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  1. I agree it's all about recruiting and they need to up the ante there. I will also say these current kids have been competed and I have enjoyed their games. There's only been a few games where I thought it was over early. The B1G tourney is still a good possibility.
  2. For the life of me I can't figure out why PSU is doing so well in recruiting given the sanctions they have. Makes me wonder....
  3. They need to concentrate on getting the best seed they can in the b1g and win the tourney. That's their best chance.
  4. That's a tough call. I think we need size but Sai is more ready to play now then Herbert at this time, but he is only 6-7. I like Herbert's athleticism&length and you get 4 years. Jones would be a bigger priority if we are losing one the of incoming freshmen...tough call. I am going to go with Herbert,Sai,Jones in that order BUT would be thrilled if any of them picked Nebraska.
  5. I'm learning Coach Miles loves combo players as they make a good fit for his motion offense. It certainly could be that we might be losing a guard/wing or it could also mean that this young man is an impact player and to good to pass on. Hard to know without seeing him play. Sure seems like the staff is working hard to fill that last spot. That makes me think they can win sooner rather than later. From your twitter link South, it sounds like the visit will be an unoffical and will happen on Tuesday. Could be he is visiting a lot of places. Sounds like he has a good relationship with the staff and has some knowledge of the needs and what the plan is. I am also thinking if they sign a guard, Petteway will play more wing. If they sign a wing or PF, he would play more guard. Just a guess.
  6. http://www.hesston.e...an-recognition/ http://blog.newsok.c...jones-santa-fe/ http://stats.njcaa.org/sports/mbkb/2012-13/div2/players/mahlonjones48q5
  7. Agree. Kind of reminds me of that center from Wisconsin. Bergen?
  8. Lue was highly recruited, but because of his grades schools backed off. Once he became eligible, everyone was after him again. The only reason he came to Nebraska was because we never gave on him. In fact, he was probably one of the highest recruited player to play for the Huskers. That is true. I won't go as far as your going though. Lue was recruited by Missouri, Arkansas, Kansas State, Nebraska, Memphis and Oklahoma to start so your right that's a pretty decent offer list, but because of his ACT schools backed off when he fell into the partial qualifier mode. He picked Nebraska over Memphis, because as you say Nebraska stuck with him. I have to disagree on the highest recruited player thought. My vote would be Woolridge.
  9. I wonder if the ultimate endgame would be to have 20 teams, 2 10 team divisions. Play nine game scheduline interdivision only then play the championship game. So basically would have a true b10 east, a true b10 west playing for a big 10 championship
  10. I am in the camp that thinks the East is stronger than the West but I agree with Tschu in that it's not a huge difference and one more power/tradition team in the west would even it out. The way I see it if you had to 'match' them up. Obviously you could match them up different ways but this is just to show comparative balance. OSU - Nebr MICH - Wisky PSU - Iowa MSU - Northwestern Maryland - Illinois Rutgers - Purdue Indianna - Minny Now if we had someone like Domers. It would look pretty even to me. OSU - ND or okie or TU MICH - Nebr PSU - Wiscy MSU - Iowa Maryland - Illinois Rutgers - Northwestern Indianna - Minny Purdue - Missery or Kansas So really it's not that far off. What they do with the expansion will make a big difference. Trouble is the west choices are limited as far as name teams.. You got the ND who really should be a b1g team. OU which they wont add because of academic ranking. Texas is a possibility when cowpie-tv folds. Another solution would be add FSU, Purdue to the east and shift Michicken to the west and add KU.
  11. Dapries Owens..........wow...........what a blast from the past! He had a body structured like Ohio St's Sullinger. Good recap of Nee's efforts. Don't forget Mikki Moore from North or South Carolina. Ooooh, really good one. He's definitely deserves mention. I am sure there are others that should be mentioned but that's definitely one that fits Huskball's point.
  12. I think it makes sense to do it this way. Wish we could shift Purdue and add some like (Notre Dame or OU) & (Mizzo or Kansas) to give us a more even 'power/tradition' balance between the 2 divisions. That will never happen though. The sparty swap isn't a bad idea.... We really need one more name team. 25 years ago I never would of expected that the tail would be wagging the dog, but TV certainly is.
  13. I think Frazier is probably a more legit every-down back than Cross. I'd rather see Cross focused on being the best big-back he can be. But wouldn't surprise me a bit if Frazier ends-up the mop-up guy once the frosh get here. Agree with all pts in your post. +1.
  14. Nee did recruit Dapries Owens who was highly touted. Jaron Boone while he had some ties to Nebraska was a Utah kid that was highly recruited. Lue was from Kansas and was not highly recruited. Beau Reed and Lewis Jeter were Ohio players and fine players. I don't think they had a lot of recruiting pressure. Chandler was a Juco. Friend(sp?), Hamilton etc were 3 star type players. Nee&staff had some talent and knew talent IMO. I think Jimmie Williams played a big part in that recruiting and was the ace recruiter. Nee certainly worked hard to the very letter of the rules. (Like when he recruited Richardson?. They weren't allowed on campus so they were right across the street from campus boundaries, and when the bell went ding they were there to get his LOI. That was an ol' Jack Pierce trick.)
  15. Wow. Sounds like a great get. Hope he makes it to campus. I agree recruiting is the biggest unknown. I think Erstad & crew are good recruiters, but as you know time will tell. The draft certainly makes it a tough call and the B1G rules do not help. I really was disappointed that we missed out on Justin Black. I thought being from Montana that he would be under the radar enough that the pros would leave him alone. Anyway, I wish him the best. I like the idea of recruiting some of the Northern states and Canada as those players don't necessarily get a lot of scrutiny.
  16. Recent article that has some good info. http://www.sltrib.com/sltrib/blogsbyusports/56180666-65/byu-phillips-halford-season.html.csp
  17. This guy has the athletic ability to out play someone who is 6'8" or 6'9", yet be quick enough to play a smaller player. This would also allow us to redshirt players, like some of the freshman, Parker or Vucetic. And he has 3 years of eligibility. It might hurt recruiting for next year, but by redshirting the right players, it equals out the classes for future classes. I like the idea of redshirting Parker and Vucetic. I think the Nebraska program has possible APR issues if more players transfer and don't do well, so they are probably encouraging kids to stay and develop here.
  18. 900. I think he will be sharing the ball alot. Lots of weapons.
  19. Great to have Kubat back in the rotation. I wonder if it will be Deleon, Kubat and Bummer against the Boilermakers? (I thought Bummer did a nice job against OSU)
  20. I think he further explained himself later and said that he didn't want to rely on Juco's if he could help it. (But obviously it can be a need at times) I believe he also said that for international players he wanted to be careful to get guys with good communication skills (english) and that would be one reason for narrowing the scope for international players. This was before Chris came on board. I think Chris's overseas contacts puts a little different spin on things, but still he said they would be looking more at English speaking countries. This is what I remember. Let it be known my memory isn't so good these days. If this player has good language skills, then I don't see it as an issue.
  21. European game tends to be an outside game & finese play. Looks like he is a decent athlete with some skills and he is long. Would be a good fit for the motion offense. Miles can teach him the inside game and put some weight (hopefully) on him. I think this would be a good pickup.
  22. Fantastic play by the Huskers today! Hope that springboards them through the rest of the B1G schedule. Great pitching. Good defense and scrappy offense. Hats off to Dave Van Horne for playing Nebraska. I wish them good fortune the rest of the way. They'll need to tighten up that defense and get the bats going.
  23. One thing that disturbs me a bit was a previous article that talked about our players learning level '1' base defense vs being able to progress to level's 2 and 3. Some of those guys are redshirt Jr's and Sr's. You would think they would be know what they were doing by the time they were Jr's and Sr and would be at the top level.... So is that a coaching issue or is it too complicated/responsibility specific.
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