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  1. McCaffery out at Louisville

    1. TonyStalloni


      Longing to be back in Lincoln no doubt.

    2. ladyhawke


      Going to Rice down in Texas


  2. Randy Gregory... come on man

  3. Frank Solich gets fired on November 30, 2003. Bo Pelini coaches the bowl game. Five years later, Pelini is hired as Nebraska's Head Coach. Pelini was fired today, November 30, 2014. Barney Cotton will coach the bowl game. It would stand to reason that Barney Cotton will be named Nebraska's Head Coach in 2019. GOD HELP US ALL!!!

    1. Dr. Mantis Toboggan

      Dr. Mantis Toboggan

      Barney Cotton as head coach with Lou Holtz as AD. The dream team.

    2. C N Red

      C N Red

      Hey, I already took credit for Barney as next HC breaking news.

  4. diggin the Uniforms..... except the silver stripes and those weird shoes

    1. ShawnWatson


      So like mostly everything?

    2. Geaux Big Red

      Geaux Big Red

      I love them honestly. They wouldn't look near as good in the day light. The light bouncing off the silver looks kind of cool.

    3. Count 'Bility

      Count 'Bility

      And the helmets and the socks and the shade of red and.......

  5. I Have seen these disappointed KSU fans faces somewhere before LOL

  6. Saw a picture shared on Facebook of the Huskerboardout in California.... shoulder pads with white jerseys.... and white pants folded on top...... apparently was tweeted and then deleted

  7. Jay Z just signed Suh

    1. Redux
    2. Vizsla1


      Fired his agents? One step closer to Beyonce

  8. So apparently Shawn Watson is now Black... and the back up QB at Clemson...

    1. killer cacti

      killer cacti

      Kid's gonna be good.


  9. Saw this sign on Gameday: "Herbstreit uses a shakeweight" LOL

  10. Active shooter reported on base at Ft. Lee in Virginia

    1. NUance


      At 9:58 Ft Lee sent out the All Clear signal. At 10:00 the police arrived. (What's wrong with this picture?)

  11. Watching the 2014 Sugar bowl.... always good to see 'Bama lose, you guys

    1. killer cacti

      killer cacti

      Watched them Tigers whoop up on the Buckeyes earlier today!

  12. I hope Johnny Football stays for another year at least.... he is a lot of fun to watch

    1. beanman


      I hope he goes to the NFL. He'll get pummeled in the big boy league.

    2. HuskerfaninOkieland


      You have to wonder if Manziel will be the next Tebow.

    3. EbylHusker


      Manziel has the skill set to succeed in the NFL. The real question is can he keep it together mentally and adjust.

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    2. Vizsla1


      Thats a whole new tax bracket


    3. Ric Flair

      Ric Flair

      Texas literally has almost unlimited resources. If they wanted to pay Saban $30 million a year, they would easily be able to raise it. They're in a whole different stratosphere in terms of athletic finances than almost every other university.

    4. husker_99


      It would be ironic if Saban did go to Texas and Saban's coaching career took a downturn.

  13. watching Game day.... saw a sign that said "No Pelini is better than Bo Pelini" lol Haters

  14. what happened to Kenny Bell?

    1. NUance


      Didn't see him get hurt. But he's in street clothes now.

    2. JoeHuskers!


      Yeah I saw that... no one seems to know what happened

    3. husker07


      Bo found out he was Colter's bff and sent him to the doghouse.

  15. penn st. wins!

    1. NUance


      Meechicken. Ha HA! (in Nelson Muntz voice)

  16. Penn St. still alive!

  17. Well... The Tunnel Walk Of Shame should be interesting this week lol

    1. Count 'Bility
    2. JoeHuskers!


      Agreed, I only discovered it a few weeks ago.... and I've been dying ever since!

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