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  1. Treand3

    Colorado Rewatch

    Yep. Running the ball and their type of offense doesn't allow an opposing offense to gain rhythm.
  2. Check that point total after the half.
  3. Treand3

    What did we learn? (The Rocky Mountain Low Edition)

    I feel a little Humble Pie is needed. The preseason projections have made some seem to forget that this team has been 4-8 the last two seasons. I think the team, coaches included, have bought into them at least some.
  4. Treand3

    Faint Hope

    Don't think there will be that dramatic of a turn around but if the coaches and players can learn and apply it to the next few games, they will be fine. A lot to correct still.
  5. Treand3

    What did we learn South Alabama?

    I long for a situation like this and we're not there yet. Nebraska needed a B+ type of game to beat Colorado and couldn't get it. Hope we can get to a point where a handful of mistakes will not derail things like they did yesterday.
  6. Yep improved team but let's see where they are after going through a B1G schedule. You just hope Nebraska improves over the coming months where it won't matter as much. Terps look good though.
  7. Treand3

    Can a lowly Vol fan please be a Husker?

    You're spot on. They still recruit well considering, so it's just bad coaching/instability/development that's plaguing them imo.
  8. Treand3

    Can a lowly Vol fan please be a Husker?

    I have nothing against UT, especially since they eerily mirror Nebraska in the last 20+ years. There was a time when the Vols made a living off kids from GA that UGA didn't recruit.
  9. Treand3

    Backups come up Big

    Next weekend's game is tailor made for Domaan.
  10. Treand3

    What did we learn South Alabama?

    Many forget, or don't realize, we're near the bottom of returning starts of all on college football. Sure they played bad but between Hixon, Jurgens, Wilson and Will there wasn't a lot of experience.
  11. Treand3

    *** Official South Alabama Game Thread ***

    JD also got hit with a blindside block. Questionable no call though.
  12. Treand3

    RB Marvin Scott III [Nebraska Commit]

    That's the plan to take two. Both Scott and Morrison would be nice gets, and would fill specific roles.
  13. Treand3

    OLB Kaden Johnson

    The latter is what I'm thinking is delaying a decision. There's plenty of time for one of those schools to evaluate him and offer if they miss on one of their prospects over the course of the season.
  14. Treand3

    OLB Kaden Johnson

    No doubt they'd clear room for him. I am just surprised at the lack of variety in a small class. Taking him would take away from places they need to get better at to compete on a true national stage.