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  1. wiuhusker

    Huskerboard Fantasy Football 2019

    27th works best for me as well.
  2. wiuhusker

    Huskerboard Fantasy Football 2019

    8:30 central on any week night would be fine. Try to avoid the 26th if possible as that's when my other leagues draft is.
  3. wiuhusker

    2020 F Max Murrell

    He's got enough offers from big schools that there won't be a need to reclassify. He also has a 31 or 32 on his ACT so academics are huge for him. No idea who his top schools are here but I truly don't think Nebraska would be in his top 3 right now. Uphill battle for us for sure. Part of the problem I think was that he was the last of the MIllard North kids to get an offer.
  4. wiuhusker

    2020 F Max Murrell

    Can he flat out cut them? No. But let's not act like he can't go up to a player and tell them he's got no intention of playing them at Nebraska. What kid sticks around after hearing that. Bottom line is Max can flat out play. He'd be a great fit for what Nebraska does but I don't think he ends up in Lincoln.
  5. wiuhusker

    PreSeason Coaches' Poll

    Is it just me or is Wisconsin a little high? I mean they very well could be good but I don't think they make much of a jump forward this year.
  6. wiuhusker

    2020 F Max Murrell

    If Hoiberg decides he wants Max bad enough, or any other kid for that matter, there will be a spot for them.
  7. wiuhusker

    2020 F Max Murrell

    This kid would be a perfect fit for Hoibergs system. Nebraska has a long ways to go here to make up ground though.
  8. Haven't been on the board much the last few months....what have I missed?

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Enhance


      Emoji and Youtube music video madness.

    3. HUSKERherc


      Brick killed a guy and we had a funeral for a bird!

    4. wiuhusker


      @Enhance baby shark?


  9. wiuhusker

    Huskerboard Fantasy Football 2019

    I could pitch in $10 for the league this year. Not against an auction draft but have never done one. Just as long as I end up with Mahomes we can do whatever.
  10. wiuhusker

    Huskerboard Fantasy Football 2019

    I'm in as well.
  11. wiuhusker

    Your Most Fun Time At A Huskers Game

    There are 2 games that come to mind for me for most fun... The comeback against Ohio State when Braxton Miller got hurt. Went to the game with my sister and sat in the east stadium which is something I've done for 1 other game. Was just up far enough that we weren't getting wet with the rain. My last vivid memory of the game is I remember yelling "he's wide open" when T-mart "missed" Aaron Green running down the sideline on the wheel route. The other game that comes to mind for me is the 2012 Wiscy comeback. This one was more fun because where we were sitting in south stadium was packed with Wiscy fans who let us have it after they went up 14-0. It was nice to sit there in silence and not say anything during the comeback and ultimately the win. Man they were awfully quiet on the way out.
  12. wiuhusker

    MLB 2019 Season

    As a Cardinal fan I feel your pain. Our starters have been mediocre at best 1 time through the rotation and the "improved bullpen" blew a 4-1 lead in Milwaukee. The team that wins the Central this year will be the team that puts together some semblance of a decent bullpen and/or their starting pitching carries them. I'm really wanting the Cardinals to make a push for Keuchel or Kimbrel at this point.
  13. wiuhusker

    2019 NCAA Tournament Contest

    #1 UNC #2 Michigan State #2 Tennessee #6 Villanova #6 Iowa State #12 Murray State #12 Oregon #13 Vermont #13 UC Irvine
  14. wiuhusker

    A DYNASTY fantasy football league

    I might be interested in something like this. What site do you use?
  15. wiuhusker

    High School Shot Clock

    I think one of the biggest reasons for lower scores is the amount of zone defense that gets played. That and the 3 pointer or layup mentality that is taking over basketball. Lost is the day of a mid range jump shot.