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  1. I learned that I'm gonna miss Ozigbo when he graduates
  2. JoeHuskers!

    Depth Chart Changes

    Yep I sure was missing something!
  3. JoeHuskers!

    Depth Chart Changes

  4. JoeHuskers!

    Depth Chart Changes

    Maybe I'm missing something... but why isn't Morgan on the depth chart?
  5. JoeHuskers!

    Husker Dream Team ... On a Budget

    QB- Martinez $1 RB- Phillips $3 WR- Westerkamp $2 O-line- 83 $5 Defense- 09 $4
  6. JoeHuskers!

    What is your favorite Husker play of all-time?

    T-Magic vs Wisconsin, 2012 B1G Championship. Yes we lost the game... badly.... but that play just emphasized how special Martinez was/ could be
  7. JoeHuskers!

    Beyond the pale?

    This is the most ridiculous suggestion I've ever seen posted on this board. "Oh hey guys, it is my OPINION that HCMR didn't do squat while he was here.... let's ask him for about a years salary back... that seems like a good idea" Pffft, boo this man
  8. JoeHuskers!

    You know what would be an amazing thing to see?

    I agree... a TD would be nice
  9. JoeHuskers!

    My issues with the offensive line

    wouldn't surprise me to be honest, although he seems much worse this year than last
  10. JoeHuskers!

    My issues with the offensive line

    I have long suspected that some of the O-line don't like Lee, particularly Gates.... nothing to base that on other than what was talked about above and what I've seen during games
  11. JoeHuskers!

    Banker is Fired!!

    I agree with this. Worth looking into at least
  12. JoeHuskers!

    Proven Winners

    Well I know many on here (myself included) were calling for NU to go after Petersen after the 2013 and 2014 seasons had ended, and I do think we could have landed him if we offered enough money. You're wrong. Money talks. Always has and always will. You offer Saban 8-9 million a year, he would come to NU. A chance to turn around a program. Get a MNC at yet another school.... The simple fact he shows we get a top 10 class. Same with Petersen, Herman, Fleck, Calhoun, insert coach here........... Pay enough and guys would leave. Hell, I'd throw 7 million to Dabo and see what would happen.... I agree Lo...this is the nonsense I put up with in other forums on here from this poster. Rumor was that Texas offered Saban a $100million contract and he declined...
  13. JoeHuskers!

    Who will be the next DL Coach??????

    Beat me to it
  14. JoeHuskers!

    Former Huskers with a chance to be in Superbowl

    I think if they receive a ring, they count.