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  1. Was Kade Warner hurt or did he just not make the on-field roster? Not that it would've mattered with the offensive we showed today. I am going to re-watch it later tonight but everything from coaching to the players to the turnovers, just unbelievably bad today.
  2. I am so disappointed by what I saw today. I've been looking forward to this day for 8 months and then to see such a poor offensive effort I give props to the D as everyone else is mentioning but I can't forget that South Alabama is not a good football team, heck, they have never had a winning record in their existence and were 3-8 last year. So if our offense struggles against a better team, I fear our D won't be able to win us the game again like they did today. The opening drive was so good and then it seems as if Martinez was stuck in quicksand. We should have been able to run all over
  3. I've been pleading for Frost before Riley was hired but this decision on the new AD makes me think we are all going to be wrong and possibly very upset. I bet they bring in a new HC that none of us had on our radar and it will be Callahan-Riley all over again. I pray I am wrong but something about this new AD makes me think we are in for more disappointment.
  4. Just saw that Gary Anderson quit as HC at OSU, and LEFT his contract and remaining money owed on the table. What a perfect time for Riley to do the same here at Nebraska!
  5. For anyone to say “stop living in the 90’s” is ridiculous. Having expectations that our current team should be able to compete and actually win games, even vs. teams like Wisconsin or Ohio State is what every fan should want (and our coaching staff too). We’ve taken a huge step back under Riley. As others have said, he’s toast at the end of the season, maybe even sooner if next week gets embarrassing. He looks absolutely lost on the sidelines and his lack of interaction with the players during games I think has been incredibly detrimental.
  6. I was trolling some UCF message boards and it sounds like Frost was a bit upset with the lack of crowd at the Memphis game. Only 34k in the stands and was pretty empty until mid-way through the first half. Posters on their message boards are all pretty much resigned to Frost leaving for Lincoln.
  7. When Riley was hired and brought over almost his entire coaching staff with him from OSU and started wearing the Husker "N" on his hats and shirts, it just didn't feel right. They had no connection to Nebraska but suddenly were Huskers? Maybe no one else feels this way, but for me, I want someone leading the team or even the athletic department that has ties to the state. They either grew up here or played for the Huskers and understand the traditions. I live in Arizona and every time someone stops me because I have my Nebraska hat on, you have this immediate connection and common ground.
  8. From someone who hasn't lived in Nebraska for a number of years but is still a HUGE fan, can someone enlighten me on why people don't like Trev Alberts or think he would be bad for this position? Has he done well at UNO?
  9. We should start a GoFundMe page to buy a billboard in the Orlando/UCF area with some catchy message for Scott!
  10. I guess I don't get the hype of a national search that will undoubtedly end up bringing someone in with no Nebraska ties who will then most likely hire a coach with no Nebraska ties. Haven't we already done this twice now with bad results? It's time to bring in an AD and HC that are former Huskers who understand the traditions, mentality, and life of being a student-athlete in Nebraska and can connect to all of us crazy-diehard-fans. Just my 2 cents.
  11. I would take a coach any day who actually shows some fire and enthusiasm during games (Bo) compared to what we have now (Mike) that literally stands 20 feet way from everyone with his hands on his knees. That's not coaching. Bo wasn't perfect and I don't 100% disagree he needed to go but people are way to harsh on him.
  12. Chumpy34


    I am with you 100%. That's the kind of football I grew up watching and obviously Nebraska did very well with it for decades. Funny how the replies above make fun of this post as if what we are doing now with Riley or even before with Bo was working so well??? I don't think we have to go back to the offense we had in the early 90's per say but would be nice to incorporate some of it and also have a QB who doesn't make like a statue when the o-line collapses and can run and scramble.
  13. 6. Nebraska is paying for a bad hire: Mike Riley is a good guy and a good coach, but he wasn’t the right hire for Nebraska. As schools tend to do when they don’t like the coach they fired, they went for the complete opposite, trading the high-strung and often abrasive Bo Pelini for the quintessential laid-back, West Coast good guy. At this point in Riley’s tenure, Nebraska should be better. Forget changing the culture or changing offensive systems or whatever excuse you want to use. You can’t lose at home to Northern Illinois in Year 3, as the Cornhuskers did Saturday, 21-17. Even worse, Nebra
  14. I just emailed him at ucffootball@athletics.ucf.edu and said I would help him move back to Lincoln
  15. So tired of his non-enthusiastic demeanor on the sidelines, even Holly Sonders said that in the first half, she didn't see any excitement or urgency from our players. Love him or hate him, at least Bo got his players and people excited from time to time. This staff needs to go and take the AD with them. Embarrassing.
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