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  1. Dammit! turns out i was being generous about his receiving production
  2. Agreed, actually. I just don't think his receiving stats should even be brought up as a reason "we wont miss him". He never gave the position a chance and never played that many snaps there in the first place
  3. That being said, if he wants to play QB and refuses to switch then fine. Best of luck to him. Once a Husker always a Husker
  4. You don't seem to understand "potential". Everyone here knows that he would be better suited at WR than QB. If he had switched and stuck at WR I think its pretty obvious that he is an electric athlete and would have more than the 5 catches and 40 yards he had during the handful of snaps he played at WR/RB.
  5. Is this a thing this season? Or is it just in the winter/spring?
  6. So now the SEC, ACC, and Big 12 get a year of experience with no penalty while the B1G and PAC12 are sitting on their thumbs and probably not playing in the spring. Great
  7. This statement doesn't say anything about us NOT playing any non-con games
  8. NO BLACK FRIDAY GAME THIS YEAR!?!?!?!? Just another streak lost lol
  9. Yeah, just doesn't make sense to me
  10. Was just given an order to attack the Oregon territory... i thought we were mostly neutral with Meatchicken? Edit: the current map shows Oregon as a Michigan territory
  11. Managed to get my first MVP last night defending Wyoming!
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