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  1. Do they even keep track of pancake blocks anymore? They need to do that.
  2. There needs to be a spring football league to keep us entertained while we wait for real football to start again.

    1. teachercd


      The spring game is good but not enough! I want more excuses to party in Lincoln

    2. HuskerNationNick


      I hear you. Being 0-7 in Baseball has ruined my off season attitude. I was sure we would have something else to cheer for lol.

    3. sd'sker
  3. Ahman Green is the leading rusher in Green Bay Packer history. He had a good NFL career.
  4. With Ameer and Braylon next year we won't miss Aaron Green.
  5. Didn't they already say we're going to play again for the 50th anniversary of the game of the century?
  6. Is the official who said it wasn't a catch the same official who gave Wisconsin a first down without even measuring on that play just before Monttee Ball fumbled at the end? They reviewed that one and said he was a yard short but that official called it a first down right away.
  7. ~[ ●_● ]~‏

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    2. NUance
    3. Decked


      "" (^.^)-{Yolo! Im jumping!}

      " -[ ]-

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      After: (X X)




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    4. Decked


      That didn't work right darn.

  8. I wonder if he stays in touch with the guys on the Husker team.
  9. Isn't the guy who started this thread a Wisconsin Badgers fan? Troll thread.
  10. Beck didn't trash Martinez in this interview. Beck was just saying what happened. Beck praised parts of the game where Martinez did good things in other interviews.
  11. All this talk about a national championship. We have to win our conference first.
  12. Whatever it takes to get the ball in the receivers hands because we have really good receivers. If the California guy can make Taylor into a great quarterback then he is worth the money.
  13. The SEC can't think ESPN is out to get them. ESPN is part owner of the SEC isn't it? It would be like Texas thinking ESPN hates them. They can not argue that with sincerity.
  14. I heard that even if we get back to the point where we can be eligible to get into the AAU again we won't apply for it because we're mad about being kicked out.
  15. Words cannot express how impressive you are. It is a shame you never played for Nebraska Uncle Rico.
  16. You should just post "I don't like Bo Pelini" every single time you post. It would save time.
  17. When are you going to do something to renew our faith in you?
  18. Haha....awesome isn't it? Even better, then the genius claims that proves Bo is "disgraceful" and if you don't buy his BS scenario....then you don't believe we landed on the moon. Lol! The entertainment value here at HB is through the roof. huh? ...and huh? how did you read what I wrote and come to this conclusion? wow, haha...can't really even respond to you... It's almost as bad as making judgments about a person based on a google search.
  19. I will be ready to go when the Huskers take the field next year and the year after that until I die. Disappointment over our lack of success doesn't stop me from being optimistic. We've got to win our conference again sometime right? It might be next year.
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