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  1. Between this and the fact he played behind a couple of D1 teammates, I think his ceiling might be fairly decent. His work in the long jump, especially where his is encouraging.
  2. I was gonna posting that! I know we've seen some very low points here, especially in the Big Ten, but I could never see us claiming a Co-Divisional championship. We'd claim a division championship but I feel we would only revel in it for a split second. I feel other schools make a big deal of success in the west, which I understand to a point, but the focus should be beating the teams in the East eventually imo. In Minnesota's case, guess you gotta start somewhere. Nice season they had though.
  3. I actually found out recently myself.
  4. I don't see William's returning for '21. He's older and probably would like to get started playing professionally if he can. I believe he recently graduated as well.
  5. Yep. Big time program down here. Have been producing D1 athletes for well over a decade.
  6. I really think it will. In reality, this program has been unstable since, "If they wanna fire me then fire me." Maybe even a little before that.
  7. To that point, unlike LSU's D Coordinator and his staff, I feel this staff will over recruit its roster. Which will force those that are dead weight to move on. Whereas BP allowed kids that didn't contribute stay on scholarship. He also routinely did not fill his classes. This staff is almost always going to take its maximum scholarship allotment every cycle(+3 included).
  8. Agree. Think Buford and Webb look more like CBs.
  9. Would agree here. In HS they had options and likely feel the same way. It usually gets better if the program is winning big bowls and sending players to the NFL, so waiting their turn is justified in their mind.
  10. I think that aspect is important to allow Nebraska to have a complete roster that lacks holes. Since being in the B1G, we've been guilty of retaining players for their entire eligibility even though they were never going to significantly contribute, I can look at most of these kids and see their potential down the line. If they don't reach their projection, they will be eventually asked to move on, which is different from other staffs. If it's a non 4 star prospect that turns out to be a starter by their RS So season I'm good with that. I feel if Nebraska had it's way, it would employ a mix of RS Jrs and Srs and talented true Sophomores and Freshmen as contributors. As for the 4 star DBs, once we start winning they will come even more abundantly and stay for that matter. My philosophy is, you don't need them to reach Indy but you do need them to win that 1st Saturday of December. It's been proven time and time again.
  11. I too feel there is some unfair projection on what this class will offer down the road (Even though it's not over), and Nebraska's ability to compete at least within the division. No it might not have the star power of its succeeding classes, but we are also deprived of our most valuable asset in recruiting, on campus visits due to the pandemic. No we don't have a 10-2 regular season to help alleviate things like Minnesota or Wisconsin in a situation like this(Even thought they both recruit a bit different than we do), but I also think we can get much more out of a strong season than all our divisional counterparts. I don't think we are all that far off from showing tangible improvement, call me crazy, but Nebraska's 4-7 and 5-7 seasons are the result of finite things that can be fixed. Last year I can only think of a couple games where Nebraska looked like they didn't belong on the field with the other team(Might even debate one). Every other game was a mistake here, a mistake there and all of a sudden you're staring at a loss. All in all, taking a step back on paper and not signing a sexy class isnt the worst thing in the world, especially when we can't use the visit experience, long as the signees get developed and can fit within the team's framework. We have solid options at LB, OL, RB, WR and QB that aren't going to be counted on to produce right away(That's for the '19 and '20 class to do) and we're almost never guaranteed to undersign like Pelini constantly did or in Riley's '16 class. Now if we're still recruiting top 30 classes after this cycle, with the benefit of vists, then I might agree with some here, but we don't need top 15-20 classes to get to Indy, we do to legitimately challenge OSU(Not hoping for them to have an off game or them overestimating their opposing team because they beat them earlier in the the year) and have a shot at the CFP, but not to beat Wisconsin, Iowa, Minnesota and Purdue imho. Apologies for the long post.
  12. Right. We lose Stoll after '20. Then Vokolek and Allen the following year.
  13. Truly been the difference in not being a solid team.
  14. I sure did. From all accounts, KG looks ready to get his career in Lincoln started. Not worried about him leaving whatsoever. Looking for him to being one of our next All Conference LB selections. Greene is a country boy from North Florida and doesn't have some of the high maintenance tendencies the others have, for better or for worse.
  15. He's got the size the staff is looking for at ILB too.
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