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  1. Cost us our best chance at a conference championship this past 20 years.
  2. Not getting them has cost us a couple of games imo.
  3. Definitely think it was a mistake picking Wisconsin based on offensive fit. Special-Special Teams talent. I look for him to play closer to home.
  4. Tech could certainly pull in a few more guys but their admissions/class load aren't the most conducive to running a big time football program.
  5. OLB, particularly the Boundary types, need to be bigger types like the one you mentioned to have to meet the demands of taking on OTs in the run game.
  6. This is so heartbreaking. Wasn't able to be a kid carrying too much on his shoulders.
  7. It's what a lot of people don't realize. Miami has been average to bad on offense for the last few years. Going into the bowl game they ranked 99th in total offense.
  8. So many things can happen between now and '21, so I don't get caught up in schedules that far out. I'm simply looking at what our team could be versus our current state. Our depth will be a lot better in many places by then, especially in the front 7 and at OL. If things stay status quo, then I agree, but for me I'd like to think we'd be a better overall program in two years. I agree that things could be better from a W/L standpoint, if you're just looking at where we are now compared to other teams.
  9. He played NT against Wisconsin too.
  10. Almost certain some guys will be moved down into the box. Also it shouldn't be undersold how much of an impact this will have on special teams.
  11. Agree. The Atheltic Dept probably needs to draft a raise in his contract.
  12. Oh well. Now Frost has to work on getting him isolated on Duck-Rs and WRs.
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