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  1. Not ready to vote but Louisville should be added.
  2. Yep. If we compare the last San Antonio QB we signed, if you went off of his HS film, you saw a composed QB that completed many deep passes. What most didn't consider was that he played on a state championship caliber team (OL included) that masked a lot of his deficiencies as a passer. Whereas we see several clips of Torres making plays that the aforementioned QB struggle to make as a 5th year SR with a much less talented team. Should we be fortunate enough to sign RT, it would nice get imho.
  3. Tim Beck may continue to haunt us. Several years after he left our QB room a complete sh*tshow. He may have Morris leaning his way.
  4. Another reason Morris wasn't as high of a priority for them. They got their guy they wanted.
  5. Think he transferred to Pace Academy after his sophomore year but injured some time during his JR year.
  6. Venables....so annoying
  7. I think he didn't perform well at a camp and he is is coming back from a knee injury I believe.
  8. I don't think he is as high of a target for FSU that he once was; No disrespect to him at all. Unless he wants to stay in his region (i.e. SEC) I think this may be good for us.
  9. Penalties are the biggest issue I have with the OL. They have routinely ended promising drive that could've given our fragile offense confidence.
  10. Just as long as they wrap up but like the attitude as well.
  11. Yep. Wisconsin had Michigan these last few years as it's crossover but we'll have Michigan for the next 6 years and they'll have OSU.
  12. That was my only issue with what he did. Not that he will chose another school, if that's what he truly wants to do. If you want to experience something different, by all means do so and live your life. You don't have doctor up excuses why you want to do something else that alienates a large number of fans and burns bridges in the process. Many will actually respect you for not dragging things along.
  13. Agreed haters come in all walks of life. I personally am not moving back to the Midwest/Heartland ever again, but I never knock anyone that does. You can be in such a hurry to leave what you know but then you realize how important where you came from is. I personally think someone got into Woods' head and he's convincing himself completely turning his back on NU is the right thing to do. That said I'm excited for Jones and think he'll bring a size and speed element where it won't matter which B1G DB grabs and clutches onto him mid route.
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