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Found 12 results

  1. Where we should be recruiting our players from, and how our past coaches were doing it wrong/right, is argued about a lot, so I decided to make these. These are not really of recruits, they're of the rosters. The way I assigned players was by the first time they showed up on the roster. If a player was on the roster in 2007 and 2008 (like Suh) he was assigned to Callahan. If a player is on Osborne's roster from 1992-1996, they're only included once. One small issue with this is I think someone on the scout team (like when they were huge in the 90s) who moves onto the roster might be as
  2. Coach changes are very upsetting to both players and fans. We, my wife and I traveled to Wisconsin last year and witnessed Pelini cuss out a player. At the time we were up 17-0 and the players shut down on Pelini literally, it was an embarrassment for all Nebraskans. Pelini was pictured constantly on the big board; everyone could read the lips of foul mouthed Pelini trash talk a player as he pointed his finger and followed the player for two plays with his back to the field. Pelini should have been fired, probably never hired! Frank Solich inherited a wonderful program from Tom Osborne.
  3. This is very interesting. Definitely worth a read. http://regressing.deadspin.com/chart-which-fired-ncaa-football-coaches-were-biggest-d-1669044736
  4. I've silently stalked Huskerboard for over seven years now, lazily dropping in to get the pulse of the Husker nation, as it were. Perhaps the forum's not representative, maybe it tilts towards a dissatisfied, cynically-critical cohort of fans, but I believe it to be enthusiastic, insightful, and if nothing else, engaged. It's great for a relatively casual observer-fan to read the opinions and debates of people more knowledgeable than myself. There's no question in my mind that Bo Pelini was a crucial and marked upgrade from Bill Callahan, a man who should never have set foot in Lincoln, le
  5. What is wrong with you people???? I am new to this board but am a life long Husker fan. Really? Fire a coach who has won 9 games EVERY YEAR??? Here is some comments from people smarter than me and really smarter than the people who want him fired! I will post the links below! So you whiners need to stop dreaming of the 1990s. They are gone and might never come back. But 9-3 program every year is nothing to be embarrassed about. Who the hell wants to come to Nebraska when we whine about 9-3? I assume if Nebraska went 7-5 there would be riots in Lincoln. We run a prett
  6. Given the current turmoil, I am curious to know: When Pelini was hired on, what were your short term expectations? Long term expectations? As seasons have passed, how have those expectations changed? Did you expect a national title every year, conference titles and a bowl win (50/50 bowl win-loss?), just conference titles and bowl appearances with no determination of W/L, perennial top 10 ranking, etc? I expect snarky responses but at least put an honest response too. I am interested to hear where people had set the bar when Pelini took the helm. I feel like this season specifi
  7. Taking the lead from IA State Husker, here's Caption Contest #2. You know the drill.
  8. Here is a little something to chew on for all the Pelini apologists. I was once one of them, but facts are facts and I've only seen a stubborn man cling to a scheme that worked against the spread only when he had a once in a lifetime DT named Suh. Cosgrove doesn't look so bad now does he? FML.
  9. After the bare bottom beatdown tOSU gave us Pelini and Co. have been true to their word, WE HAVE BEEN WINNING! It looks like Pelini looked long and hard into the abyss then found a solution. Pump the sunshine.
  10. Hey all, I've been so out of the loop! & wanted to know whether BO & others were still irate over forums, in particular NCIU, & their rumor-mills & leaks -???  Last season/yr BO was really PO'ed & blasting the Husker Forum which operates under the guise "National Cable Installers Union" who he believed started certain rumors,etc.. After being 'outted' & getting so much bad-attention NCIU was discussing changing its name-alias, tho unsure if they did. You see, my hubby Drew cocky-cox is a member of NCIU, which in all honestly I find rather CULT-ISH ! It's so secreti
  11. Well, I believe it's pretty much official and there is suppose to be a news conference on Monday, December 5th announcing him as the new HC at FAU? I'm not sure what to think as far as how it will affect our program? I don't think it will hurt us at all since Bo is HC and it actually could be a blessing in some indirect way, especially if he takes Cotton with him!
  12. No matter how we lose, people can use the result to suit their own predispositions about the coach and the team. It is damn funny to read the board after a loss like this. This loss falls COMPLETELY on Bo because: a) It's his job to motivate the players and keep them focused on the next game b) He's not playing the players that are difference makers (Osborne, SJB, etc) c) He loses to a bad team every year, so it's a pattern with him and his staff or Bo is a great coach and it's ludicrous to blame this loss on him because: a) His D-line is thin and secondary is inexperien
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