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Found 2 results

  1. We have an extensive collection of quality Husker Memorabilia (154 items) for sale at a very significant discount. We originally purchased these items with the intent to resell them in a side-venture business that wound up being an excessive draw on resources away from our primary business. We have since folded that project and now are looking to find a buyer who would like to purchase the collection as a whole, as we have no future plans to continue with the side-venture. We have invested over $12,500 in the items listed below but now need to liquidate this entire stock as soon as reasonable. It is our intention to sell the collection as a whole, rather than piecemeal, in order to facilitate an easier transaction given the substantial reduction in price. We are asking $4,950 (less than half-price) for the whole collection. The items could be resold individually, for instance, at a much higher value by the buyer if he/she would like to on his/her own time, as we do not have the time/resources to do so ourselves in this sale. As inquiries develop (or as we have the time/opportunity to make updates), we can include additional notes/photos of specific items within the list if needed. You can view the list of items in the collection at the following link: http://maunlemke.com/HuskerMemorabiliaList.html If you have interest in acquiring an excellent variety of Husker Memorabilia items (as a starter collection for yourself, or perhaps to resell on your own), we would love to hear from you. See inquiries only please. Please see the contact page on the site to get in touch with us: http://maunlemke.com/HuskerContact.html Thank you and GBR!
  2. blackshirtstch

    1994 National Championship DVD Set

    I have the 1994 National Championship Season DVD Set for sale on Ebay. This set was originally sold by Husker Video, which is owned by Mike Osborne and Osborne Family Enterprises. Never been watched and still very much new. Here is the ebay link. http://www.ebay.com/...984.m1555.l2649 I'm also selling a couple of Husker jerseys. First, an Adidas Husker replica Wistrom jersey with both his autograph and Coach Osborne's autograph. A COA (certificate of authenticity) also comes with the jersey. Pictures are available upon request. Additionally, I have a replica Frazier jersey for sale, as well. There are pictures of this jersey available upon request as well.