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  1. Not sure what is going on with my team but I think we're figuring some things out. Hopefully we can keep this train rolling because this is my only hope for a fantasy winner this year.
  2. Finally got a W this week (assuming the 49ers defense doesn't go all Philly on me). Guess a blind squirrel finds a nut every now and then. Fantasy in general has been a disaster for me this year.
  3. I would put Indian Creek in my top 5 as far as course conditions go and I've been fortunate to play some really nice courses (Torrey Pines South, Seven Canyons, Wildhorse, Awarii Dunes). Not sure it cracks the top 5 for me if you consider scenery as Elkhorn doesn't really compare to Sedona, AZ or Breckenridge. One of my favorite courses I've played was a links style course that we played in St Louis last summer called Aberdeen Golf Club. I also really enjoyed playing ColdWater Creek in Ames when I had to travel there a couple summers ago. I've been pretty lucky to get on some nice courses throughout the years.
  4. I look at it like I can either pay $50 to go play Stone Creek/Tiburon/Pac Springs or I can throw an extra $10 down and go play a far superior course. Even the Omaha city courses are $45-$50 on a weekend.
  5. Get to see this kid workout 2-3 times a week due to my gym being attached to where he takes 1 on 1 lessons. One of the nicest families you can meet and Hunter is quite possibly the most humble/hard working kid I've met. Will be interesting to see where he ends up going. It's a long shot but if a Duke offer were to come his way that is his dream school and would end things immediately.
  6. I've played Wildhorse once and it was one of my favorite courses I've played to date. Still need to get out and play Bayside. Prarie Club is on the must play list as well if I can find a group of buddies to go with me.
  7. Will be interesting to follow this as it's being built as well. Nice to have a course like this going in a little closer to Omaha. Love Awarii and Wildhorse but they're a decent drive to get to. https://kingcollinsgolf.com/projects/landmand-golf-club/
  8. Tiburon and Stone Creek are very similar. 27 holes and fairly wide open. Also takes about 5 1/2 hours to play a round out there.
  9. The city courses have come a long way. Benson is usually in pretty good shape. I prefer Benson/Knolls/Goodman any day over Pac Springs/Stone Creek/Tiburon. Buddy and I went and played Indian Creek a few weeks back. To me that's the best value course in the city.
  10. Got a good laugh out of that. Even though it's an older course I enjoy playing there. Actually makes you hit different golf shots compared to some courses around here that are wide open and you can miss 3 fairways either way
  11. Played Johnny Goodman over the weekend. Forgot how undulated those greens were. Every pin seemed like it was on the side of a hill. 33 putts on the day with 2 chips ins.
  12. My goal for the year was to to shoot even for the first time ever. But between not playing as much as I'd like and a little accident cutting a watermelon my golf time has been severely limited.
  13. It was a long course. I think the shortest par 3 we played was 190ish. A couple monster par 4s. I shot an 84 and was thrilled with that score.
  14. Played Tatanka this year for my brothers bachelor party. Buddy of mine runs the clubhouse up there so we got a steal of a deal. If you haven't had the chance to play that make sure to add it to the list. By far the longest course I've played. Didn't pay attention to the score card and played the next to longest tees (can't remember the color). Got to about the 8th hold and looked and it was 7100 yards from the tees we were playing. A couple monster holes and if the wind is blowing good luck. Definitely want to make it out to Dismal some day. I've heard nothing but good things about it.
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