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  1. My concern with Smothers is that he was recruited for an offense that isn't going to be the go-forward offense. Yeah, he did pretty well against Iowa, but he also ran the ball 20+ times. First, that wouldn't be sustainable over the course of a season, and second, that's not going to be Whipple's offense. Now, it would be interesting if Smothers stuck around as some type of wildcat QB, like Minnesota had with their backup QB, but then that would require an even broader offense. I would rather have NU be really efficient at their base offensive philosophy before trying to do everything.
  2. Judging by how many Omaha metro area kids are going all over country to go to college, I don't think the metro coaches are having any problems getting kids academically qualified.
  3. Big Ten Defensive rankings by team is also helped by style of play by the offenses. I know that the Big Ten has very good/great defenses, but their National rankings are boosted by opposing offenses preferring to slow things down, grind the clock out, and being more conservative. It leads to fewer offensive drives, fewer offensive plays, and fewer points. I also think the QB quality isn't as strong in the Big Ten, which leads to fewer points scored.
  4. I know it's been mentioned, but I will wait until the first kickoff of the season to see if it really happens.
  5. Can't wait for the power struggle between Frost and Busch when they fill out the special teams rosters. Busch - Let's get the fastest, most athletic players and put them on special teams. Frost - Well, Bill, special teams is where I promise the walk-ons from small town Nebraska will get an opportunity to play. That's how I can justify a 150 man roster.
  6. Agree that the South Stadium needs to be redone. Chop off about half of the rows, and create a beer garden/party deck in that end of the end zone.
  7. I agree. I think us fans get more caught up in the hate for other schools and our "rivals" than the athletes do. IMO, Larson is getting a great opportunity to start her coaching career at one of the top programs in college volleyball. If former student-athletes were to limit their job opportunities based on former rivalries as a player, they would be doing an extreme dis-service to themselves.
  8. If this super-lake gets built, where will the LINOMA-DOME go? I was told there would be a new, domed stadium for NU football and a future NFL team!!!
  9. Stepp is also worthless in the passing game. Doesn't catch the ball well and doesn't block well.
  10. Where do you get the expectation that NU will be passing the ball 50-60 plays a game?
  11. Agree 100%. NU had 69.4 offensive plays per game in 2021. Even if the offense improves and that grows to 75 plays per game, Whipple isn't going to call 2/3 pass plays. I would expect a run-pass ratio closer to 50-50, and NU averages at most 35-40 pass attempts per game, which would still be a lot. One reason for more RB carries is the hope for a reduced reliance on the QB run game. I would hope for 5-10 fewer QB carries per game, which would be spread to RB's under Whipple.
  12. Just because Joseph is the associate/assistant HC, doesn't necessarily mean he would be next in line at OC, if Whipple were to be successful and then retire in 1-3 years. I see Joseph's extra title to mean a couple reasons 1) allows him to have a larger salary (like you mention) and 2) he can help Frost on overall management of the team and roster. I know Joseph isn't the recruiting coordinator in name, but I would suspect he will take the lead on a lot of recruiting aspects of the team.
  13. That's the other thing. Why isn't he the most sunburned person ever?!?! I'm sure the Jawas didn't leave Boba any sunscreen after they robbed him of his armor and helmet. Then he's been sitting out in the desert all day while being prisoner of the Tuskens!
  14. Kevin Faulk had a daughter that tragically died this past September. He may want to stay close to home or not coach for a while. Just FYI.
  15. You mean, you guys don't jar your urine for emergency purposes?
  16. I know players are recovering from injuries quicker today, but let's not assume that Teddy will automatically come back 100% healthy and effective following his knee injury in October. That's a big frame that he needs to rehab.
  17. Yes, an unlimited scholarship allotment, amazing strength & conditioning (steroids), and great coaching and development enabled NU to be much better than nearly every opponent they faced back then. They basically had a 2-4 game season each year.
  18. Thanks for those percentages, but NU's opponents were also trailing against NU a lot of the time, so they were forced to pass, while NU would be running the clock out in the 4th quarter.
  19. And Osborne's offense back then was still considered "pass happy" because most college offenses ran the ball more than 75%.
  20. I am very aware of how Osborne adapted his offenses during his tenure as OC and then head coach.
  21. Most of college football did, as well, so that's not saying much.
  22. Tre Bryant retired with 3 years of eligibility left from his knee issues, and he graduated from UNL. I don't think it will be hard for a doctor to sign off on whatever injury Cerni may have to pass the paperwork requirement, and Cerni can get his degree with another 3-4 semesters of work and go back to Australia a college graduate.
  23. We are just arguing semantics. I've always heard it referred to as a "Medical Hardship Scholarship" when a guy basically retires but stays on a scholarship to finish his education, and a Medical Hardship Waiver when a guy applies for another year of eligibility.
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