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  1. We also have to always come away with points when getting to the redzone. That TO on downs in the 1st was huge. Like you said though, you can't give cheap points to a team that likes to control clock and being content with 2-5 yards a carry.
  2. For Manning, you hope its consistent and Mickey is still mentioning him 1st 3 weeks from now. Manning taking the lead on a spot is great for the season.
  3. Absolutely the little details will make a huge difference. I'm not sure what's so funny about what I said, when you are losing games by single scores, it's due to not executing finite details and less about recruiting. Recruiting has little to do with coming out flat against Illinois - where your 4th year captain fields a punt at his own 5 yard line, another 4th year player earning a taunting penalty in the same game or not making Illinois use their TOs to go into the half tied at 9, your punter kicking in the wrong direction in East Lansing, not electing to take 3 points in your opening drive against Michigan, your ST unit giving up yet another KO return for a TD(see '19) or your 4th year capitan on defense refusing to actually tackle Brelon Allen giving up a long TD in Madison or your punting unit giving up a blocked kick against Iowa. Of course there are moments when your kicking unit can't make FGs (OU), AM fumbles the ball against Michigan in the waning moments or throws a whopping 4 INTs against Purdue, takes an ill advised safety in Minneapolis or we just don't have to pass rush to get to Stroud but recruiting isn't the reason we are bowl-less these last 4 seasons.
  4. Absolutely. The less opportunites you give the opponent to score, the higher chances you have to win on the things you mentioned including field position. This is enhanced if you as an opponent are mistake prone and are unable to put pressure on this approch by scoring TDs. Most offenses in the West don't have the vertical ability to stress weaker secondaries that usually get exposed in Indy. Granted you still have to be able to hold up in the run game and not give teams chances with turnovers. Winning the divison is usually the team that has the best run defense, the least TOs and can play the best field postion while having a prodcutive run game. We all know it isn't enough to win the whole thing as Iowa was eventually out talented by Michigan, NW by OSU and Wisconsin, who needed several mistakes by OSU to even be up at halftime in '19 even lost by double digits . None of these team could apply pressure offensively. As far a luck is concerned, we don't need it imo. Focus on the basics to meet where most of these teams are and then let your talent shine. As you mentioned, this conference will force you to be fundamentally sound or you'll pay more often than not.
  5. I hear VJJ may not be safe either. We'll also lose Manning and Martin after this year and depending on how the season goes for Palmer he may not be around long. 5 definitely isn't out of the question. Yeah the last successful recruited WRs were Morgan and Speilman. What makes it different this time is that Mickey's track record is much better than Walter's and Lubick's.
  6. This. Also, if anyone notices, when they do have 4* (or higher) commits in their classes, they usually are OL from those areas with a LB or two as well; The Pennsylvania kid is somewhat of a legacy as he has an older brother on the team. It's the main thing they have on us from a personnel standpoint. There is a quote out there by Gunita stating he wanted Nebraska to focus more on securing kids from the region which I feel is needed. They are more likely to commit, stay committed and stay in your program allowing development and continuity where Wisconsin thrives as they have a very low rate of transfers. Between Nebraska, Colorado, Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri and South Dakota we can find similar OL talent needed to close that gap Wisconsin has built up to. Where we will always have an upper hand is the ability to attract skill, that will look better with good OL play, that Wisconsin will continue to struggle with by virtue of their style.
  7. Right. He's done well. If anyone is wanting to see more HS results, we'll land some this year. It might not be the kid this thread is about but he will help us. Plus you might not really see it until '24 when he's had a chance to build a relationship with kids recruiting for Nebraska. It would really help if there are more wins behind it as well.
  8. It's all good unless he gets beat out by Arch but Ewers has a year to establish himself.
  9. You could be right but point isnt the quantifiable part you mentioned but the how. Yes OSU does a lot of damage on the ground but they overwhelm you vertically with superior talent and mutiple receiver sets, thats what i think he wants but he doesn’t quite have the personnel to do it. Whereas their biggest rival, Wisconsin, is limited in how they can attack vertically outside of the rare alpha receiver they get and their usual TE. He wants the ability to be mutiple which is what OSU is. What I will give you is that he invests heavily in the OL whether it's traditionally or in the portal and in big RBs.
  10. He's really good at the persuasion and charisma. It's really helpful he's at Minnesota as well. I know he wants to operate on a more Ohio State approach (Use a more wide open offense) but being at Minnesota is also a reason why it will be difficult.
  11. I see people harping on his footspeed all the time but is it all that much important if he's functional in short spaces while forcing OLs to commit more than one blocker on him? Due to him overwhelming the guy across him.
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