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  1. I originally posted the flight tracker stuff half-jokingly, but maybe there really is a little more smoke around Dave Aranda than I realized.
  2. Private planes from Waco and South Bend have landed in Lincoln within the last couple hours. Have there been any confirmed Dave Aranda or Knute Rockne sightings at Runza yet?
  3. Committing election fraud in front of a camera seems like a solid career move.
  4. Rep. Kinzinger has been saving that video clip for a special occasion just like this.
  5. Just remember, you can't spell Kevin Owen McCarthy without twit.
  6. I've posted these same stats before, but over the last three federal election cycles, the D's have netted nearly 50M more votes than the R's. But yet, here we are... 2016 House: 63,173,815 - 61,776,554 = 1,397,261 2016 Senate: 51,496,682 - 40,402,790 = 11,093,892 2016 Presidential: 65,853,514 - 62,984,828 = 2,868,686 2018 House: 60,572,245 - 50,861,970 = 9,710,275 2018 Senate: 52,260,651 - 34,723,013 = 17,537,638 2020 House: 77,545,341 - 72,877,981 = 4,667,360 2020 Senate: 44,106,711 - 41,958,212 = 2,148,499 2020 Presidential: 81,281,888 - 74,223,251 = 7,058,637 NET DIFFERENCE = 49,390,728
  7. I thought The Soulless Little s#!tgoblins were a '90s punk band? But I digress...
  8. I mean, I can't say I disagree with Graham on this one. But the idea of a US senator actively calling for the assassination of a foreign head of state... damn.
  9. Dang, apparently I should have gone to school in Indiana. Maybe then I could have opted out of phonics or math...
  10. Bill Byrne was often referred to as "Dollar Bill." What should Moos' nickname be?
  11. I'm still trying to figure out how they managed to cram that many people into Gregory Gymnasium. Were fans sitting on each other's laps?
  12. Just for reference, here are the ten teams that had the highest percentage of passing plays in 2021. Three potential OC candidates are represented on this list. It's pretty interesting how their play selection choices stack up... 1 Miss State 72.99% 2 W Kentucky 68.07% 3 Nevada 65.33% 4 Virginia 64.58% 5 Arkansas St 63.10% 6 Purdue 61.19% 7 N Mex State 60.88% 8 USC 56.49% 9 Troy 56.22% 10 Fresno St 56.16% https://www.teamrankings.com/college-football/stat/passing-play-pct?date=2021-12-07
  13. My top pick for OC - Tom Herman. I know, he's kind of a prick, and he'd probably only stick around for 1-2 seasons. But his offense is proven to work in the B1G (given with elite talent), and he might actually have the balls to stand up to Frost and not just be a pushover.
  14. I have no idea what Frost’s restructured contract is going to look like, but it definitely needs to be more incentivised than what he currently has. If I were in Trev’s shoes, the numbers would look something like this… Base salary of $1M Regular season bonuses (bonuses are cumulative) $1M bonus for winning 6 games (total salary = $2M) $200K bonus for winning 7 games (total salary = $2.2M) $400K bonus for winning 8 games (total salary = $2.6M) $600K bonus for winning 9 games (total salary = $3.2M) $800K bonus for winning 10 games (total salary = $4M) $1M bonus for winning 11 games (total salary = $5M) $1.2M bonus for winning 12 games (total salary = $6.2M) Postseason bonuses (bonuses are cumulative) $400K bonus for winning B1G West $600K bonus for winning B1G $800K bonus for making CFP $1M bonus for winning CFP semifinal $1.2M bonus for winning CFP final
  15. We need to sign some of those guys just for their names alone
  16. I'll take "Numbers Less Than 3" for $400, Alex.
  17. Massive loads of cash, plus the premise of being the "savior" of a blue blood program, and a lot of top-tier coaches will at least pick up the phone and listen.
  18. ^THIS^ Replacing Martinez with a more competent quarterback helps patch about 20% of the hole in our sinking ship. Until those myriad other issues are corrected, we'll continue seeing to 3- to 5-win seasons for the foreseeable future. And if Trev can't see this, then his time is Lincoln is going to be very brief.
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