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  1. 54 minutes ago, Guy Chamberlin said:


    If you were really interested, you could have done the same Google search in the same :05. 


    Sorry if I seem suspicious. But if you and your brother have no intention of doing anything with the feedback anyway, I might suspect that your first visit to P&R was simply to drop a piece of anecdotal evidence to cast doubt on mail-in ballots.  That's kinda the lay of the land right now. 

    Wow just wow.   I went to the Georgia election site and various other places with Brave as my Browser.    Did all kind of searches but obviously didn't use the same search words as you.    Don't bother responding to this post as I will take a long long vacation from this board and won't go in this forum anymore.   

  2. 6 hours ago, funhusker said:

    It's probably a good idea to let the commission know.  Like you said, someone maybe made an honest mistake and wondering where their ballot application  is.


    But as far as this pertaining to "fraud", it was an application.  They are worthless unless someone fills it out and requests a ballot.  At that point, your person is the bad guy.

     That's a good point.  

  3. 2 hours ago, Guy Chamberlin said:


    I found this in a :05  Google search, if you're really interested. 





     If I'm really interested?  


    Thanks for the links I will pass them along to my brother although he won't do anything with them as they are elderly and hate computers.   I appreciate all the feedback except for the snide comment.  

  4. 6 hours ago, Notre Dame Joe said:


    On Facebook this is called "misinformation."


    It could be this person or whoever entered the information had a typo in the address and it was an honest mistake,  however I am paranoid and I have urged him to report the issue because all he did was toss it in the trash bin.  I told him to go dig it out and report it so at least the voter roles get cleaned up.  If it's an honest mistake then reporting this is a benefit to the person on the card.   


    I did a little more research and I think Georgia doesn't use Voter ID validation for absentee ballots which concerns me.  I found a couple of articles detailing how some folks vote more than once.    I have no idea what the actual situation is here but as I said I am paranoid and urged him to call the Georgia election office.  

  5. I don't think I have ever posted in the political forum but feel compelled to do so.   My brother lives in Alabama.  He has been at the same address for 5 years now.   Before that he lived in Nebraska.   He just received an application from the state of Georgia for a mail in ballot.    The address specified on the card is correct.   The person listed on the card has never lived at that address.  Should he report that to the Alabama election commission or Georgia?    The whole thing is really weird.   I am thinking maybe the person lied on their driver registration because of tickets?

  6. 8 hours ago, TonyStalloni said:

    He looks pretty impressive using that left hand at the rim and can also shoot threes. He has a nice smooth stroke reminiscent of Kevin Durant and plays at the rim like Kevin McHale.


    i like the McHale comparison.       Have no idea about Durant comparison as I haven't followed the NBA in 20 years.  


    Really like how he crashes the boards. 

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  7. I thought Graham and Payne would be better fits as DE's in a 4-3 and as such I always figured they were targeted for specialty roles to provide immediate help in pass rushing.  That must not be working out so now their roles are flipped but I still see them fitting specialty roles in their new positions too and they will have things to work on.   Hope they can work it out.  It's going to be a challenge. 

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  8. I think his heart just isn't into it.   I am sure he will have better games but I don't think he's loving the game.   He's doing it for a possible paycheck in future years but that motivation isn't necessarily the best or strongest.    Often when your unhappy your crabby or complain and I think we saw that here.   Sometimes a change of scenario helps and he may be alright for awhile (a year)  but long term is just won't be worth it for him.    Just a guess. 

  9. 53 minutes ago, BigRedBuster said:

    Also don't forget, Austin was moved into Run Game Coordinator.  So, you have your O line coach playing a major roll in run game design and game planning.


    That could go along ways towards helping the O line.


    Wow, I did forget about that!   Great point. 


  10. 16 minutes ago, 84HuskerLaw said:

    O line group is getting better but has a long way to go to where we can say we love it imo.  A couple injuries and we are right where we’ve been.  imo. 


    WE?   You can do whatever you want,  but I'm loving the direction the OL room is going. 


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  11. 4 hours ago, SECHusker said:

    Rewatched the OSU game from last year. We had LB fit problems, and werent as bad as the score. As for the offense, Martinez was trying to do too much, which is understandable considering our oline's issues, a toxic RB, the lack of perimeter blocking and drive from the WRs. We're going to be more game this year, and don't be surprised if this looks more like the 2018 game, but with improvements on D.


    Also, I think a few things are being understated:

    -the comfort factor Frost has with Lubick

    -Dawson will be an improvement at OLB (helped improve Markus Golden from 2.5 sacks the previous year to 10 sacks

    -the defensive analyst we got is legit. Was DC  at BC and was a more than decent considering their level of talent.

    -we know who our RB is

    -we have a big body WR that can catch the 50-50 balls


    While we still have to prove it on field, we look better than we were last year.


    Love your list.   


    To expound on the last point, the big body WR's with speed at the split end position not only helps on the 50-50,  they can fight off jams and get deep.  That will open up the offense because safeties have to help.  Really helps to stretch defenses in multiple directions. 


    Also agree on the LB fits inside and the OLB play outside.   They are key to the defense's improvement. 


    Would add that I love the depth on the OL this year.  Really starting to feel good about the OL room. 

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  12. I think last spring for the few practices they had Frost made some comments.   Said he was pleased with how organized the offense was so my guess is that will lead to some efficiency.  Also I think you may see  some differences in the type of WR's that are recruited.   Other than that my guess is not much will change.

  13. I think Pelini will have a good defense there the first 3 years or so, but eventually opponents adjust and I am not so sure how good he is on in game adjustments or deviating from the weekly plan.   Also his style of teaching and motivation tends to be less effective over time for some.   Just my uninformed opinion. 

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  14. Enjoyed the streaming scrimmage.   Going to be a tough battle at spots.  I always like to see how the new guys perform.


    In the OF among the new guys I thought Satori had some good Ab's.   Foster will be the starting RF I think.    Lot of experience in the OF that the freshmen have to overcome. 


    Like the new infielders as a group.    Matthews batted 2nd and looks like a good athlete.   Steil looks strong and should be a good corner guy.  Anderson played some 3rd and was pretty smooth.  I am not sure if that's his primary position though.  The freshmen will have to make up some ground.    I think Cervantes could be a challenger for starting time somewhere in the IF, probably 3rd as the Juco experience and extra maturity helps. 


    Really too soon to draw too many conclusions so these are first impressions that don't mean a lot. 

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  15. 11 minutes ago, ColoradoHusk said:

    Alvarez said that all teams will be playing on Conference Championship weekend.  Each team will play a cross-divisional opponent based on divisional ranking (1st vs 1st, 2nd vs. 2nd, etc.) but there won't be rematches in that final weekend.  That will force some shuffling of games so it's not strictly ranking based.


    I like that idea.  Good on them. 

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  16. 3 hours ago, Huskers93-97 said:

    Unless one of those big 10 teams lives somewhere with big covid numbers, it shouldn’t be that hard to setup a replacement non con game with testing procedures to match big 10 requirements. 


    If they want to require everyone move forward then fine. You can opt out of every game but it gets logged as a forfeit and you lose your tv revenue share for that game 



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