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  1. milehihusker

    LB Terez Hall [Missouri Commit]

    Saw that too. Too bad. All the best to him. Who's next?
  2. milehihusker

    SIGNED - LS Jordan Ober

  3. milehihusker

    SIGNED - LS Jordan Ober

    Sorry not sure hot imbed a twitter link.
  4. milehihusker

    SIGNED - LS Jordan Ober

    N per his Twitter account.
  5. milehihusker

    The Sock Puppet Rides!

    This was the best thread ever! Thanks the.sock.puppet! GBR!
  6. milehihusker

    Post if you stayed up to the end of the game

    Yeah, but I live in Vancouver. Still tired at 11:30 here though! GBR!
  7. milehihusker

    Recruiting has lost steam... Where do we go from here?

    1st Wednesday in Feb. I believe.
  8. milehihusker

    Vancouver, BC

    My family and I just moved to Vancouver last spring, and we love our Huskers. I was born in Norfolk and raised in NE Nebraska. Wondering if there are any other Husker fans in the Lower Mainland of BC. It would be great to start a Husker watch party somewhere in the Lower Mainland, in Bellingham, WA, or even drive a few hours for a big game down to the Husker Watch parties near Seattle. GBR!
  9. milehihusker

    Imani Cross's ability.

    He reminded me some of Dan Alexander. If Cross can develop into something like Alexander or better, wow! I think all of us would be pretty happy with that!