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  1. huskerenner

    Aaron Hernandez, you done goofed.

    Hopefully it will save the state some tax paying dollars.But they will probably waste what they save on investigating the dirt bags death.
  2. huskerenner

    Nebraska vs Rutgers

    Baseball here yet?
  3. huskerenner

    Music City Bowl vs Tennessee

    Lack of talent.Lack of coaching. Lack of faith in the program.Next year will be better? Merry Christmas!
  4. huskerenner

    How long until Miles is on the hot seat

    Watching U. Conn women's team the other night.Wonder how the men would fare against them?
  5. If this story proves to be accurate,she should never get that child returned to her.
  6. huskerenner

    Langsdorf on Offensive Identity

    Not quite. Multiple times receivers had 3-5 yards on the db's and the qb just didn't execute. Can't fault a coordinator for lack of execution on plays that worked the way they were designed to. Also, can't fault a coordinator for deciding to throw 40 yards down field when another receiver running a crossing route is wide open. Plays are called by people who understand the game (not someone who just watches where the ball goes on a tv screen), they have to be executed by players. [/quoteThis has been a problem for Armstrong his whole career.Locking in on one reciever,not checking down to the open guy.Ready for a change at Q.B.,and if that doesn't improvethe situation,start looking for a new O.C.
  7. huskerenner


    When its iowa it does
  8. huskerenner

    Two years in....no growth

    A sad pac12 team might just kick our ass
  9. That's the same amount of fingers as you had in points [/quotAnd the same number of times your mom wished she had aborted you Ethan817e]
  10. huskerenner

    Iowa Post-Game Pressers

    Riley has been coaching too long for him to fall into a trap.Poor coaching will not cut it here very long.Ask Bo and Frank.
  11. huskerenner

    It's Bowl Time!!!

    Probably a good thing.Don't need to embarass ourselvesagain to start out a new year.
  12. huskerenner

    Iowa is just a superior football program

    Which only shows how far we have fallen.Iowa used to be a dog turd on the bottom of our shoes. Oh,they still are.We just joined them.
  13. huskerenner

    Injury updates

    I think Barney,hmmm I mean Ryker will be fine.Just neeeds some of Aunt Bea's apple pie,and a few words of encouragement from Andy and Opie.
  14. huskerenner

    Armstrong Still a Possibility for Minnesota Game

    But if Armstrong is dizzy and has vertigo,maybe he won't pass off balance on the wrong foot.
  15. I think her and Bill make a lovely couple..... Where is his left hand?