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  1. I don't think there is a whole lot of individual coaching and individual drills that goes into special teams as compared to positions. There's some for the kicker/punter/long snappers/fielders but beyond that I can't think of any individual work to be done. I think it would be group work? Special teams wouldn't have a lot of plays to learn and techniques to apply as compared to positions. I am guessing that would be a possible reason why some coaches don't have a dedicated ST coach?
  2. I hope your right. One thing I am keeping an eye on is the southern hemisphere. The outbreaks there are generally smaller?May be due to the warmer temps? Bad thing though is they are headed into the fall. If it gets ingrained there it will probably be back this fall just like the flu. We trade it back and forth every year. Perhaps by then the majority will have immunity? Interesting times for sure.
  3. Maybe in May they can reevaluate how things are going. If it's good to go do a bunch of tournaments or perhaps have a summer season this year.
  4. Did not hear Jaimes speak so thanks for that info!
  5. Piper could be in play there. Plus there is a chance for Nouilli to get eligible. I am also hoping Wilson has a bounce back year. Who knows maybe a darkhorse like Miller or Sickterman jumps in the fray.
  6. I also liked what I heard. T.O was always about execution. Other teams would say we knew what was coming but couldn't stop it. Under Mcbride sometimes they would say we tried to do too much so the next week they would simplify and execute allowing them to play much faster without thinking. One thing I would like them to do is to correct the mistakes on the practice field rather than in the film room. I think film room correction works at a pro level but correcting mistakes real time works better at the college level. This is a conclusion I reached during the Bill Callahan years. So after listening to Coach Austin I am thinking Gaylord battling Benhart at RT Wilson battling Piper at RG Jurgens battling Farniok at C Farniok battling Hixon at LG Jaimes battling Bando at LT
  7. I think Farniok could end up on either side? I kind of think Hixon is going to be bumped no matter what. Scrappy player but just got overpowered too much last year. I think we have enough options to capitalize on that he gets bumped to backup LG. Now Wilson is the guy that I am not sure of. If he bounces back and wins that RG spot then Farniok plays LG. If he falters than I see Farniok at RG and I like someone out of Gaylord,Bando and Piper playing LG. (I will assume Nouili is not eligible). I also think they will find a good RT out of the Benhart,Gaylord,Bando,Banks group to start. That's my guess!
  8. Sooo range out to 35 feet. Will be a good fit for Hoiberg offense. If you can get him open he can score. Would like to see more of him defending to see what we have there.
  9. Actually I did which led me to the question. I do agree we have a lot of homegrown Nebraska OL's but most seem to be interior OL. Not trying to get into an argument. Have a good day.
  10. That's okay thanks for taking a stab at it. I take solace in the fact that I think we are going to have some current and future OT's that will be making this list some day.
  11. He's got speed and power. What's not to like?
  12. Sounds like you can help me out with OT's then. I can think of Lingefelter & Behning as good Ot's but which other OT's have we had that were good? That were good in pass pro and run blocking. I am really struggling with this. And I agree about the 30+ but they are all guards and centers!
  13. I will go with Mike Brown on Defense as no one has named a Db yet. He was a guy that could make the secondary calls for the D and made plays. We need someone who can get us lined up right. Then on offense most every position covered except we need another OT. Problem is outside of Wiegert who do you pick? Best I can come up with is Carl Nicks? Trying to think of guys that are good in pass-pro and still do some run blocking...Nebraska seems a bit low on the OT all-stars... We are good at OG and Center though!
  14. You can't please everyone. If we would of hired Mickey Joseph there would of been people saying well he's a Nebraska alum why don't they hire outside the family! M.J has no O.C. experience we are power 5 we shouldn't be in the business of training coordinators! It goes on and on. Fact is nobody is perfect. I would of been fine with Joseph, Lubick,Helfrich etc etc. I look at the positives and let time take care of the rest... Good,bad, indifferent ,meh,solid. Who knows. I will say this. Management likes employees that don't cause problems! If you know the guy there is some safety & comfort level in that Frost knows Lubick isn't going to be a loose cannon. I am not in anyway referring to Walters either. Now Eichort/Riley/Pelini I would be.
  15. I like the Lubick hire. There is continuity to it. Lubick doesn't have to learn terminology. He already knows all the concepts and what adjustments to make against opponents when they switch things up. Since he did some consultant work for us he already has a bit of familarity with our personnel. He should be able to hit the ground running. He coached at Washington so he may have some fresh ideas to add. He is a guy that will recruit and has been recognized as a good WR coach. Sounds like a good solid hire!
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