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  1. Yep Chins has only been a DC for 3 full seasons. I too see a lot of stumbles. He needs to grow in a hurry so Frost isn't put in a position where he has to choose between him and the success of the program. Wisconsin hired experience while Leonard was growing. They also had the LBs to transition to a 3-4 too. Gotta say Andersen for the short time he was there left the Badgers some gifts.
  2. Next week won't be pretty but I'm sure most will watch anyway. I'll take in the beating.
  3. Likely checking making sure his commits are strong. I like what he's bringing in.
  4. Wanted to go to the game but wasn't fighting through that traffic.
  5. Waiting for something that he doesn't have yet imo.
  6. Completely agree. 3-4 defense will not work if your LB play is shaky. By far the most important part of the scheme.
  7. Needs to add weight but he's go the foot speed and range needed to play boundary OLB. He'd be a nice get imo
  8. That's nice and all, but our defense isn't capable of being that sound. Let alone being as talented.
  9. Will be a loss make not mistake about it. Just feel he was looking for more than what Lincoln could provide.
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