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  1. It has to be Luke imo. Many of the short/intermediate passes AM missed on Saturday are absolutely vital to making the offense work. They all build off of each other to complement Inside Zone and the vertical pass game. Every time those passes are missed not only does it make the down and distance an obstacle due to sheer yards to gain, it allows LBs/Safeties to play downhill and not worry about having to cover the entire field. I really think the AM(or a better version) we saw at times during the 2018 is gone and will not be returning. It's very unfortunate.
  2. Totally could see that, even though I don't think they are the best fit. Upon looking at his profile, Reggie Bush is a Helix alum so there's that.
  3. Another thing he should consider, even if they(USC) switch up and offer him a spot on defense, it can't be too settling that its known publicly that they will fire Helton and his staff when the opportunity presents itself.
  4. Trust me, I know. I doubt they both do though, so this is a nice get.
  5. Huge for depth. Seems worthy of a scholarship.
  6. Mertz has a bright future and looks really good. Now that I got that out of the way, that Wisconsin run game just doesn't have the pop it had last year so far. Their receivers won't scare and elite back 7. Wisconsin's pass rush doesn't look as good as last year. Lastly, Illinois is a bad team. Hope we show up better next week.
  7. I think if either come its has to be a situation where they both come. Question is would Texas fall in line with the Big Ten everyone is equal(on paper model), especially having their own network(Albeit underperforming). I also don't think OU would come without Texas as they've hitched their wagon to them, and they have everything they need by being affiliated with UT. They'd follow Texas to Uzbekistan if they chose that's the place for them.
  8. Considering many of their fans feel QB is a big reason that they haven't, I play along....even though there are a few more areas they need an influx of top end talent in.
  9. No surprise. They are pinning a lot of hope on him....even though their receiver group won't scare a good secondary. I do think he's their best shot a CFP appearance, so again, the clock has started.
  10. Foot injuries can be tricky so I'd lean toward him not being available for their game with us. Yes, Mertz hasn't played much and did have several offers from top programs. While he played very well in San Antonio, he will not have the relative talent at WR at this level of competition he had then. They have very high high hopes for him.
  11. This is where I'm at. The clock has started.
  12. I'd be interested in that as well. He's not getting a lot of opportunities, but at the same time I don't feel he's their best receiver at all.
  13. 653 in '12 and 503 in '13
  14. I believe Delancy is 0 now.
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