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  1. Looks like he plays a lot at the nickel. As I mentioned before we need DB's so hope he commits as a DB. I would not necessarily take him as a WR because our numbers are okay there and I would prefer to get a RB or RB/WR type just based off the numbers and past injuries.
  2. I have a feeling that recruiting rankings are going to suffer a bit due to the virus. Going to be harder for those services to do their testing&rankings. Coaches will need to use their coaching networks this year.
  3. Tommi would be a nice get. I like him at CB but he could play safety if needed. I think he would be similar to Newsome. We need DB's and he would be a versatile player like Newsome.
  4. Saw an article that said 4.57 Maybe a better comparison is to his Dad! They are about the same size. His Dad clocked faster but Jr has 3-4 years to improve his speed
  5. Welcome Lardarius! I think Fischer has an eye for talent and knows what he wants as others have stated. It sounds like their is a prior relationship with family too which also is good. He looks like a field corner to me. Has good hips and good reaction. Does a good job of knowing when to track/look for the ball. Probably got some good tips from pop. Kind of reminds me of Kareem Moss. We need DB's. It's the position with the biggest needs from a numbers standpoint. Of the 13 scholarship DB's currently on the roster three are seniors so we need 4-5 db's total to get around our optimal number of 15. So with Lardius on board we need 3-4 more. I am guessing we end up with 4 total for this class.
  6. The thing about Warner is that I think he helps our perimeter blocking - screens & run game. It was atrocious last year when Warner was hurt so I think there is a correlation.
  7. I understand your point about Wilson's experience with all those starts. It's a good point. One problem though is I believe Wilson is much better at being a run blocker than he is in pass-pro. It's one of the reasons why Hixson was on the left and West on the right to begin with. Plus all his experience is on that right side so that's why I see him staying there. Also, the coaches have made an effort to get lineman who are tall and have long arms that are athletic. They have a 'type' and I think they will try to fit that type on the left side as much as they can. Now Piper and Nouili aren't the tallest guys but they are athletic so they fit more or less. Perhaps Bando is a guy that is in play at LG too?
  8. In regards to the WR depth discussion as impacted by Nixon's injury...I kind of think Nixon would of been a 4 game RS guy. More of a depth guy for his first year. I like his highlights. He reminds me of Shane Swanson who was a good player. I think it's the way he runs& his build? Good all-around player and tough for his size. I think his impact would be in the slot or z spots which is in pretty good shape. So I think our WR group will be fine. In addition to those named earlier I think Falck could help out in a simliar role as Warner and he has experience. I like Brown as a playmaker to go along with Robinson. I am also curious to see what Nance can do as a play maker as I think he is very sudden. Will also be interesting to see how the addition of X spot guys like Manning&Betts helps this group. It's what was missing last year.
  9. I figured we were solid with the 6 db's. Williams,Dismuke,Cam Taylor-Britt,Bootle,Clark & Newsome that gave us starters plus Nickel & Dime. Now that 6th guy is kind of a puzzle. I kind of like Sullivan as a depth guy and want to see a speedier guy out there so I suppose Farmer is the odds on favorite? Not sure Farmer is faster than Sullivan though so have no clue. Sad to see the injury to Nixon too. Hope Nixon and Newsome recover soon.
  10. Had to watch his highlights again as I really enjoyed them. I suggest folks run through them again and freeze the plays as he receives the handoff. Look at his blockers and see how he picks out seams and follows blockers. Run it again and watch him run through the seam then freeze it when he gets into contact. Note the arm tackles he breaks, the dead leg he employs and the Yac yardage. Displays some balance at times too. Enjoyed some of the blocks thrown on those runs too. Can't wait too see how he does after 2-3 years of college weight training and nutrition.
  11. I think this is a great list. I would like to add 1 more item I think. I believe the coaches put a little too much on his plate. His freshmen year he played a lot faster. He didn't always make the right decision but he made it sooner. His soph year he seemed hesitant at times which I think is because he was trying to process all his options. Could be also the plays had more options to them as well. With all this said I am happening to get a starting QB back who has 2 years of experience. I am sure his level of play will be better.
  12. Booker played a whale of a game against Florida. One of his best!
  13. Booker was good but I think Tyronne Williams was better! That team was loaded as you also had Minter,Veland and Warfield. Not sure if that's the same year or not?
  14. News on another board mentioned he has quite a few credits to make up. Not impossible but definitely a challenge. So just have to wait and see.
  15. I think Mbow is a good talent and think we should continue to recruit him. Yes the priority for him has gone down but I find it hard to pass on talent. The numbers on the OL are still within an acceptable due to Miller walking on. Also think this may allow them to do more recruiting for 2022.
  16. What is considered a hit and what is considered a miss? I also think during a coaching change and when there are changes in scheme that has an impact on your success rate so not too sure I will get too shook up on this.
  17. I am sure he has made friends in Lincoln and it's a great place to live. Hope he gets his life on track again and moving in a positive direction.
  18. Fantastic point. Never thought of it that way. 2nd time in this thread that I have learned something.
  19. Sometimes I think recruiting sites put to much stock in 40 times & combine testing. There are other things like vision (seeing creases develop) or balance that play a big role and aren't measured at camps. Another thing is ...can they make that first guy miss or break that first tackle? T.O use to say that about Kenny Clark. Clark wasn't the fastest or biggest but he had great balance and with his combination of talents he often beat that first guy. I think Mr Evin has good vision. He isn't one of those backs that's always bouncing outside, instead he's hitting a crease.
  20. Awesome! Welcome Gabe! Good blend of speed and power. I like backs that can make that sharp cut to get through a crease. Plant that foot and get vertical go! Those are productive guys. This has been a good thread for me. A player I wanted committed and I learned some stuff from other posters in the thread.
  21. Sweet. So if I have this correct... We added a SS in Anderson and an OF Sartori for 2020, plus a 2021 pitcher in Hood. I am guessing we probably are losing a middle infielder and an outfielder which allowed the 2 additional 2020 signees?
  22. New incoming OF xfer = Luke Sartori https://journalstar.com/sports/huskers/baseball/southwest-graduate-announces-hes-joining-the-husker-baseball-team/article_111e9e05-fe6c-5f05-bdc7-265c05ec8af8.html
  23. He is eligible to play this year as he is going to reclassify back to the 2020 class. Now getting significant playing time for 2020 will be challenging. If McGowens isn't eligible that will help his cause but most likely it will be a year or two before he gets into the rotation. There are a lot of things to like about Elijah. He can play multiple positions and can handle the ball. He has some length which is nice to have in ball handlers.
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