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  1. It's pretty naive to believe that the national narrative about cops didn't lead to her calling him a murderer for simply pulling her over.
  2. Where do we get the Turner Corcoran "run the damn ball" hat?

    1. admo


      We can get it in 2004.  Or any year after that, when a pass play doesn't work. chuckleshuffle

    2. Xmas32
    3. GSG


      35 bucks?! f#&% that noise 

  3. Not great, but Nebraska will likely be fine at that position.
  4. I'm going to go out on a limb and suggest that Ohio St doesn't give a s#!t what Nebraska is doing in recruiting....
  5. Taylor might lose you a game, but he'd also go win you quite a few as well. Adrian needs to do more of that.
  6. That 4 (ish) year thread is one of the better things about this board.
  7. This program is bound to catch a break eventually. Yeesh.
  8. The updated quote to finish out our attic was $20,000+ higher than it was a little more than a year ago.
  9. Ah, okay. I thought I read they scaled it down. Good to hear.
  10. It's disappointing to see that they cut back on the scale of the project. Nebraska needs to be the standard in facilities. Every advantage possible, is needed to get this thing back on track.
  11. This kid could turn out to be great, but man, I wish the staff would recruit more QBs that can throw the ball well naturally (the kid from Kearney looks promising).
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