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  1. He started 39 games on the O-line for Wisconsin, a Captain his senior year and was a 3 time Honorable mention for the All Big 10 Team. No idea on coaching or recruiting skills though...
  2. The bad accent is an omen for Kelly... dude will be dead on arrival I like the Freeman hire the most, I think he will do well at ND
  3. So since they forced 2 SEC teams in the 4 team playoff... yet again.... will this finally be the push they need?
  4. Definitely. The fake accent and all the flak he is getting is just a bad omen
  5. Once a Husker, always a Husker. Best of luck 2AM
  6. Korn/Joseph share the OC while being QB and WR as well? That could work... wait... Joseph doesn't have P5 oc experience... dammit
  7. Ron Brown makes the most sense at RB coach. He is experienced and proven. Every position he has coached has excelled
  8. I actually looked into this recently, looks like he was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease
  9. I don't know about the greatest, but its definitely up there with that bozo that Riley brought in as a Special teams coordinator... I can't remember his name but our special teams were a dumpster fire and he was making $500k a year
  10. With the way the season has gone, I can't say i'd be shocked if we managed to win this game while losing the remaining two but I voted for the soul crushing one score loss
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