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  1. I'll have it down before his first carry.
  2. It was interesting for Lubick to say they've been rotating 5 backs, and then listed Irvin, Stepp, Morrison, Scott, and Johnson. No mention of Yant.
  3. I see a Martinez handoff to Irvin in there.
  4. That's most people's hesitancy, not just black folks.
  5. It's the most Nebrasketball thing ever that the only pick Woj didn't tweet out last night was the Raptors selecting Banton. But congratulations to Dalano Banton, anyhow!
  6. The most alarming parts of it are: 1) It's not surprising. -and- 2) There is an obvious expectation there that they believe that people will, and/or should take this pledge. It isn't a call for equality. It's a call for privilege. Which is ironic. The fact that this is thought to be part of the way forward for black people is, well, probably not good news for black people.
  7. Surely not? https://www.newsweek.com/group-sends-letter-pressure-white-parents-against-sending-kids-ivy-league-schools-1613695
  8. Exactly. The last thing you want to do is water down your league/revenue. The PAC 12 isn't going anywhere. You can grab half of them next year.
  9. I just hope that Texas ruins the SEC, somehow.
  10. Can't think of a single reason why the B1G would even consider Oklahoma St. https://sports.yahoo.com/big-ten-expansion-rumors-picking-042704509.html#click=https://t.co/iX3fjHhCdg
  11. If Iowa St ends up in the B1G, that'd be a huge win for the entire school/athletic department. It's an offer Iowa St should take immediately, whether OU and Texas leave, or somehow stick around. I certainly don't mean any offense by this, but I would hope the B1G is shooting a little higher than ISU, considering the only conference they're looking up at appears to be adding two of football's heavyweights.
  12. Lol. Ok. Not a Tucker Carlson guy, he's a moron, and definitely pumps agenda, and sometimes lies. But Don Lemon, for example, pushes his agendas and consistently plays loosely with the truth. It just doesn't bother you because you find his lies less offensive, or they fall more in line with where you find yourself politically.
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