in 2015-17, then good for you.
  15. Jalen Hurts to Oklahoma.  Didn't expect that.

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    2. Minnesota_husker



      Sooner or later he had to pick someone.....

    3. Xmas32


      This is a weird spot.  I've never been overly impressed with Hurts' ability to read through progressions or deliver the ball effectively.  Maybe that won't matter much given Riley's ability to scheme dudes open plus the general lack of defense in the Big XII.  I have zero doubts on him as a runner though.  Who knows, maybe I'm dead wrong here.

    4. VectorVictor


      Well, isn't his family from Texass? Would make sense he picked the school that utilizes Texass talent the best. 

  16. ColoradoHusk

    Duval's S&C - Year 2

    Moiraine just wanted this thread split out so she could see some eye candy.
  17. ColoradoHusk

    Duval's S&C - Year 2

    Jake Cotton disagrees.
  18. ColoradoHusk

    Duval's S&C - Year 2

    I can't wait to see Mo after a year of S&C. He should be a harder runner, be able to withstand more contact, and be able to play more snaps. We didn't see many plays of Mo and Ozigbo on the field together in 2018. I expect to see Mo and another RB on the field together quite a bit in 2019.
  19. Sometimes you are damned if you do, damned if you don't when it comes to doubling a big guy inside. If the team is ready for it, they are able to pass it around the perimeter and it gets wide open 3's. Also, with the defense scrambling to find shooters, it leaves them more susceptible to an offensive rebound. Based on analytics, a contested, post-up shot is one of the worst shots in basketball. Maybe that goes into Miles' line of thinking. Unfortunately, sometimes that post-up turns into an easy layup and can also get Roby and Copeland in foul trouble, which messes up things on the offensive end.
  20. Yes, the current lineup for NU isn't a great fit for the Big Ten, but if NU can get into the tournament, they could make some noise. It will all depend on the matchups.
  21. ColoradoHusk

    Dedrick Mills - LOI Signed

    Same thing happened to me in my early 20s. I didn't pay a speeding ticket on time, and my license was suspended. I didn't even know it was suspended.
  22. Basketball is all about matchups. NU has great interchangeable players 1-5 and they can play great defense, as long as the other team doesn't have 1 or 2 bigs.
  23. Honestly I think the win tonight will enable NU to play loose and free, as there won’t be a ton of pressure to beat Michigan State. The win would be great, but getting 1 win this week was what NU needed, and that’s been done.
  24. That’s a Quad 1 win right there. Plus the margin of victory will help in the NET rankings.
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    Skyhawk Elkhorn