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Found 5 results

  1. Great stuff from Brando who will be on the call for the game this Saturday. He seems to believe Neb can stay with Wisconsin in the division and offers some keen insight on the Oregon loss and prospects going forward. 9: 30 mark of video
  2. Hey guys! I'm actually a Michigan State media member but I host a radio show called Big Ten Legends that feature former football or basketball players that had great careers. I had legendary player Eric Crouch on my show and he was a wonderful guest! In an in depth interview 35 minute interview Crouch and I discuss his recruiting, career highlights at Nebraska, the invasion of South Bend (He speaks very highly of you guys!), his Heisman Trophy, playing in the national title game, what he is doing now and much more! This was played on over 145 radio stations but I thought HUSKER NATION should hear one of their own legends talk about his career! I posted this in a Facebook Cornhusker fan group and they absolutely loved it so give it a listen and let me know what you guys think! He isn't the last Cornhusker I'll have on my show so if you want to give me a follow on Twitter it's @SethNewman32 for the latest tweets about Big Ten football and guests on my show, go ahead. Good luck this season guys, and I'll see you under the lights in East Lansing very soon! http://bit.ly/1oxQyxE Above is the link to the Eric Crouch interview! Thanks for your listen!
  3. LOOK! Fellow Husker fans, it's time we embrace someone young, fiery, and a true Nebraska man. Lane Kiffin is hands down the best coach on the market and someone who clearly aligns with what we're looking for both on and off the field. Has he made his mistakes?! YOU BET! Who hasn't at his age tho? He is arguably the best recruiter in the nation and a family man through n through!!! LK is the spark this University has been MISSING since Tom stepped down. Martinez, Kellogg? ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! We need a true NEBRASKA man!!! Lane has the chops to bring us back to prominence and get us BACK ON THE BOARD!!! Let's hear it, Cornhuskers!!! What do ya think about bringing LK to Lincoln and returning to the top, where we would be the CREAM OF THE CROP in college football?!? He consistently has TOP 10 recruiting classes and has the pro experience the top recruits want!!! He is a confident father and looking to CLEAR his name that has been drug through the mud for absolutely NO REASON! C'mon, Cornhuskers! Let's start this movement for LK and let's get back to the TOP!!! -Unreasonably Rational but FED UP Cornhusker fan.
  4. People who are angry about the current situation of Nebraska are right. 1. Bo Pelini is not Nebraska football. Nebraska football is much bigger than him. STOP bashing people who question his ability to make the Huskers successful. 2. Nebraska has just as much of a chance to become a dominating winner as any other school in the country. STOP saying Nebraska can't go back to the glory days. Heard a guy on the radio yesterday talking about Alabama before Nick Saban, and it sounded a lot like Nebraska now. Don't give up on the program. 3. Continue to show up to games, continue to buy Huskers gear, but don't let people tell you that you have to cheer no matter what. You don't celebrate something as awful as losing to Minnesota or getting undressed on national television by UCLA. 4. Dare to dream. The next hire at HC if Bo is gone could end up being another Billy C, or it could be the coach needed to put Nebraska on top.
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