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  1. Treand3

    D-R Teriyon Cooper

    Whoever takes over for Lovie will have a decently talented roster...
  2. Treand3

    Changes on offense 2019

  3. Treand3

    Worst CFB Hires of the Past Decade

    It's bad enough we're associated with someone on this list.
  4. Treand3

    S Noa Pola-Gates [Nebraska - Signed LOI]

    Not arguing that at all. I think we'll have some too.
  5. Treand3

    S Noa Pola-Gates [Nebraska - Signed LOI]

    I actually agree with this. Wisconsin's '19 class is the culmination of going 24-4 in two seasons(one undefeated regular season), 2 NY6 bowls, 2 competitive CCGs and a bit of national hype. Despite all of that, the best they'll do is 26th(may finish closer to 30). Its admirable they were able to secure two top 100 type players(I'd argue Mertz is more of an outlier for them than Brown, who Wisconsin fortunately was able to gain a commitment from before other schools caught on). Nevertheless, they are more about evaluations and development moreso than recruiting. Nebraska, on the other hand, will have two classes in the top 25(This year in the top 20) after back-to-back 4-8 seasons. Imagine if Nebraska had similar on-field success, top 15 is a guarantee with a chance at top 10 if things fall right. The caveat before was that Nebraska signed similar classes on paper, but either they weren't properly balanced in filling needs or they weren't developed to reach their fullest potential. Think those two things will be less of an issue going forward. Look forward to seeing how things shake out between the two.
  6. Treand3

    WR Charles Njoku [UCLA - Signed LOI]

    Nah, Nebraska was on top because he didn't have a UCLA offer prior to visiting. Good luck to him.
  7. Treand3

    Returning Production: B10 West (2019)

    Wisconsin loses Dixon at safety, but should be improved in the secondary. Just have a difficult time seeing them replace the production of Edwards, Connelly and Van Ginkel at LB... at least immediately. Sagapolu will be missed as well, though I do understand he was injured for at least the last 1/4th of the season.
  8. Treand3

    *** 2019 Recruiting ***

    We struggled getting pass rushers in a 4-3. Just my opinion, it's too early to feel we need to go back to a 4-3. OLB is one of the most difficult positions to recruit, however, depending on what happens this cycle, the staff will have signed a 4* OLB in back-to-back cycles. It would've had 2 last cycle had Jean-Baptiste not flake out at the last minute.
  9. Treand3

    *** 2019 Recruiting ***

    Bingo. Explosive edge rushers are at a premium and the top programs seem to get their pick of those that are available. It doesn't matter if it's a 4-3 or a 3-4. Outside of elite OTs, edge rushers are gold in football.
  10. Treand3

    RB John Bivens

    Looks like a balanced RB group.
  11. Treand3

    OLB Steven Parker [Kansas - Signed LOI]

    Well...not like Lawrence was tropical oasis this weekend either. Exact same conditions. This decision has got to be about fit and the direction of the program.
  12. Treand3

    Do we need top 5 classes to be successful?

    Of course we do, but any practical fan knows a lot goes into even getting to that stage. Even for Bama and Clemsom, who are both obviously a cut above the rest of CFB. I think in a perfect world Nebraska could land a top 10 class i.e. loaded Midland talent, 6-8 high caliber national kids and a 5 star prospect. Top 5 would be tough. Frost said himself top 20 classes with development were his ticket. With a higher profile with an upward trajectory, top 10-15 classes are attainable imo. Development is a non-negotiable item. You just want to give yourself a legit chance at winning in Indy and being able to hang in the semifinals, letting the chips fall where they may. We got a ways to go to say the least.
  13. Treand3

    Do we need top 5 classes to be successful?

    Its definitely a balance. You can have a great defense but if you don't have at least good QB play with explosive skill players at RB and WR(Diverse attack), you will struggle against teams like Bama and Clemson.
  14. Treand3

    Do we need top 5 classes to be successful?

    They are not explosive on offense whatsoever either. Their scheme limits them in aspect.