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  1. I wonder if a Nebraska Athletics men's team will ever be good again. 

    1. man eating mastodon

      man eating mastodon

      Don't they have a decent to good wrestling team? Basketball always sucked and football ain't coming back to the glory days 

  2. I wish you the best. The things we take for granted, huh?....
  3. Honest question: Do you think that kind of profiling is unique to the white business owner?
  4. My wife lost her taste and smell back in the Fall, and had made some progress here lately before having a setback/change of some sort. She says that a lot of foods/products have started to have a chemically taste and/or smell. I find her regression a little baffling.
  5. "Woke" people seem to absolutely have a problem with white people partaking in, or providing commentary on, diversity or other cultures. Meanwhile, white folks, specifically southern white people, are routinely mocked in cartoons, movies, comedic material, etc. And I don't have a problem with that in general, but the double standard in that regard is what I find mildly laughable. President Obama has another clip where I speaks on wokeness/cancel culture and it's a spot on take.... Maybe I can find it.
  6. You can still carry the virus even after the vaccine, correct?
  7. On the HOL podcast Clouse said he seen Haarberg throw it 80 yds consistently. For comparisons sake.
  8. One of the more unique dumbasses in human history, I would guess.
  9. Because they are different. Better personal decisions would undoubtedly help the situation for those engulfed in a bad culture. Whether that's blacks in the inner cities, or whites in poverty stricken Appalachia.
  10. Oh yeah. Public pressure and/or the current climate of cancel culture DEFINITELY didn't play a role here. (wink wink).
  11. Or to ignore the double standard in Hollywood. The Mandalorian lady made a terrible comparison to the Holocaust and lost her job. Celebrities on the left have compared Trump to Hitler (also a comparison to the Holocaust, and equally as terrible/offensive) and they're celebrated.
  12. No. I think that some cultures are better at personal accountability than others.
  13. Yep. We agree on this 100% (except for the part about there being no way to break it). It's a vicious cycle in a lot of poor communities, not just black.
  14. Slavery was not unique to the United States. As unethical as it was, it was a worldwide issue. Reparations are grabs for political gains by politicians, and a money grab by citizens looking for a payday. There is no justice to found for slavery. All involved are long gone.
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