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  1. The greatest fans in college football you ask? Wish I was with them. Some of the funnier tweets I came across.
  2. 'This Isn't Year Zero': Scott Frost Expects an Immediate Turnaround at Nebraska
  3. The day is upon us... If most of us are honest with ourselves, this feeling has been dormant for 3 years. The excitement, the passion, the anticipation, the nerves, the optimism, the pessimism, the wonder, the goosebumps and the cold tickle on the back of your neck when Nebraska begins their march towards the field for the first time in a year while 90,000 lose their collective minds. Yes we have endured some trying times. And many of us tried remaining calm as the fire engulfed what we once enjoyed. Today, August 31st 2018 is the last day of "The Calm". Tomorrow, is a new beginning. As fresh a start as a program of this caliber fallen on hard times can get. The hometown hero, the prodigy is officially home to right the wrongs and steer the ship back on course. A tall task for even the mightiest of men, but one met head on by what could truly be the next in a short list of whose who dynasty coaches. When Nebraska takes the field tomorrow night, lose your collective minds and get lost in the moment. Relish how good that feeling once again feels. Regardless of where you are, whether it be Memorial Stadium to your couch, remember those emotions that sweep over you. For those are once in a lifetime feelings. The obsession with college football, and the thrill we get from Nebraska playing aren't something to take lightly. Personally those feelings haven't been felt since the Fall of 2014. But tomorrow night the forecast reads "WARNING, FROST ADVISORY". Today is the last day of "The Calm", the final stage of being indifferent towards something we once felt perhaps overly passionate about. The future is here...
  4. The men's basketball team had their "secret" scrimmage against ISU today. Keeping in mind, this isn't exactly a real game as there are additional stoppages, substitutions, etc...ISU won by about 9. Here is the links to the information so far about it. One is from an ISU writer so it is about ISU, however it does give a few more details. http://journalstar.com/sports/huskers/mens-basketball/huskers-have-encouraging-scrimmage-at-iowa-state/article_64d1f47d-f764-5012-ab1d-6ad3526d55fe.html http://cyclonefanatic.com/forum/threads/updated-insider-iowa-state-beat-nebraska-by-9-today-details-here.223073/ FYI - the same ISU writer mentioned that the Nebraska women played ISU in Lincoln and Nebraska lost by over 20.
  5. Nebraska Cornhuskers (11-7) vs. Indiana State Sycamores (13-7) Tuesday, March 22 (3 p.m.) Probable Starters: RHP Engelken (0-1) vs. TBA TV: None Audio Stream: Huskers.com | Video Stream: USTREAM Radio: Husker Sports Network Wednesday, March 23 (3 p.m.) Probable Starters: TBA vs. TBA TV: None Audio Stream: Huskers.com | Video Stream: USTREAM Radio: Husker Sports Network Rest of article. Link for video stream USTREAM. Not sure if it's free or paid because my work computer won't load the page.
  6. Lots of threads to discuss many different things and share different opinions. Not this one though. Let's use this thread to show support this week as our Huskers take on the Hawkeyes. The Big Red is riding some momentum, going for three in a row and finishing strong. This will be the second top 10 team to come to Lincoln in three weeks. And just Like Ronda Rousey, Sparty came into town undefeated and got KNOCKED OUT! This time it will be Iowa. It's game week fellas! It's Iowa week! And all it takes is two words: BEAT IOWA! Believe. Practice. Perform on game day. That's the message to the team. Again, let's do our part and get behind the Huskers by showing our support. Our House! Our Huskers! Our Team! GO BIG RED! GO BIG RED! GO BIG RED! So who's with me?! Y'all know the drill! Let's do this! GO HUSKERS! BEAT IOWA!
  7. As per the request of zoogs and the great responses from last week, we are going to get behind the Huskers by showing support for them all week. There are lots of other threads to discuss other topics and share opinions. Not this one. It's game week! It's a road game! It's The Big Red vs The Scarlet Knights! The Husker Mission: Go to New Jersey and BEAT RUTGERS! Our Mission on HB: To get behind them and show support! All it takes is a few words.... GO BIG RED! BEAT RUTGERS! Momentum. Momentum. Momentum. The Huskers are coming off an inspiring victory over #7 MSU. The Big Red will be practicing hard all week, focused and determined to get better as they shoot for two in a row this Saturday at 2:30pm, in Piscataway, New Jersey, against the Scarlet Knights of Rutgers. So let's get behind OUR team, behind OUR Huskers, and show support for them! Bump this thread and keep it going strong all week until kickoff. Let's do this! GO BIG RED! BEAT RUTGERS!
  8. Lots of threads to discuss many different things and share different opinions. Not this one though. It's game week. It's Michigan State week. Two words: Beat Sparty! Let's use this thread to show support this week as our Huskers take on Michigan State. We love our Huskers, and we know the Big Red will be practicing and preparing all week. Let's get behind them. All it takes is two words - Beat Sparty! Bump it and let's keep it going until kickoff Show some support! Who's with me! Let's do this! Go Huskers! Beat Sparty!
  9. GM_Tood


    Planning on making the trip to Champaign in Oct for the game. Any locals that have recommendations on lodging/restaurants/must sees/etc post 'em.
  10. Big congrats, to the soon to be Huskers, for being named Under Armour All-Americans by the American Volleyball Coaches Association on Wednesday. First Team- Mikaela Foecke Second Team-Kenzie Maloney Third Team-Tiani Reeves http://www.avca.org/awards/all-america/high-school/
  11. Nebraska will start the season #10. I will post the official announcement when it becomes available. (Three other B1G teams in the Top 10 as well) Will be on the site soon here: http://avca.org/polls/di-women/
  12. The Vaqueras of Bayamon in the Puerto Rican league won their first match of the season in four. Hannah Werth had 15 points and Lauren Cook had all of the teams 26 assists (deceptive number because the assist rule in PR is different than we are used to.) Also, Leonas de Ponce who are 2-0; Gina Mancuso 12 kills 1st match, 21 kills 2nd match. Nice job ladies!
  13. The American Volleyball Coaches Association (AVCA) is proud to announce the seventh annual Under Armour Girls High School All-America Teams. The 100 players selected for this year's honors represent 32 states and 89 high schools. Many have already committed to play collegiate volleyball at some of the top programs in the country. Each of the players on the First Team will be invited to play in the Under Armour All-America Volleyball Match & Skills Competition. The event will be held at the KFC Yum! Center on December 14th in Louisville, Ky., in conjunction with the 2012 AVCA Annual Convention. http://avca.org/awar...ca/high-school/ Congrats to Husker recruits Amber Rolfzen(1st Team), Kadie Rolfzen(1st Team), Kira Larson(2nd Team), and Kelly Hunter(2nd Team).
  14. Lets let the countdown Begin! With a mere 96 days away, this countdown should go quick, hope everyone is enjoying their summers so far. I would be more specific but we don't know the gametime for Southern Miss yet, and hopefully this will help hurry through the boring offseason, anyways... 96 Days :bigredn: :bigredn: :bigredn: :bigredn:
  15. Hello everyone, I stumbled across a former Nebraskan, living in LA, who is currently working on a Husker Documentary called "Through These Gates." Still in the works, the previews look amazing so far!!! Thought I would pass along... http://vimeo.com/user10624205 Their Twitter handle is @ThruTheseGates Hope you enjoy!
  16. Hope you have an enjoyable day; the first game of the B1G GBR GBR GBR :cheers GBR
  17. Hope you have a great day after that stupendous game and thanks for being an integral part of HB GBR
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