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Found 15 results

  1. Big 12 will use the NCAA exemption to have a conference title game in spite of having only 10 members. Rumor has it that the game will be held in Austin and will feature the team with the best record against Texas. In unlikely case that Texas will have the best record the title game will be an intrasquad affair facing the burnt orange vs the white tampons.
  2. I'd like to request a name change to VectorVictor, please. It's something I picked up from my time in a Turkish prison. Thanks.
  3. Alright, so we have a Chevy Trailblazer, and I'm needing to get a replacement Chevy Bowtie sticker/decal for the factory one that's wearing off. I've seen multiple Nebraska fans going around with these replacement decals, but I haven't had any luck going online and finding one ready made. I've seen numerous vehicles both back home and in Texass with them...so I know people are getting them from somewhere... Anyway, could someone here point me in the right direction on how to get a Nebraska-themed replacement Chevy Bowtie sticker/decal? I would be most appreciative.
  4. Just had someone send this to me this morning, found it interesting. A UNL English Teacher and Environmentalist is calling for the Balloon Tradition to be replaced due to the new balloons not being bio-degradable. The petition says the “supposedly biodegradable latex” balloons travel hundreds to thousands of miles, posing a risk of ensnaring wildlife with their ribbons. Now, why is this posted here and not, say, in the football section? Because there are certain folks that don't understand that politics don't belong in that forum, and anything environmental seems to devolve with certain folks into something less than desirable. IMO if the balloons are being advertised as biodegradable and we have examples where that isn't the case, then this should be investigated by the University and changes made if these new biodegradable balloons are not as advertised. As to whether the replacement is going to actual, proven biodegradable balloons, or replacing the tradition completely, I don't know. But as innocuous as it sounds, I've heard of farmers in central and western Nebraska having problems with livestock ingesting deflated balloons that have landed in their field (not known if it's a balloon from DoNU or not) and ultimately killing said livestock.
  5. An article from Hail Varsity re: Tim Beck's media comments post-McNeese State debacle: Also They go further down the rabbit hole here. I don't care if you're a position coach, head coach, coordinator, the Weinerslinger(sp) operator--you don't *hope* that what your responsible for works, you put work and due diligence in so you trust that it will work correctly. If you're hoping it works, then IMO I'm not sure you're going about things the right way...
  6. Nevermind, Knapplc beat me to the punch.
  7. http://www.huskers.com/ViewArticle.dbml?SPSID=101&SPID=33&DB_LANG=C&DB_OEM_ID=100&ATCLID=209368637 Just a friendly FYI. Baseball season is just around the corner...as is a B1G Baseball Title, right?
  8. Source: Lincoln Journal-Star Great, so now we're going to have to listen to the Wyoming fans go on and on about how one-sided the announcers are...
  9. Hey everyone. I'm looking for three to five tickets to the Iowa game that are together. Wanting to take my daughter to her first game while we're back home for Thanksgiving. Thanks!
  10. Via his column on Yahoo.com Of note: Good opportunity for Bo and Nebraska to get back on the main stage, though playing tOSU in the B1G Title Game if we've run through our season untested (quite possible, if MSU and Michigan are not up to snuff) could cause us problems...
  11. Here's the deal--with my Television provider (Verizon FiOS), they have BTN On-Demand for the on-demand service (read: NOT the website) and all of the programming they've had on the network, including 2012 season football games, are available for all of the schools... ...except Nebraska. Additionally, all of the B1G schools have their own individualized folder on the FiOS on-demand network with content related to their school (e.g. 2012 season games, Icons shows, best games)... ...except Nebraska. So I'm asking if folks that have BTN via their television provider can help me out and check their on-demand service (again--not the website, but their television provider's on-demand service) and let me know if they have the following: a) Nebraska-related content b) a Nebraska-specific folder with content Silly, I know, but it would help me figure out if this is a nation-wide/network thing, or if this is a localized issue that I need to get with the local Verizon execs about.
  12. Tuesday, March 19th at 8:00pm CST and Wednesday, March 20th at 8:00pm CST. You can watch the games here, I believe. I would like to see us split this, but with our bats being non-existent, that may be asking for too much.
  13. ESPN Article Of note, Delaney had mentioned the Pinstripe Bowl as a possible destination. Would frankly like to see this idea dropped and more Texas-area bowls brought in (e.g. Alamo, Cotton)...thoughts?
  14. Here's a video of it in action. If you haven't heard of this, it's an idea the folks that run the Steam gaming service for PCs have, where you can run Steam on a big screen TV, say in your den or living room, with a controller. Currently, it requires that you connect your existing PC to the TV, and you can use a 360 or Logitech controller to navigate the entirety of Steam. You can even check the Beta out on your PC and mess around with it, if you're not inclined to hook your PC up to a TV and kick back on the couch. All of this appears to be leading up to what has been rumored for a while, now--a Steam 'console', if you will, or a small form factor PC that is capable of handling current, new, and past games that you can put with the rest of your A/V hardware and not have it stand out.
  15. I didn't see anything on the boards about this yet (sorry if I overlooked), but the Big 10 is rolling out a new ticket reservation system called TeamTix for the Big 10 title game. Big Ten TeamTix Link Apparently you put $10/ticket down as a reservation per seat, and later this season, if you want your seat, you pay the remainder and you know you have a seat. If you don't want it (or you don't think your team will make it), you just forfeit the $10 reservation per seat and the ticket goes back up for sale. This way, you don't have to worry about unloading unwanted tickets or taking a hit when unloading them (save for the $10/seat charge). Wanted to see what you all thought about this. Tickets go on sale tomorrow with this system, btw. I plan on reserving a few for my family, as I'm always the optimist.
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