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  1. One thing we will never know, is how Bo would have fared if he would have had the support that from the administration that Frost did. Lots of different factors and its fun to speculate on what could have been with the ball bouncing the other way. sigh
  2. Nebraska's all whites against Colorados (mostly) all black would be cool
  3. Injury prone? he was here for a single season, I don't think a single injury classifies him as injury prone. Hell, I wouldn't necessarily classify Fidone as injury prone just yet either... we will see if he can remain healthy this season first
  4. It's nothing personal and probably more of a habit than anything from the initial coaching search, seemed like every time I came here to see if something had changed, or to get the latest info, every thread was filled with huge paragraphs from you, then a separate thread started on a slightly different topic with more of the same. lol I certainly have no room to talk about how one posts. I am more of a lurker than a poster here, clearly... my post count reflects that. I think if some of these paragraphs were broken up and each question was more clearly defined and separate, it might help. By all means, don't let me stop you
  5. I don't even read half the stuff he posts, just laugh react and keep scrolling
  6. Isn't there a "one time" transfer rule still in place for players that haven't transferred before?
  7. I am surprised by the Ellis news.... not so much with the Duval news
  8. I had to think about it for a minute... but all I looked up was the score as I couldn't remember the score, but I did know we beat them
  9. 2015 Foster Farms Bowl 37-29 over UCLA
  10. Don't you put that evil on us, Ricky Bobby!
  11. Does anyone know what Steve Spurrier is up to these days?
  12. Looks like Maher is headed back to Dallas
  13. So, with Warren's comment about the B1G being in four different time zones, does that hint that a Colorado/Utah/AZ/AZ st. could be added? Unless of course they are looking at Hawaii or Boise St? lol
  14. Man, 2015-present sure killed that percentage
  15. From what I understand is that the team is allowed to have only so much meeting time with the coaches ON CAMPUS. This essentially allows the team to have more meeting time/film study/game prep, as well as keeping everyone together and out of trouble the night before a game/leading up to the game
  16. So... how long do you think this new design would have been out and circulating before anyone noticed IF OWH didn't publish the story?
  17. I bet someone here is A LOT of fun at parties
  18. I thought Vedral only started because of 2AM injuries? I do remember him benching Martinez for Luke though...
  19. If Slovis is going to Pitt.... that open us more with Chubba Purdy? Our OC did meet with him the day before he was announced...
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