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  1. i feel like we have seen these before....
  2. Randy Gregory... come on man

  3. Surprised to see no one mention the 2009 Big12 championship game
  4. I learned that I'm gonna miss Ozigbo when he graduates
  5. Yep I sure was missing something!
  6. Maybe I'm missing something... but why isn't Morgan on the depth chart?
  7. QB- Martinez $1 RB- Phillips $3 WR- Westerkamp $2 O-line- 83 $5 Defense- 09 $4
  8. T-Magic vs Wisconsin, 2012 B1G Championship. Yes we lost the game... badly.... but that play just emphasized how special Martinez was/ could be
  9. This is the most ridiculous suggestion I've ever seen posted on this board. "Oh hey guys, it is my OPINION that HCMR didn't do squat while he was here.... let's ask him for about a years salary back... that seems like a good idea" Pffft, boo this man
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