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  1. To add to your point, the slot and z position WR often run route combinations with the TE. They usually do not have a leading YPG figure because of this. They average higher number of catches per game though. The X WR is the guy that runs deeper routes and most of the time will lead your team in YPG.
  2. Wow just wow. I went to the Georgia election site and various other places with Brave as my Browser. Did all kind of searches but obviously didn't use the same search words as you. Don't bother responding to this post as I will take a long long vacation from this board and won't go in this forum anymore.
  3. If I'm really interested? Thanks for the links I will pass them along to my brother although he won't do anything with them as they are elderly and hate computers. I appreciate all the feedback except for the snide comment.
  4. It could be this person or whoever entered the information had a typo in the address and it was an honest mistake, however I am paranoid and I have urged him to report the issue because all he did was toss it in the trash bin. I told him to go dig it out and report it so at least the voter roles get cleaned up. If it's an honest mistake then reporting this is a benefit to the person on the card. I did a little more research and I think Georgia doesn't use Voter ID validation for absentee ballots which concerns me. I found a couple of articles detailing how some folks vote mo
  5. I don't think I have ever posted in the political forum but feel compelled to do so. My brother lives in Alabama. He has been at the same address for 5 years now. Before that he lived in Nebraska. He just received an application from the state of Georgia for a mail in ballot. The address specified on the card is correct. The person listed on the card has never lived at that address. Should he report that to the Alabama election commission or Georgia? The whole thing is really weird. I am thinking maybe the person lied on their driver registration because of tickets?
  6. i like the McHale comparison. Have no idea about Durant comparison as I haven't followed the NBA in 20 years. Really like how he crashes the boards.
  7. I thought Graham and Payne would be better fits as DE's in a 4-3 and as such I always figured they were targeted for specialty roles to provide immediate help in pass rushing. That must not be working out so now their roles are flipped but I still see them fitting specialty roles in their new positions too and they will have things to work on. Hope they can work it out. It's going to be a challenge.
  8. Great pickup. High motor guy. Cerebral. Plays well within the team. Can use either hand around the basket. Good outside skills. Knows what he needs to improve on. Great way to fill that last 2021 'ship. Wilhelm and Tominaga are great fits for Fred's offense.
  9. Love the fact that they will be using TE's more. They are a QB's easiest target.
  10. Going to be a dog fight at RB behind Mills, I think there's lots of talent there. Can't wait to see these guys show their stuff.
  11. I think his heart just isn't into it. I am sure he will have better games but I don't think he's loving the game. He's doing it for a possible paycheck in future years but that motivation isn't necessarily the best or strongest. Often when your unhappy your crabby or complain and I think we saw that here. Sometimes a change of scenario helps and he may be alright for awhile (a year) but long term is just won't be worth it for him. Just a guess.
  12. Agree. The person stating these odds does not understand Nebraska and where we currently are.
  13. I thought Robinson did a good job against Wisconsin especially for a freshmen. At NG your asked to face double teams and hold your ground, I think he did that.
  14. Wow, I did forget about that! Great point.
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