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  1. I like the idea of interviewing Carlos Polk too. He could be a full time special teams and Chinander could coach OLB with Polk helping out. Recruiting ties help but it's not everything.
  2. Will Shields got knocked on his butt on a PAT against Colorado. He turned out alright. ( I am still mad that game ended in a tie but such is life. )
  3. I found a link about Austin's recruiting area. It is Houston not Dallas. https://www.ajc.com/sports/college/nebraska-recruiting-huskers-top-targets-texas/2KpZvPImj6tquMHoaLk0xM/
  4. Coach Austin has some recruiting ties to Texas. I believe in the Dallas/Fort Worth area?
  5. I like the Coleman possibility. He use to have good recruiting ties in New Jersey.
  6. Thanks for the perspective. I have been doing some reading about special team coaches and head coaches and there's one coach who has the special teams players get served first for the pre-game meals. I like that! It's good incentive.
  7. Maybe he doesn't get along with his boss/organization.
  8. Crap. By the time I spewed out my long winded post. The knife had already succintly addressed my point.... From Dawson's resume it looks like he has experience coaching DL,OLB and 3 years Special teams at BC so he could be the point guy on special teams but get help from the other coaches for the various units. He also has 2 years experience as a defensive Coordinator. Tuioto also has a bit of OLB coaching experience so he could possibly swap with Dawson too. Personally I like Dawson as the OLB guy. I also think Held could do special teams as he has experience as an offensive coordinator/head coach. Correct me if I am wrong but the big thing about special teams is mostly the coordination? I don't think there is a ton of individual technique that has to be taught there. I would think punters/place kickers/long snappers know their technique already and there is not much individual work for the other players. Am I off base? Also we have a grad assistant Colby Ellis that can help out with special teams. Dawson Bio... 1998 (spring) University of Massachusetts Lowell defensive line 1998 University of Maine defensive assistant 1999 University of Pittsburgh graduate assistant 2000 University of New Hampshire linebackers 2001 University of New Hampshire defensive line 2002-03 University of New Hampshire linebackers 2004-05 University of New Hampshire DC/linebackers 2006-08 University of Akron linebackers 2009-11 Boston College special teams 2013 Philadelphia Eagles defensive quality control 2014-15 Philadelphia Eagles assistant defensive line 2016-17 University of Central Florida defensive line 2018 University of Nebraska defensive line 2019 New York Giants outside linebackers
  9. Time + weight room + nutrition will thicken and fill out that frame.
  10. Your right, I was looking at rivals and wasn't looking at 247. Thank you. The composite probably is a better gauge.
  11. Runningblind - I actually wasn't thinking about it that way, but you are right. So applying your valid point I would like us to be able to do both - under center and shotgun. I hate being in shotgun on the goal-lines and in short situations. So I think there is a time&place for both. Wyo - I respectfully disagree. It can happen certainly but we use to do it that way in the past. I think teammates are smart enough not to light up their own QB. Otherwise they may end up running steps and get a but chewing and ostricated by teammates. I just think live action is invaluable. Need to teach kids not to be afraid. If you got 1 guy and no experience than I can see hands off or if they are trying to get over a bruise other than that it should be football not 7 on 7.
  12. Now that they have 4 scholarships QB's and 2 walkon QB's, I would like the coaches to change the rules around QB's in practice. Get rid of the green jersey no hit rule. Make them live with a don't blow them up contraint. I want to see Qb's that are battle ready, battle tested and tough. Martinez is 225. He should be Jamal Lord like in that he is a big tough QB that runs with authority. I think he was thinking too much last season so maybe they should simplify some things for him. Also I want them to not only test on plays and reading defenses but make sure they have game time awareness! Know when to run out of bounds and when not too! Know when to run clock. Aaaargh. Oh and I love the bootleg run/pass. One of my all time favorite plays. Play action should always have a place in a playbook IMO. It gets you a 1/2 second to second of free time.
  13. Didn't 2005 have 11 4-stars along with 2 5-star players? Wouldn't that be the record? 5 stars Bowman Lucky 4 stars Suh Potter Dillard Octavien Dagunduro Hardy Leon Jackson Brooks Beck Picou Tomerlin Some 3stars from that class that made great to good contributions.. Zac Taylor Barry Turner Hickman Cody Glen As well as a guy that was unrated in Matt Slausen
  14. What you are pointing out is true. The number of players helps the overall point total but it can hurt your average star rating. The 2005 class signed two 5 stars in Bowman and Lucky. How often does Nebraska do that? They also signed eleven 4 stars which included talents like Suh. They had some guys like Matt Slausen who weren't graded. There were quite a few reaches in 2005 but they also had some top end talent. I think Callahan came in to late in 2004 to remake the roster and that is why they did 30 in 2005. Frost had a little more time and did most of his roster turnover in his first year. I think Frost's 2020 class has fewer reaches but also doesn't have as much top end talent.
  15. Woodhead attended one of UNL's camp so Coaches could see him first hand and tested very poorly. The problem was he had a problem with his back at the time. What are the coaches to think when you have a small&light player who runs a 4.75? (I don't remember the exact time as it was a long time ago.). The Solich and Callahan coaching staffs BOTH passed on him. It just wasn't meant to be. Doesn't do any good to second guess. Welcome Matthias Alagrin! Hope you love your time in Lincoln.
  16. I think this is a great post as these grades reaffirm the O-Line impressions I had for the season and the last statement is money. So I think the key for next year is to see if they can strengthen the guards without hurting the tackles. So in other words can they leverage Farniok inside? Can Gaylord or Benhart take the RT spot? Maybe Gaylord can slide to guard as well if Benhart comes through? Maybe Banks can give play guard? I was really impressed with Piper in the few snaps I saw him. He is going to be outstanding. Maybe he gets in there? I want to see some push! Some of that is dependent on the play and type of block they are doing but IMO it's best when you can impose your will.
  17. He may or may not have graded out well as compared to other starters but the other starters are not playing center. So that comparison is moot. How did he grade out in comparison to other centers in practice?
  18. That's a great point Buster. Also I do not think Cam Jurgens is going to lose that starting center spot just based off of the fact that the coaches went ALL IN on him last year. They shoved all their chips in the pot. He started and played every game. They are too heavily invested to not stick with it. They stuck through the growing pains. The head coach made it known that he is a believer in Cam's ability and he will play him to prove that he is right. Right or wrong I don't think it makes a difference. The guy will play due to that investment. He's their guy. Cam improved as the season went along. I will trust the coaches on this.
  19. I thought the tackles were about the same as the previous year in performace. I thought the guards were not as strong as the previous year. Center was a work in progress. Given that I want to upgrade both guards. I like moving Matt Farniok to right guard as it keeps him on the right side and gives us a bigger guy. He's more use to the right side play calls. Plus that's usually the strong run side and that's where his size can come into play. I like Gaylord playing LG. I think he would be good in Pass pro and gives us more size. LT Jaimes, Bando,Corcoran,Anderson LG Gaylord, Hixon,Raridon C Jurgens,Farniok,Piper RG Farniok, Wilson,Sichterman,Lynn RT Benhart, Banks,Fritzche,Conn
  20. The article said there were 11 but there are only 10 names listed? Who is the 11th? The main point of the scholarship is the degree. I have no problem with Nebraska not paying scholarship to players that have graduated and if they want to keep a player on scholarship who has graduated and has eligibility I am certainly okay with that. I think it's Nebraska's choice in that situation and I think that is fair. The players don't have to apply for their degree if they don't want to graduate early. They can schedule and plan accordingly. They can take a bunch of PE classes or Star Trek Theory.. I think it's good that the NCAA permits players that have graduated to have the choice to go to whatever school that wants them if they have eligibility left. That is only fair because of the situation above. For the situation where it's a player that has 4 years in, has not graduated and needs a 5th year I personally think the University should pony up and allow them to get the degree even if they are non-contributors. That is my personal opinion and where folks disagree. Football is a huge time commitment.
  21. I love the supersix poll concept. We should have one for the sleeper pick too. I tried too but the system won't add my poll. I only had 10 players on the sleeper poll and eliminated all 4 stars and players scoring more than 2% in the super six. I love the WR group and RB group This is what I went with...top 3 were easy. 1) Manning - Fills a huge need for a big bodied WR that we have been missing under Frost&Riley. Add in the fact that he is a more mature player as a JUCO just means he will be quicker to go. 2) Corcoran - Could jump into depth chart right away like Benhardt. Still want to see a preservation of the RS. 3) Betts - I know I said I was going to pick different positions but I can't. Best athlete in the class with a sparq of 122.22 and 130.71! That 130.71 indicates an elite athlete. This is were picking gets a little tough... 4) Greene ran a 4.49! Dude is fast. He may need a little time to develop but he's got the speed. I think he would contribute faster as an OLB and that's a more natural fit but when he bulks up and gets stronger for ILB he will be a terror. Now it's getting really difficult... 5) Mauga - More LB speed at the ILB spot! A juco so he is a bit more mature physically. Going to be in the depth chart. I think he could also be an OLB in coverage if needed. This is imposible. I am cheating. Tie 6) Scott&Morrison... Scott is physically ready at RB. A spot that kids can come in and play sooner than later. He's a running back that can bench 400 lbs and clean&jerk 310. He is explosive 37" vertical and runs in the 4.5 range. Morrison - Big RB with speed. Prolific rushing numbers! Proof on the field. Sleeper - Alante Brown. Versatile. This guy played mostly QB so he is just scratching the surface of what he can do at WR. I get the Person-EL comparisons. It's a good comparison. Butler&Nixon could also have been good sleeper picks. Smothers could of been top 6. Gray&Hutmacker are studs. Good class!
  22. Here are the number of recruits we have taken 2002. Please note transferring nowadays is a lot easier so class numbers might be higher as a result. 2002 - 21 2003 - 19 2004 - 20 2005 - 32 2006 - 22 2007 - 27 2008 - 28 2009 - 20 2010 - 22 2011 - 20 2012 - 19 2013 - 25 204 - 25 2015 - 21 2016 - 21 2017 - 20 2018 - 25 2019 - 28
  23. Recruiting rankings by rivals for coaches in their classes. Please note that the first class for each coach was one of their worst because it's a transition class. Callahan - 27th. 5th 20th 13th Classes were a bit uneven. 2005 had some notable players. He had a staff that could recruit but results on the field were not trending up. Pelini - 30th 28th 22nd 15th 25th 17th 32nd Pelini's numbers weren't great to start out but he was improving slowly for awhile. 2012 was a bit of a speed bump and 2014 was meltdown. Riley 31st 24th 20th Riley was improving slowly but surely. His record didn't though. Frost - 21st 15th So Frost did pretty well in the transition class and also posted the 3rd best class in the past 15 years or so. I think it is important to see some wins on the field next year. That should help 2021. I think it's looking good as a positive trend. Hope they get a top 10 in 2021.
  24. You may be right and history certainly confirms your thinking but to play devil's advocate I am wondering if this year's number isn't going to move much. I can think of a couple of reasons to support that line of thinking. 1) They had a bunch countbacks for 2019 and they filled the limit of 25 so they can't count back anyone in 2020. So the official number they have is set at 24 (which includes the xfer TE) For 2021 (this coming class) they have 1 possible count back as they are at 24 for this year. I think that's right? Countbacks can be confusing. 2) I believe they are at 88 right now with a blueshirt promised for the fall. That means they are basically at 89 if you look at next fall. That means they will need to shed at least 4. I believe there are 16 Sr's. I have guessed that Gaylord gets a hardship year. I looked at the roster and tried to identify guys that haven't played or guys that redshirted and are Sr's that havent played and may just move on. I think I only see 4 or 5? 3) Typically when you look at other schools and new coaches you will see 2 or 3 big classes to start but eventually you will see a smaller class because you are getting to the classes recruited by the coach, that fit the system and have a better relationship and stronger buy-in. That could be this class. 4) When coaches have their players in that they recruited and they have been developing and the walk-on program is in full swing than coaches can be more choosey. They won't have a bunch of holes to fill where they throw a large number of new recruits at it. We did that this year but I think it will be less next year. 5) The upcoming Jr class is a big class. So would be nice to have a full compliment of options (counting back option) for that class plus the upcoming So class behind it is really small. 10! This is the transition class and you could argue that is the class that is destined to be small but for arguments sake I will stick with the stand that our number for 2021 might not move much. So to summarize it certainly is fluid and you may be right, actually your probably right but I still will throw out the notion that it will be 19 and may only vary by 1 or 2.
  25. He is the type of OL guys that Wisky and Minny go for. Large human beings that can move a pile. I like that for the inside guys. Then you throw in the long arms that help in pass-pro and you got a guy that is hard to get around. Plus with that build he also has a chance to play on the edge but if that doesn't work he always has a home inside.
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