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  1. We will be one step closer to the end of the sell out streak.
  2. Best o-line performance I’ve seen in years. Cam Jurgens is a stud, he is going to be a great one. No stupid penalties either.
  3. Mills is a stud. Will play at the next level. Lamar Jackson is having a very good season. NFL for sure! JoJo is super athletic. Possibly NFL if he wants it. Cam Jurgens is an absolute stud in the making at center. NFL future. Speilman is a playmaker. Adrian is great when decisive, below average when indecisive. W. Robinson is going to be great, if Frost doesn’t get him killed at running back.
  4. I think frost knows he needs a change at DC . He just said that they need to get better on their staff. Also said if they could hold people under 30 they might have something. I think he knows.
  5. There is no disguise to our D with 2 week to prepare.
  6. Liked the way the linebackers and safeties got on the line and dared them to be us over the top. Good play call there. Need more of that!
  7. Don’t worry 3rd and Chinander is dialing up some halftime adjustments.
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