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  1. But you know what’s the best thing to allow people to be in close contact to each other (with or without a mask), people getting the damn vaccine. But when people refuse the vaccine and also want to refuse to wear masks and socially distance from others, that pisses me off. I wouldn’t want to wear a mask as a teacher either. That would definitely suck.
  2. I know that vaccinated people can still carry the virus and spread it to others, but you know who will be the most safe from the delta strain and other strains of COVID, the vaccinated people. I am just pissed off that the unvaccinated are causing this pandemic to live on and mutate further.
  3. My kids’ school district (in the Denver area) hasn’t announced any mask requirements for this next school year, but I know they will be upset if they have to wear masks. It’s not that they/we do not care for the safety of the teachers, administrators, other staff, and students. It’s because they have gotten vaccinated and taken prior precautions to limit the spread in the past, yet selfish people aren’t taken the necessary steps to get vaccinated and COVID cases are beginning to rebound across the country. I understand some people can’t get vaccine for various health reasons, but the vast ma
  4. I don't think NU is in any danger of being kicked out of the Big Ten. Yes, NU could be performing better on the athletic fields, but they bring the Big Ten eyeballs across the country (and world) from alumni and NU fans watching NU sports. Yes, UNL isn't great academically, but the school and research $ have improved significantly since joining the Big Ten. I don't think conferences are in a habit of kicking members schools out of their leagues, despite what Desmond Howard tells everyone.
  5. It's all money. That's the only reason. Plus, if I am OU, I am already recruiting in the top 5 programs in the country, so joining the SEC will maintain that level going forward. If the playoff expands to 12 teams, the SEC is so big and strong, that I could see at least 4 teams coming from the SEC every year. Yeah, OU may have down years, but I would expect them to be among those 4 teams 75% of the time.
  6. A&M may be pissed off, but they aren't leaving the SEC. This "new" conference would be worse than the Pac 12 in terms of network interest, which would mean less $. I know we all want NU to be winning championships, but that wouldn't happen in this conference you are proposing. NU's response to anything is just to get better and start winning in the Big Ten.
  7. I think KU would be attractive to the Big Ten. The Big Ten LOVES basketball, probably even more than football. KU could start a wrestling program if that is needed for the conference.
  8. I'm not a fan of Warren, but what do you expect him to say? I am sure he has already had discussions with the Big Ten Universities and Presidents about potential schools which would be attractive to pursue in the next round of conference shake-ups.
  9. Brian Christopherson made a great point about any prior discussion of NU leaving the Big Ten for the Big 12, in that it was all tied to nostalgia about the old Big 8, and how NU dominated the end of that conference in football, as well as other thoughts on a close-knit, regional conference of 30+ years ago. That ended when the Big 8 became the Big 12. The regional conferences are now over. NU may not always like our fit in the Big Ten, but there is no going back to regional conferences. It will be interesting to see how the mega-conferences grow and create divisions and/or pods.
  10. I agree that UNC won’t leave the ACC. They have it really good there.
  11. UNC isn’t tied to Duke. They have nothing in common outside their basketball rivalry. UNC is the big, state school, which gets the best in-state students and is popular with out of state students. Duke is a private school, which attracts more kids from New York City, than it does from local areas. UNC wouldn’t have any issue leaving Duke.
  12. That makes a ton of sense. But how big will the super conferences get? 16 teams is somewhat manageable, but any more than that seems like a total pain in the a$$.
  13. Yeah, but if conferences go to 16 games, I think conferences would look at 4-team pod system. Although a pod of Texas, OU, A&M, and Missouri would basically be the Big 12 all over again.
  14. Good for Hallmark. Get a signing bonus and start pursuing the dream of reaching the major leagues.
  15. I don't think Notre Dame will be too quick to join the Big Ten. Unless the ACC is on shaky ground, ND already has been in their conference for every sport except football and ND was able to make the CFP last year by playing an ACC-only schedule. If ND wants to join a conference, I would expect them to just be in the ACC in all sports.
  16. Meh, Houston is mainly a commuter school with not much of a campus environment. I honestly don't think there are too many attractive schools in Texas, other than UT and A&M (as much as I hate A&M). That state is just weird in that it's a huge state with a ton of talent, but the schools themselves aren't very attractive schools. There is a reason the SWC failed. After Arkansas left, it was basically A&M and Texas dragging along a bunch of small private schools (although Tech and Houston are public).
  17. Pass on Texas Tech. That school is in the middle of nowhere. I don't really see how they would open up the recruiting footprint to Texas. TCU would potentially be an option for the DFW market, but even then that school is so small and selective, it doesn't have a strong alumni base. Texas and OU fans are more predominant in the DFW market.
  18. Big Ten would go after Kansas if the Big 12 broke up. Not sure who else. I don't see what Iowa State and Cincinnati offers.
  19. I can say that Minnesota has similar talent than NU when I watch the games over the past few years. It's my eye-ball test. Nebraska may have "recruited" better, but they haven't developed better than Minnesota. Throw in transfers and other factors, I would say NU and Minnesota are very similar teams at this point.
  20. The thing about getting to 9+ wins on a consistent basis, is building the talent level and developing that talent to that you are the superior team for the vast majority of your games. That turns a season of 7-8 toss-up games into a season of 3-4 toss-up games. The best programs (Alabama, OU, Ohio State, Clemson) have such a talent advantage over the rest of college football, that their seasons are really a 2-3 game season, and not a 12 game season. NU will likely never get back to the level of those 4 programs, but I think they can get to a point where NU has a clear advantage o
  21. The crappy part about NU over the past 6 years is that NU hasn't taken care of home field, and has had little success on the road. I just don't see how that trend magically reverses itself to the other end of the spectrum in one year.
  22. But even if NU were to start 5-1, Michigan has more talent than NU and Minnesota has similar talent than NU. That's what makes those games toss-up games. A strong start may give NU positive thoughts going into those games, but once those games start the previously-played games mean nothing to the game being played that day.
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