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  1. Sounds like Chryst and Co don't want to go with a 4th string Quarterback....
  2. Like I said, I think ignorance has a lot to do with it.... And, while some will scoff, I think there is a lot to the theory of the poor, white class feeling "forgotten". If you haven't already, read "Hillbilly Elegy", it is a great look into that mindset. Not all Trump supporters are racist pieces of s#!t, even if it may seem that way.
  3. It may sound that simple, but it's not. I'll agree that there does tend to be a lot of ignorance involved, but I know some really, really good people that support Trump, for various reasons.
  4. Yeah, it's almost like the conference wants an "I told you so" moment.
  5. It's a percentage of players and staff. I want to say one of the 1620 The Zone shows said it worked out it 5-7 players for Nebraska's situation.
  6. The door to the West just swung open for Nebraska. I hope they realize the opportunity.
  7. Not much. It seems that a large portion of the conservative base identify more as a Trump supporter, than a true conservative. Most of his supporters probably don't know who any of those people are. I know A LOT of people around my small town that never had any sort of political opinion before Trump's rise, and now it's all they want to talk about. I don't know what it's been like back in Nebraska, but in my neck of the woods there has been a "Trump Train" cruise nearly every weekend for a couple months now. On the election, it feels like it should be a landslide in Trump's favor,
  8. Just curious where you some of you think this election is leaning? Do we believe the polls this time around?
  9. So you think immigrants here illegally should count towards state representation in the House?
  10. Yeah, I wouldn't consider campaigning to be essential, but like I said, I imagine he and his immediate staff are tested often, probably daily. Maybe that isn't a safe assumption, but if it is they should be able to manage the spread within the room.
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