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  1. Martinez is a good player, but his knack for untimely mistakes is undeniable. He's done it for 4 seasons now.
  2. I like Martinez the player, and even more so the person. But, he's prone to mistakes in the worst times. Fumble for a TD against Illinois, the bad pick in OT against MSU, the late fumble against Michigan, the completely unnecessary intentional grounding against Minnesota. The guy tends to shrink in clutch moments, unfortunately.
  3. I don't think Martinez is that much better than he was as a Freshman. He looked better in his first career game than he has in at least 2 games this season. In year 3, our best RB was a WR, and it year 4 our best RB is a QB, and it's not particularly close.
  4. Yeah, that could be a factor. You still have to try. The QB, RB, and Oline positions haven't improved in four years.
  5. If it were anyone else, it'd be an easy decision. Fire him. But, Frost is literally one of us, and I still believe he could be a pretty good head football coach. I'm okay with giving him one more year, but overhauling the offensive staff would be a stipulation if I was Alberts. Because he's a Nebraskan, played here, and all that, I want to make damn sure he can't do it before firing him. Give him year 5.
  6. Stoops at Kentucky is the closest one off the top of my head. It's a short list, for sure.
  7. It's getting really, really, really hard to make any defense for Frost. Especially when the best argument in his favor is probably "well, he came close to winning against those top 10 teams".... That argument might buy him some time if he wasn't also losing to Illinois and Minnesota.
  8. What an embarrassing performance from this defense. If Chins' situation can't inspire you.... Yeesh.
  9. I thought the defense would come out a little more inspired than this for their DC.
  10. It's almost like accountability and better decision making might matter in this discussion.
  11. One might have been, but my comment certainly was not. Accountability, and better decision making can, and will benefit anyone. There are so many reasons why loans are, or are not, give to people. Assuming the denial of a loan to a black person is because of race is.... Odd.
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