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  1. Why wouldn't Frost head out on the recruiting trail? He needs to be out there as much as he can. That was the play all along. I don't get why this is hard for people to comprehend. The new OC would be the play caller on game days, allowing Frost to have more of a CEO role.
  2. Rattler was in Lincoln this past weekend, not sure if Strogner was with him, or if they are planning a return visit to Lincoln.
  3. If Beckton is shifting to coach the RB's, I think he will do just fine. The main role of an offensive skill position coach is to make sure his players know their responsibilities each play. College coaches aren't coaching a ton of "technique" to the running backs, other than catching the ball out of the backfield and pass blocking. Those duties wouldn't be much different from a TE. I'm not sure if people were concerned when Ron Brown went from a WR coach for most of his career to coaching RB's under Pelini, and he did just fine. Good coaches can do most any position, and Beckton may be the best coach on the offensive side of the ball.
  4. Plus Polk may prefer coaching in the NFL. Recruiting 16-18 year old kids would suck.
  5. The best thing about Whipple is that he has experience being an OC and playcaller, so that should free Frost up to be the CEO-type Head Coach which we all think he should be. I'm sure the offense won't change a ton from what was run before, but Frost can now oversee the entire team, rather than an offensive focus.
  6. First step is to resign from his current job, to accept a different job.
  7. But how many times did Pickett lead a 80-yard, 17 play drive for a TD? #4yardsatatime #RTB
  8. His wife needs to get to Lincoln this week to find that new house!
  9. It's impossible to answer specific items in this rambling mess. I just think it's lazy for people's answer to the ills of Nebraska football is just to say "We need to go back and do things how they were in the 80s and 90s. That will work for sure!!"
  10. Because the "big back" that everyone loves fell down untouched when there was a big hole on 4th and goal from the 1.
  11. Rahmir was having a big game until he got concussed by a big hit, and then Yant fell at the goal line. Agree with you on the reliance on Martinez was too much for him to take on.
  12. The Minny game was lost in the first half when Chinander allowed their QB to play pitch and catch, along with the offense struggling to find a solid strategy with Adrian battling an ankle injury.
  13. Quinn Ewers is headed to TCU. Wouldn't be surprised if Sonny Dykes nudges Max Duggan to the Transfer Portal.
  14. Yeah, either of those two would be closer to 30 minutes south of FC. I'm in the northern Denver suburbs, and my son's school is in the same conference as the FC schools, so I've made that drive quite a bit over the past year. I-25 between Denver and Ft. Collins pretty much sucks. There is always construction, and the drivers suck too. It's the same line of jerks in large pick-up trucks which clog up the left lanes the entire way.
  15. Technically he was in his 2nd year at NU, so I wouldn't call him a "true frosh". He was only a "true frosh" eligibility wise due to the free COVID year. Nash was ok this year in limited snaps, but people are concerned that he will be the stud NT that his defense usually requires.
  16. You've done this in the past, and you are doing it again now. Your "wish" for an offense at Nebraska is completely unrealistic and is based on how offenses operated 30-40 years ago. You want 550 yards of offense a game? Well only one team in the country achieved that in 2021 (Ohio State). You want 300 yards rushing? That was done by 2 military academies, Air Force and Army. You want a 70-30 run-pass ratio? Again, only done by military academies. You want a top offense in the country while having more rush yards than passing yards? Of the top 20 offenses, only 1 team is anywhere near a 50-50 ratio and that Coastal Carolina. You need to have an understanding of how modern football actually works, because your posts make no sense when you make posts of your "wishes". The only thing that will make your wish come true is if you get in that Delorean of yours and go back to the 1980s and 1990s.
  17. I'm glad somebody got the reference!
  18. Can we try to make "fetch" a thing?
  19. Betts was a unique situation. I think Riley actually offered him as a sophomore, which was relatively early, and then Betts was always a grade risk, so other teams backed off his recruitment. Still a good get, and one of the few in the Omaha area for Frost and crew.
  20. Iowa is on pace to be outscored in their 3 losses by 55 points. NU had 9 losses by a combined 56 points. SMH. 

    1. chamrocck


      We should have beat Iowa. We beat ourselves. That one hurts as Iowa is way overrated.

    2. ColoradoHusk


      Iowa is the best team to depend on other team's mistakes. They just waited for NU to screw up. Frost has to get NU to stop screwing up. 

  21. Did Ruud get drunk and let it slip? I know I have a tendency to talk too much after a few cold ones. EDIT: I finally got that joke after a few times reading it. Ha!
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