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  1. Lubick checks all the boxes. We need a WR coach. We need a passing coordinator since Austin is the new run coordinator. And it helps that he knows the Frost offense. He's available. He has been doing analyst work for us so he is familiar with the issues. I have seen some suggestions that Held be the passing coordinator and while he could do it I think he has enough on his plate with being the recruiting coordinator? Or is recruiting coordinator an empty title when it comes to today's world with the recruiting support staff that we have? The Keith Williams thing doesn't check the passing coordinator box and he would have to learn the offense.
  2. Helfrich doesn't strike me as a long term hire. I would rather get Lubick
  3. Maybe Frost got tired of Walters shopping around for a HC job? Just guessing.
  4. I am going to guess Lubick takes the OC/WR/passing coordinator job. I bet he misses coaching
  5. This was very enlightening. Thank you. After reading this and the subsequent posts...To summarize it sound like Snyder would be a coach in waiting similar to what could be proposed for Lubick. In the short term Snyder run the position group in the film room and do the planning and direct the G.A. Frost or the G.A would then coordinate in game and in practice. Eventually Snyder is on the field if Becton leaves in the future. ST/TE coach is a good combination.
  6. I'm not sure. I guess if they get Snyder you can say they are focusing on it but if they don't then I think your question bears discussion.
  7. Spot on. https://memes.yarn.co/yarn-clip/1552d64d-98d5-43bf-b139-90b951f84ec0/text
  8. Agree that Snyder sounds intriguing but doesn't coordination require on-field duties?
  9. Will it be a G.A Colby Ellis or will Frost do it? Ellis bio Coaching Experience 2018-19: Nebraska (Graduate Assistant) 2017: Missouri Southern State University (Special Teams Coordinator & Wide Receivers) 2016: Northeastern Oklahoma A&M (Special Teams Coordinator & Wide Receivers) 2015: University of West Georgia (Cornerbacks) 2014: Northeastern Oklahoma A&M (Linebackers & Special Teams) 2013: Oklahoma State (Strength & Conditioning)
  10. I am in total agreement. It started with Pederson. Solich tried to improve recruiting by making staff changes but the new staff never got a chance to proove themselves. Playcalling didn't change too much because it takes a couple of recruiting cycles to tweak your roster. It wasn't so bad either. They won 10 games!
  11. I think this makes great sense to do. It sounds like Coach Walters wants to be a H.C. and has been interviewing with different places the past couple of years. So this is a proactive move to bring in a guy who can be an analyst and then take over the OC/WR spot when Walters get his gig. It saves the trouble of gearing up for an O.C. search every year and he is already on staff and is familiar with personel/culture/offense etc etc. Also makes sense if he has been doing some consulting work for Nebraska in the past which I read somewhere...
  12. Sean Snyder? Now that's interesting. That could be a steal. Also think Dan Jackson would be a really good add due to his relentless recruiting work. I think Jackson and Held are similar with how hard they recruit and the ties that they have.
  13. I think the biggest mistake was detroying Nebraska's identity and basically starting from scratch. I think Bo was close but he couldn't get over the hump and was embarrased by Wisconsin in the B1G title game. That was a major hit. Then the apparent rift between he and the AD made it look like he was a walking dead man as a coach. That hurt recruiting. Bo was volatile and the program reflected it. The Riley stint was short but it was a 3-year throwaway as they started over again. (This time I think that was a good decision) I think Frost will get there. Just have to give it time.
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