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  1. SFW

    Colorado Rewatch

    They play a good game of keep-away.
  2. SFW

    How to win

    I agree we don’t have to horses to complete with OSU, Wisconsin, and the like. We do have the horses to beat, play power run against the rest of our schedule. He had greater talent at UCF where he combined husker power with Oregon speed and had no desire to incorporate a power run game. To Frost Husker Power = Strength and Conditioning Oregon Speed = Fast Paced Tempo So you think when he gets the horses he will change?
  3. SFW

    How to win

    When has he ever shown a power run game as a coach? Just curious? Answer: Never His last 3 games a UCF were almost lost by teams coming from behind, because he couldn’t not burn clock and grind out long drives. Same with his five blown halftime leads at NU. He needs to to learn the game of keep away!
  4. SFW

    How to win

    Frosts offense needs a power run element so we can close out games and burn clock. He so far has shown no desire to adopt that philosophy. Surprising
  5. Until Frost develops a power run game we will struggle to close out games.
  6. Trouble is... We were.....are....a 4-8 team. Anything better this year is a miracle The national media built us up to knock us down. We fools, lapped it up like....Kool aid....drunken fools. It’s gonna take years to right the ship. Not a year!
  7. It was easy to look like geniuses when you have superior athletes in a lesser conference with lesser coaches. That my friends is no longer the case.
  8. SFW

    Totally useless information

    My mother’s father was a Dentist.
  9. SFW

    Just a little patience

    Not the end. The future! Be patient...put the kool aid down!
  10. SFW

    Just a little patience

    I’ll give Frost 7 years cause that’s what it’s gonna take. Right now we’re not even close!
  11. SFW

    Matt Farniok

    We really miss Farmer and his leadership. The line is young and soft at this point. An injury or two will be devastating. The real tests are coming soon to a stadium near you.
  12. SFW

    THE Solution for the Husker Offense

    Wait... I’ve got it...flea flicker? Sorry too soon?
  13. Oh please god please say the game has been canceled. i don’t want to see 2AM thrown around like a rag doll.