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  1. What was dumb about it, exactly? I could see someone picking up on a little toxic masculinity, but dumb? I said it'd go differently in other parts of the country....and it certainly would.
  2. A lot of convenient cherry picking going on in here. I had to wait over 2 hours at our most recent local voting polls. There were a couple black folks waiting in line as well, so I guess that must of been why. I should of asked them while we were in line if they thought shorter voting lines would prevent some of the culturally-driven bad decisions made by those living in the inner cities.... The larger point I'm trying to make is: There is a lot of finger pointing coming from the black community, as to why they have so many issues within their communities. They (and most of you) blame white people.... I (and some prominent black people) believe that a lot of inner city communities need to get their own houses in order (literally is some cases) before pointing blame at others, who in most cases, have zero impact on their lives. Even if the modern oppression of black people wasn't a fallacy, it still doesn't make you: 1) Father children, and not take care of them. 2) Join gangs, and partake in illegal activity that you KNOW will land you in legal trouble. 3) Shoot/Kill your fellow minorities at an astronomically higher rate than whites (or cops) are killing minorities. But, I've been down this road with most of you before, so..... Back to the Football forums I go.
  3. The deflection of all personal responsibility has to be exhausting on that side of the aisle.
  4. Minority voter turn out has been increasing every election. A previous lack of interest is much, much more likely. Bottom line. If someone in this country really wants to vote, they can vote.
  5. It wasn't a story. It was a wishful thought, that stands zero chance of coming to fruition.... Bro.
  6. I wish I could get some odds from Vegas on their divorce after he's out of office.
  7. I would like to personally invite Seattle's new overlords to come and try and pull that s#!t in any rural(ish) Midwestern/Southern midsize city/town. Would. Be. A. Blast!
  8. For sure. I didn't think Biden stood much of a chance a couple weeks ago, but now? If the momentum from this keeps up into election season, I actually expect him to win. If voting numbers do climb, especially in the minority communities, it doesn't give much credence to the idea (excuse) that minorities were somehow prevented from voting in the past.
  9. Best guess is that it's some combination of ESPN's SEC bias, Kirk Herbstreit hating us, and Dan Beebe.
  10. One fan doesn't represent a fan base that numbers in the millions.... JD very much represents JD.
  11. 5-7 seasons aren't for everyone, I guess.
  12. Great topic. Perfect thread title. Thank you, @Moiraine
  13. Quite a few linked sources in there, but carry on.
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