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  1. That would seem like the way this is going to play out. Why participate in football workouts if you weren't planning on returning to football?
  2. Think the thing here is he's got excellent size and some D1 experience. If he's able to step in and provide some good reps, we won't have to rely on Daniels' conditioning. Which I hope is much improved. Also allow Robinson to play more DE.
  3. Selling program trajectory and Pruitt is a very good recruiter. Him being from Alabama made this easy imo. They are at 24 but won't sign everyone committed. Good news is they can only take so many commitments now.
  4. This is where I'm at. Regardless of what happens with other targets he should be a take.
  5. I'm hoping Frost puts more responsibility on them so he can look at Special Teams and the defense more (Especially LBs).
  6. He's been all over the place. Forgot about him to be honest.
  7. Two different schemes, obviously. I personally think Iowa is better equipped to play spread teams defensively, and Wisconsin against straight ahead power teams. Austin having more say in the offensive game planning will pay nice dividends imo.
  8. That screen game is vital to moving LBs/Safeties out of the box. Pop a few screens for positive yardage and those guys start having eyes toward the perimeter, and it creates a more advantageous numbers situation in the box. Like you said, our receivers/TEs were atrocious blockers when screens were called. It also didn't help Martinez having his worst passing percentages on those type of throws. The other part is that our OL was just flat bad at blocking Inside Zone, but it works off of the screen game and vice versa. I also think how Wisconsin plays was tailor made for Mills to have the game he did. If they faced more team that could attack them that way, their defense wouldn't look as sterling as it always does imo. Chryst's post game sideline interview showed how relieved he was that the game was over, and it has stuck with me since.
  9. Can't let this one get out of Nebraska... at all. I would actually be pissed versus being annoyed over Dickerson or Johnson.
  10. Nothing factual to base it off of, but I think things are setting up perfectly for ND to hire Fleck away. Although Kelly has been rather successful, I do feel the marriage with ND is coming to an end in the next few short years. Fleck's buyout is considerably lower after this season, and will continue decrease thereafter. They offer all of the checks that would draw him away. A midwestern school that can recruit nationally, a partial ACC schedule that will get him into the south much easier than trying to recruit to Minnesota(Annual USC game to appeal to CA kids) and a huge budget. Not saying it's a guarantee but things are shaping up nicely imo. I previously thought the job could've went to Urban but I think its USC or NFL if he comes back to coaching at all.
  11. Smith-Marsette has been getting busy, but I really think KJ is just choosing to go the contrarian route. Also, if KJs interest was dependent on Walters being at NU, then oh well. Our WR preparation was lacking and our offensive game plans were suffering.
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