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  1. We went to the game and had a great time. I have nothing but nice things to say about the Michigan fans. I've been to Columbia, Lawrence, Manhatten, the Big 12 title vs. Oklahoma and the Alamo Bowl. Columbia was by far the worst atmosphere we went to. Michigan is right near the top. GBR
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    I have a question I have never been able to find an answer for. If we do what we need to, can we still apply and be joined back into the AAU?
  3. I would like to give props to Coach Osborne and Harvey Perlman for getting Nebraska into a stable situation before college football implodes this year. I, for one, am much happier to be a spectator and not a participant in all of this realignment talk. At the same time, does anyone see Notre Dame finally caving and joining up with the Big 10?
  4. It's not about thicker skin.......I posted what was done. Take it or leave it.......I'm over it. Unfortunately being an employee is also a state employee, and being out that late at an amateur strip night gives the appearance of inpropriety. It is relevant when the secondary is performing at this level
  5. We love our colors precisely because everyone else hates them. Unfortunately, we let Nike in the door and this is what they've done to us this year. I don't know what combination they'll be wearing for the game... The 9-11 helmet. There's not a damn thing we haven't heard about our colors, so don't even waste your time. The colors are the colors and the whole world can kiss our ass. I think the flat black helmet with black logo looks pretty badass actually. I wish Nebraska would do some special event uniforms. If they did, the West Stadium Grayhairs would self-implode
  6. I think we're good. Our offensive line has looked like it is progressing, and i have faith that the Pelini bros. will get the defense in line. It's better to have issues to address early in the year as opposed to halfway through the year
  7. So a guy can't state something real on here? Wow, I made 8 posts. I check in when I can, which isn't very often. Amount of posts doesn't equate to integrity
  8. Also, I've seen your posts on Journalstar.com....and you try to be a bully on there as well. Grow up
  9. ??? could you elaborate on this one? I think it's pretty clear I think it's pretty clear your goal here is to throw dirt on Raymond. You have six posts, three of which are about some allegation that Raymond was at an amateur strip event (as if that's somehow a bad thing???). This is the part where you post proof or go away. Unfortunately I did not take a picture.....so for that I'm sorry. Don't know why you are riled up, I am a Husker fan, and I would only post this if I knew it to be true. If you don't believe it, that's fine....I don't really care. I'm sure there were several other witnesses that night
  10. ??? could you elaborate on this one? I think it's pretty clear
  11. Maybe our Secondary coach should be doing film study instead of staying out at Amatuer Strip Night until 2 in the morning on a Wednesday night
  12. Maybe our secondary coach shouldn't be at Amateur Strip Night until 2:00 am on a Wednesday and should be doing a little more film study
  13. While I'm not going to cash in my chips, I will say that I want to see a sense of urgency. I've always been surprised that Bo's teams for the last two years look so undisciplined. I want to see a team that comes out with a purpose, and plays a clean, hard nosed football game.
  14. If Sanders was fired for something related to his night life, Carl better watch out.
  15. Why not make it super nerdy and make them the Dungeons and Dragons division. Or better yet, the Empire and Rebellion divisions. Not sure where I want Nebraska in that last one though. A red storm trooper does look pretty bad ass
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