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  1. The wind has been blowing in Nebraska's direction.
  2. All good. Agreed that he's the type of talent that could elevate a program.
  3. I am not. They simply offered the QB, one that's in their backyard. Dylan, at times has lamented on his relationship with the Georgia staff that has been built over the last couple of years; They were his 1st offer IIRC. Lastly, I never said UGA couldn't or shouldn't recruit 2 QBs, in fact I get it. Their room is very thin and I wouldn't be surprised if they took a transfer. My point is that Georgia doesn't offer an in-state kid they've known about as their 2nd QB if they were confident about DR, who've they've been recruiting for a long time.
  4. I've heard/read that UGA is planning on taking two(They already have one) but it's a pretty significant development for anyone that doesn't think Dylan and Nebraska is going to happen.
  5. I really think UGA should be compared to USC in the early 2000's. More so than our 90s teams. That said, I didn't hesitate to pick Nebraska in the poll.
  6. They're not getting Evers, Mordecai or Williams without putting the ball in the air much more than they have. Sure they'll still be run oriented but they'll be easier to prepare for because they'll be more like everyone else.
  7. Yep and I hope Nebraska employs the QB run game going forward.
  8. Again. People that say OM is a better job are only looking at things because of where they are on the map and that they are seemingly rolling right now. You wouldn't have to tell Nebraska fans twice to show up for a ranked team, let alone for one that has been bowl-less for the last several years. Yes, the clarion ledger post. I was a little off on the numbers. Yes Kiffin's salary is mostly from private donors.
  9. He's gone on record saying that. Though I'm unsure if that's going to happen anytime soon. That said, OM's NIL is behind a lot of schools in general.
  10. Due to state law, Mississippi state employees can only have a maximum of 4 year contracts. The most he will make in one year is 7.5 mil. Any other school outside of the state can offer more per year with a 5th/6th year. Plus Kiffin has been frustrated with NIL, particularly after losing Arch to Texas, where Thompson has said Nebraska has a better NIL collective. Again not saying he's the guy.
  11. Other than each school's current state would it be a step down. Nebraska has a bigger budget, better NIL, fan support and is not in a conference where if things are in order, would be at 8th in the pecking order. That's not even counting OU and Texas. Ole Miss' recruiting hasn't been much better, some years it's been worse. Any location advantage OM has is eliminated by other teams in their conference, with better resources, that take their in state talent. I too am not saying he's the guy either.
  12. Let's just say after that very game, Nebraska was used to generate better fiscal opportunities...at least that's what the rumor is.
  13. Even though I don't think it will be Meyer, nor does it need to be. I'd take Meyer fyi. Just a guy that understands recruiting the Midwest particularly for OL, DL and LB but employs a staff that can attract skill.
  14. Depends on what "win now" looks like. If we are simply talking about bowl eligibility or 7/8 wins its absolutely possible with the right staff out the gate. If we are talking about being legitimate championship contenders within the big ten, that will take a few years. This is assuming the staff can maximize on field success and parlay that into recruiting wins.
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