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  1. gbr93

    WR Tommy Bush [Georgia- Signed LOI]

    We may be full at WR by then. I don't see us as a major player here anyway. Certainly not now. It'd be a good get for the height but as someone else said, that might be more of our TE's role now. Definitely full up unless a home run player comes our way I'd think You really don't think this guy is a home run type player? With this guy's size and speed I have him at the top of my WR board right next to Joshua Moore. I really do think that even if Moore commits on June 18th, we would still take Bush later on if he wanted N.
  2. Why would his offer be uncommittable?It almost assuredly is not. Apparently not high enough on our board.Doesn't make any sense. Why would we offer him during his sophomore year of high school if it isn't going to be committable? You would think we would take a little more 'wait and see' approach if we're not totally sure of the kids talent and projection, especially for a sophomore.
  3. I would bet a lot of money that if you did a study on popularity for the 'big 3', where the only participants were high school recruits, that Adidas would be the most popular right now.
  4. Why would his offer be uncommittable?
  5. gbr93

    OT Chris Bleich [Florida - Signed LOI]

    I'm questioning if he's what we need at OT right now. I was kind of leaning that way too. What are your reasons? Seems to be a tweener that would be better suited inside, more of the same we already have on the roster. We need a guy that is a pure OT in a bad way. Side note: I think Jameis from last class is one of those guys. This guy looks like a pretty good RT prospect to me. Great run blocker with decent pass-blocking technique. He doesn't have the athleticism to be a LT though, so hopefully we can find a game changer there in this class.
  6. gbr93

    S Bryan Addison [Oregon Commit]

    Rumor on USC's 247 was that SC was actually still pursuing him pretty hard, but he was turned off by their depth at safety.
  7. gbr93

    Spring Game Attendance

    Going to be well over 75k I think. Record is around 81k, we might challenge that.
  8. Scout article saying he listed Mich St. as his leader recently, but after visiting USC this last weekend and the comments he made about that visit it seems like he is headed to USC.
  9. I really think this kid projects better as an OT/OG after watching his film.
  10. gbr93

    Ed Morrow Transferring

    I think Thurman would be a good replacement if we get him, presuming he doesn't have to sit a year. (not sure if we are even an option for him)
  11. I saw this tweet earlier. Why do people think he's talking about Bookie?Bookie recently said he had a top 5 or 6, but it's pretty well known that it's down to us and UCLA basically. Add in the fact that Tristan is good friends with him, and the bones emoji, it all adds up pretty clearly.
  12. gbr93

    2017 Spring Game visitors

    Also add Calvin Avery please.
  13. gbr93

    2017 Spring Game visitors

    Add Michael Thompson, Draco Bynum, Chris Bleich, Jalen Redmond, Stephen Blaylock, and 2019 CB Chris Steele.