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  1. Yes let’s destroy the economy for the flu. Then defund and weaken the protectors of our society. Then Enable 5013c corporations to occupy and destroy our inner cities. All the while teach the children that our country and the framers of our constitution are evil. Sorry to red pill you all. Here is a blue pill (CNN, Social Media, Hollywood, Cancel culture) good night.
  2. His purpose? Think again...the virus and the social unrest don’t benefit Trump. If you haven’t noticed America is currently under attack. It’s a covert war. unfortunately college football may be the least of our concerns:
  3. Of course no football this year. It’s an election year. Right after the election the virus will disappear like magic.
  4. Now who’s AMart going to stare down and throw high over the middle to? Wan’Dale lots of hospital passes coming your way!
  5. Does anyone out there know what the percentage of blitzes with 6 or more rushing we ran last year?
  6. The video is the style of D I want. I don’t care what it’s called...although, I believe the Ravens, as do most NFL teams run a 4 man front. Putting all the bodies on the line Of scrimmage makes life miserable for QBs.
  7. Talk from Chinander is cheep. We rarely blitz. We never put 7,8,9 players the line and make the QB make an instant decision on whose coming and whose dropping. With big risks come big rewards. Chinander’s 3-4 is too conservative, what is he afraid of?
  8. https://www.footballoutsiders.com/film-room/2019/film-room-ravens-defense This style of defense I want. QBs can’t figure out whose coming and whose dropping. Good DCs know QBs with time will kill you. Yes I know we’re not the ravens but put all that undersized speed to work. 8 guys in Zone coverage is a QBs wet dream.
  9. Twisting my words...nice. You should work for CNN. Maybe your comprehension is poor.
  10. When the game was on the line multiple times last year we only brought 3 guys sometime we rushed an undersized hybrid linebacker. Usually easy to figure out where it was coming from. In my opinion a blitz should be bringing 6-7 guys, when teams go empty back field. I’d like D 7-8, and yes 9 D-players on the line. Make the quarterback try to figure out, in a split second whose coming and who is dropping. So, with our lack of talent, I’d like to see 4 of those players being bigger bodies. On obvious run situations I definitely want at least 4 bigger bodies on the line.
  11. I believe the issue is what the article at the beginning of the thread and Chinander’s trying to figure out....rush ends. In a 4 -3 you have two rush end specialist on the field every play and one more bigger body on the line. Which is of paramount importance in the B10....more bigger athletic bodies. Chinander’s trying to address this with one smaller athletic body. Which he usually has them running down field away from the quarterback to cover a back or tightened. So right back to the problem of 3 on 5 and QBs with all day to throw. The SEC is full of NF
  12. Every top Big Ten rushing defense with the exception of Wisconsin runs a 4-3. Chinanders 3-4 is not going get it done in the B10.
  13. Purdue by a mile. A loss in this game, will break our season. If we can’t beat Purdue we won’t have more than 4 or 5 wins. A win and we have hope.
  14. Luke is faster, a better arm, and better athlete than AM. He represents a true dual threat that opponents will not enjoy playing against. If Luke starts and stays healthy we will have a winning season. if it’s AM we will see more of the same and another losing season.
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