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  1. Anybody know where I can find a good hamburger helper recipe?

    1. JJ Husker

      JJ Husker

      On the box....?

    2. ZRod


      The back of the box?

  2. Cardigan, boots, stockings, leggings..... Yep.
  3. I knew a coach of a local kid out of Springfield, MO that had a foursome set up by GA's on his Florida visit. He had some..... nice pictures on his phone from that trip.... He was the #1 HS player in the country the year he came out, if anybody wants to do their own research and find out who he was.
  4. I need to follow your lead on the P&R forum.
  5. No kidding. Especially in the Fall. Something about the way women dress in the Fall does it for me.
  6. This feels like something my wife has said to me before
  7. I don't look down on what he said. I took no issue with it. But, I think most would agree that the Chinese people face a brand/level of oppression today, that blacks in America don't. I'll ask it this way. Do you think the NBA would have any hesitation taking issue with China on this if there was no financial impact at stake?
  8. I don't feel like it's that hard to come out against the Chinese government's treatment of their people, and the millions of Muslims that they have/had in concentration camps. LeBron and the NBA are taking money from the devil, more or less. They don't want that disrupted, so it's easier for them to ignore this brand of oppression.
  9. Its actually extremely easy to be critical of. There's zero correlation there.
  10. What does Jordan have to do with this? It does. And I'd say that's why most of them, outside of Enes Kanter (who has had some real struggles), aren't coming out against China.
  11. I was referring to LeBron's reaction to the (alleged) graffiti on his gate.
  12. Consistency matters here. If you're going to be outspoken against "oppression", than be outspoken against oppression. Nobody is beating down Jordan's door for thoughts on this, because he always avoided these subjects.
  13. I won't say Kaep wasn't blackballed by some teams, he definitely was, but he had contract offers (Didn't John Elway say be offered him one?) Some of the issue with Kaep is that his perceived baggage outweighed his talent.... If Mahomes (Or Jackson, Wilson, Watson) took a knee the rest of the season, he wouldn't be blackballed from the league.
  14. The kind of oppression found in China doesn't exist in the United States. I don't have a problem with him voicing his concerns about anything he perceives as oppression. And he's been very vocal, which makes his stance on all of this interesting.... Except not interesting at all, because it's blatantly obvious why he and others are sitting this one out. $$$$
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