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  1. If you are an HB sock, comment on this post. Definitely not a trap.

  2. Trump consistently does this. I don't call that leadership.
  3. B.B. Hemingway

    Frost & Asst. Coaches receive contract extensions

    AFTER A 4-8 SEASON????
  4. Who is she leading, and what has she lead them too? Late Night Shows don't count.
  5. I was not. Correct. She surely isn't anywhere close to that point.
  6. Incompetence disguised as trailblazing.
  7. B.B. Hemingway

    OLB Dylan Jordan

    Lol. What?!
  8. UNL has a Hockey team?!?!?!

    1. Cdog923


      A club team? Yes. 

    2. B.B. Hemingway

      B.B. Hemingway

      What's the difference?

    3. Cdog923


      Club sports aren't regulated by the NCAA. It's also not officially sponsored or supported by the athletic department. You can get more info here: 



  9. B.B. Hemingway

    New To The Board

    You've already contracted it by just mentioning the P&R forum. #Sorry
  10. B.B. Hemingway

    Kellen Moore QB [Boise State - signed LOL]

  11. B.B. Hemingway

    New To The Board

    Welcome to the board! Don't know why "lurkers" take so long to join the board! (Though, I did the same). The real christening takes place in the P&R forum. Enjoy!
  12. I wonder how many more years we're going to keep the best baseball player to ever live, out of the HOF?

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    2. krc1995


      @JJ HuskerWithout google, do you know where the name Charlie Hustle originated from? 

    3. JJ Husker

      JJ Husker

      I always thought it was because he had a lot of stolen bases and was one of the first to slide head first. But I looked it up and discovered it was earned in a spring training game when he sprinted to first base after a walk, Mickey Mantle and Whitey Ford said there goes Charlie hustle.


      I don’t care if he gambled on baseball or not, he belongs in the HOF.

    4. jaws


      I don't think Bonds was the best ever, but I wouldn't lose sleep over Bonds not getting in. I am a Reds fan and it doesn't bother me one bit that Rose isn't in the HOF. I do find it funny that it took this long to get someone in with an unanimous vote. I like Rivera, but if guys like Williams, Mantle, Mays, Aaron, Bench, Ruth, Young...etc. didn't get a unanimous vote, I don't know why Rivera did. It makes you wonder what goes through some voters minds during the voting process. 

  13. I made this comparison a few months back (somewhere in this forum), and I was run out of the forum for a few weeks. But, you're right.
  14. B.B. Hemingway

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    I was pretending I was mad at you, via a Michael Scott gif.
  15. B.B. Hemingway

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