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  1. This staff is more interested in what kids can do versus how they "look", whether that's their ranking or build. In this case, one of the few standards is that he can move sideline to sideline and is a fluid athlete.
  2. I actually watched that interview last night and came away impressed once again by Austin. He's about his business and like the way he communicates. I also thought there were times where we needed to be more of a vertical running team, even though our IZ game was trash for the most part. It will help our entire offense(especially Martinez) if that can be improved. I really hope GA being in charge of the run game well see this.
  3. There's no need to be put down. These years have been hard on our fanbase. It's tough watching a team somewhat modeled after us have success by just being consistent. As for Frost, he's a very proud person, like most of us are as fans. I think the bumps he has taken has to make him wise up. I still like what we can do overall should this thing get put together versus what Wisconsin has done and the momentum they've gotten because of it.
  4. They've got a great thing going and their formula works. With everything, there are pros and cons of how they do what they do. The best thing they have going for them is that they will not panic and change what they are doing like we did with Petersen. Should they do so their grip they have would slip quickly. Alvarez was smart for knowing this as has built a near well oiled machine. I'm not ready to say Chryst will not get unseated, but they are trending in the right direction. I just want to see them go up against a Nebraska program that coaches, recruits and develops to it's best ability, which is something Wisconsin hasn't had to deal with from us yet. Remains to be seen if Frost is that guy.
  5. This is where I'm at. Easy for them to say that when one school isn't like the others. Also, Nebraska as a program is/ was in worse shape than the other three. All three have played(and won) a NY6 bowl game in the last four seasons and have natural recruiting areas they produce kids more often than not want to play for. I think while all schools need some semblance of stability, we see how delicate things are if you have the wrong coach, whether it be they just aren't good HCs(Bo/Riley, Helton, Golden, Strong) or they stop giving af (Fisher/Bo toward the end), especially for a place like Nebraska. Using Wisconsin again, it's why they are relatively the same program they have been all these years, and won't be much different going forward. They can't make notable changes like we tried to do over 15 years ago, otherwise they'll fall off faster than a spilled drink on a table. Nebraska needs stability/patience to turn things around, it also doesn't help Frost is still learning as a HC. We've seen that bite us at times the 1st two years. I agree if he can't turn it around the next 5 years, then I think we can "settle in" as a subpar program.
  6. I like it. I was thinking about this a day or so ago. I absolutely do not want Bootle at corner. Since he lacks ball skills to play corner in Chins' scheme, his lack of size really works against him imo. At times Lamar didn't but his length prevented some big plays. I do wonder who will play Nickle.
  7. I won't go that far but if anyone expects better than 5-2 pre-Ohio State, Purdue is a strong indicator. Granted games against Cincinnati, NW and Illinois have my attention. My hope is that Nebraska is at least 3-1 going into NW, relatively healthy and improving on a weekly basis. We'll see if it happens.
  8. This. Its definitely possible but there are enough questions to debate if it's likely or not.
  9. Also think Frost goes for FGs in that 30ish yard range instead of going for it on 4th down, where some of his 3rd down playcalling leading to that 4th down was questionable at times.
  10. Honestly I don't think he gets mentioned enough. If he can come in an make some sort of notable impact on the group, we'll be in a much better place. Of course it remains to be seen.
  11. We win Colorado, Indiana, Purdue and Iowa. Maybe even get up on Wisconsin some where Chryst had to throw a little more then you never know what happens.
  12. There were several games after Oct 5th where Nebraska not doing the little things killed any shot of a 7-5 season. Several fundamental errors in both Indiana and Purdue games. To me had Nebraska been better in the slightest of details, they likely beat Colorado, Indiana, Purdue and Iowa.
  13. I feel some of it is that Frost is still trying to build his roster as well. When depth and overall talent increase, I bet you see those numbers drop some. Maybe not bottom half but when things are more stable we could see a decrease.
  14. If he does, it will be to another Pac 12 school imo. He never seemed to want to leave their footprint.
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