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  1. wiuhusker

    Official Cereal Thread

    My top 3 are cinnamon toast crunch, captain crunch berries, and lucky charms
  2. wiuhusker

    JUCO OG Desmond Bland [Nebraska Commit]

    The academic support at some JUCO's is less than what you would receive in high school. If a kid can make it out of a junior college they can certainly make it at UNL with the resources they will have available to them. Hopefully this kid can get it figured out and we see him in the spring. Would be a valuable asset to the roster.
  3. wiuhusker

    Mo Washington

    I understand wanting to get the ball to him in space more. But moving him to the slot means we lose the mismatch of him on a LB. Now that's not to say he won't be in the slot at all but I just don't see it happening a ton. I could be wrong though.
  4. wiuhusker

    Huskerboard Fantasy Football 2018

    I really liked my odds had I made the playoffs. Team turned a corner down the stretch and really got hot.
  5. wiuhusker

    2018 MLB

    Whether or not it's a waste is TBD. Just glad the Cards made a deal that should improve them for next year.
  6. wiuhusker

    Martinez and the QB running game.

    Damon Benning has discussed this topic a couple times on his morning show. Basically Frost has told him with AMart they have the entire QB run game at their disposal. Frost mentioned with Mariota they had to be careful because he wasn't big enough to handle all qb runs. It's good to know Frost thinks this was with Martinez. Just gotta keep the kid healthy now.
  7. wiuhusker

    Mo Washington

    Although we lose the big physical back in Ozigbo, and will miss him dearly, I'm truly looking forward to a backfield of Martinez, Washington, and the mixture of Wandale, Rahmir Johnson, and Thompkins assuming he's healthy.
  8. wiuhusker

    2018 MLB

    Absolutely thrilled to see Goldy wearing the birds on the bat this upcoming season. Didn't give up too much for him and hopefully they can sign him to an extension.
  9. I think it would've been more appropriate to get rid of Solich after the 6-6 year than it was the 9-3 season but that is small details. I think many would agree that even though this year was 4-8 and not what we at all had hoped for, it's plain as day that this thing is headed in the right direction? Does that lead to a National Title? Only time will tell. But this football program is going to do things the right way on and off the field and that's something I can support no matter the record.
  10. Was able to listen to most of this live. Stark makes a lot of very good points. The one I found most interesting was when he talked about the retreat Solich and staff took that lead to changes prior to 03 season that led to a 9-3 year after going 6-6. Having "suits" and people in position of power that in like minded with how things should be done with coaches makes a huge difference. I think we're beginning to see that come to fruition finally. Moos was a blessing for us.
  11. wiuhusker

    2021 PG Chucky Hepburn

    Hepburn hit a game winner at the buzzer last night to beat Kearney. Not sure what his final stats were.
  12. wiuhusker

    All Big 10 Awards

    This is horrible. There is no possible way all 6 of those RB are better than Ozigbo either. What a joke.
  13. wiuhusker

    All Big 10 Awards

    I haven't seen the list yet but I'd like to know who they put ahead of Stan. You could give me any stat in the book but you'd be hard pressed to convince me he wasn't the best receiver in the BIG this year.
  14. wiuhusker

    4th and 8

    I think this is the case. I think it was the Troy game that Honas stepped up big time and really played pretty well. Looking forward to seeing what he can do next year when healthy.
  15. wiuhusker

    Why all the pregame trash talk?

    No worries I didn't take it that way.