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  1. Sounds like Sipple is leaving the Journal Star? For On3 possibly?
  2. There is a very clear issue with those of the Islamic faith in countries throughout Europe. You don’t have to look far to find plenty of examples. The terrorism in Sweden, and the blocking of an Easter procession in Spain, are just very recent examples. Pointing out the clear danger in Islamic ideologies (or at least the interpretation of the ideologies by a large number of Muslims) is not bigoted, and suggesting differently is moronic and an intentional effort to the avoid the obvious. The potential danger of the Islamic faith is obvious to most reasonable people, even popular figures on the left like Sam Harris and Bill Maher. Of course they’re not all bad, even most. But in this situation, the fringe isn’t small.
  3. Mass Immigration, especially from the Middle East, is never a good idea. Poor Sweden meant well.
  4. The mainstream media are arguably the most responsible for the political divide in this country. It is quite fun to watch them shake in their boots.
  5. How many years does Palmer have left?
  6. It’s hard to believe people are this stupid….
  7. That’s an incredibly dramatic breakdown of the texts in that CBS news video. Maybe there’s more to it. She seems to think Biden stole the election, but there didn’t appear to be any attempt to strategize, etc. It’s definitely a bad look all involved, no doubt there.
  8. Is there more to it? Or was that it?
  9. Maybe they should, maybe they shouldn’t. I just think they will.
  10. Did I say I wanted them, or did I say that’s what those get togethers with Congress are, more or less. Let’s leave it up to the OBGYN when he/she is filling out the birth certificate.
  11. I don’t need to define that, because we all know exactly what it means. It’s pretty clear, in almost every case. I’ve never heard of much confusion at the ultrasounds or when a baby is born.
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