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  1. wiuhusker

    Your Most Fun Time At A Huskers Game

    There are 2 games that come to mind for me for most fun... The comeback against Ohio State when Braxton Miller got hurt. Went to the game with my sister and sat in the east stadium which is something I've done for 1 other game. Was just up far enough that we weren't getting wet with the rain. My last vivid memory of the game is I remember yelling "he's wide open" when T-mart "missed" Aaron Green running down the sideline on the wheel route. The other game that comes to mind for me is the 2012 Wiscy comeback. This one was more fun because where we were sitting in south stadium was packed with Wiscy fans who let us have it after they went up 14-0. It was nice to sit there in silence and not say anything during the comeback and ultimately the win. Man they were awfully quiet on the way out.
  2. wiuhusker

    MLB 2019 Season

    As a Cardinal fan I feel your pain. Our starters have been mediocre at best 1 time through the rotation and the "improved bullpen" blew a 4-1 lead in Milwaukee. The team that wins the Central this year will be the team that puts together some semblance of a decent bullpen and/or their starting pitching carries them. I'm really wanting the Cardinals to make a push for Keuchel or Kimbrel at this point.
  3. wiuhusker

    2019 NCAA Tournament Contest

    #1 UNC #2 Michigan State #2 Tennessee #6 Villanova #6 Iowa State #12 Murray State #12 Oregon #13 Vermont #13 UC Irvine
  4. wiuhusker

    A DYNASTY fantasy football league

    I might be interested in something like this. What site do you use?
  5. wiuhusker

    High School Shot Clock

    I think one of the biggest reasons for lower scores is the amount of zone defense that gets played. That and the 3 pointer or layup mentality that is taking over basketball. Lost is the day of a mid range jump shot.
  6. wiuhusker

    High School Shot Clock

    I don't think it is a shot clock issue either. It's coaches that want their teams to move the ball for 30-35 seconds before even looking at the rim instead of running things to get a good look early. Or letting their team get out in transition and get easy layups. i attribute it to coaches wanting to have total control over a game.
  7. wiuhusker

    High School Shot Clock

    To me a high school varsity basketball player shouldn't have to be confined to a set offense or princeton style offense every trip down. Let the kids play through a free flowing style and teach them what they can and can't do within the structure of said offense and let them go. Use film room to teach and correct things. Too many coaches confine their players too much by running offenses that may not put their athletes in the best position to win and be successful.
  8. wiuhusker

    High School Shot Clock

    I work at a facility in Omaha that is connected to one of the Summer AAU clubs so we could have a very lengthy chat about those. The guys that run the one I work at are very knowledgeable and do things the right way. But some of the stories they tell me crazy.
  9. wiuhusker

    High School Shot Clock

    I think the fundamentals people are referring to are kids learning how to play within the flow of a game without having a set offense. Learning how to read different types of screens, different ways to get open, how to be effective without having the ball in your hand. A lot of times if a kid doesn't have the ball in their hand they have no idea what they can do to help the team. Little things like that are taking a hit because I don't think there's enough good coaches both in HS and summer teams that can teach them properly.
  10. wiuhusker

    High School Shot Clock

    I agree with most of this. My brother and I graduated high school 4 years apart and both of our teams were successful given what our high school boys basketball history was. The team my senior year tried to make every game a track meet and to be honest we were terrible at trying to stall. My brothers team walked the ball up the floor every possession. Not sure what caused the coach to completely change philosophies over the years but it was 2 totally different teams. And while fundamentals are taking a hit in HS basketball, one could argue the bigger issue is coaches needing to be too involved in the game. If you have good enough players let them play and let the athletes be athletes. Too much needing to call a set offense every possession. The biggest thing al shot clock would do would is it would force coaches to let the game be more free flowing which would be hard for most.
  11. wiuhusker

    High School Shot Clock

    There 100% needs to be some sort of a shot clock in high school. Some of the shoe circuits in the summer AAU season have adopted a 30 second shot clock. Now not every summer basketball player is going to play in college but lets not hinder the ones that are good enough. The biggest adjustment that could be made to help HS hoops is going to either 18 or 20 minute halves or potentially maybe making the switch to 4 10 minute quarters. I think making a change to one of those 2 options would be more beneficial than adding a shot clock.
  12. wiuhusker

    Cam Jurgens NOT injured again

    You pretty much nailed it. Think of your body as a tree or plant. Your feet are the roots to what we do daily. I have seen many people with back, knee and hip pain have it all attributed back to having weak feet. Now does this mean to go start doing everything you do barefoot? Not really. It's a normal progression just like a weight lifting or running program. But the idea is that if your feet are strong and functioning as they should that it will keep the knee properly in line and functioning, which in turn helps the hips and so on. This deal with Cam is something other than what is going on in the weight room. With the resources UNL has if there was any sort of warning sign I'm sure the proper precautions would have been taken. Especially given the events of last winter with the rhabdo episodes.
  13. wiuhusker

    Cam Jurgens NOT injured again

    Well that went right over my head.
  14. wiuhusker

    Cam Jurgens NOT injured again

    Actually barefoot lifting has shown to be very beneficial for the lower extremity if done and programmed properly. I would guess there's just something genetically weaker with Cam's lower half.
  15. wiuhusker

    OLB Mitchell Melton

    Didn't we recently get a player from his high school?