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  1. Equipment Staff: Upwardly Mobile – The Equipment Manager has dreams of climbing the coaching ranks, and gets this position because he has shown the potential to hold a higher office. HuskerBoard’s Equipment Manager is a guy who may be just starting out, but who already exhibits the potential to one day become a Head Coach or a Coordinator. Coachability – Aspiring to the coaching ranks is a noble pursuit, but there is a steep learning curve. The Equipment Manager needs to be able to take instruction well, and put that instruction to good use. So this position should be filled by a guy who learns from the Vets and applies what he learns in his posts. This is not just someone whose ideas have no conviction, just someone who is willing to listen and learn from solid advice. Starting Small – Let’s face it, the road to the coaching ranks begins at the lowest levels. Aspiring Offensive Coordinators and Head Coaches need to get their feet wet somehow. The Equipment Manager should be a guy who, while he hasn’t been around very long, already exhibits some of the qualities we see in the Head Coach and/or Offensive/Defensive Coordinator: gives instruction, fires off frequent posts and provides good information. VOTING CLOSES 3/31
  2. Strength & Conditioning Staff: Willingness to Serve – Strength & Conditioning is critical position in Husker Nation, and these guys must be willing to give their all to the team. Finding errors on the site or suggestions for the Feedback Forum, while not so glamorous, help HuskerBoard to be a better place for all. Uplifting – The S&C Interns keep the team on the field strong all four quarters, allowing us to dominate at the end of the game. HuskerBoard’s S&C Interns are guys who adds fresh perspective to the thread, or who bring out that key point that may have been missed so far in the conversation. These are also folks who stick around through the off season, providing witty commentary or bringing up interesting points to ponder during the 2/3 of the year without football. Unsung Hero – Weak players are bad players. The S&C Interns are the backbone of the program, but often get overlooked in the process. HuskerBoard’s S&C Interns should be those guys whose contributions, while worthwhile, somehow leave them out of the limelight. This is our chance to say “thanks” for all of their work that may seem to go unnoticed. VOTING CLOSES 3/31
  3. Recruiting Staff: New To The Team – This is often the first position available to a new member on the staff, but someone whose impact can be felt right away. These posters should be someone who have never held a position in the Starting Lineup before, but whose contributions are unique to the board and whose fresh perspective have put him slightly ahead of the rest of the crowd.  Lots of Hustle – A Recruiting Coordinator Intern has to keep all the pieces moving, keeping the staff up-to-date on all their travel plans, getting whatever is needed as fast as possible to keep the fresh recruits coming in. HuskerBoard’s Recruiting Interns should contribute more than just talk in Husker Football, whether that contribution is providing info in the Recruiting forum, helping answer questions in the Audio/Video forum, providing yummy recipes in Roxy's Recipes forum, or even making helpful and informative Status Updates. High Turnover – Unfortunately, the Recruiting Coordinator Intern is a position with lots of potential for turnover. Interns come, Interns go. This is your chance to give that new guy a well-deserved “attaboy” for his contributions, and make him feel like a member of the team. Who knows, he may stick around.  VOTING CLOSES 3/31
  4. Defensive Special Teamer (Gunner):  Insane - Have you ever seen these idiots play football? They run as fast as they possibly can down the field in order to run into an oncoming wedge/defender head on! But, busting up a wedge to allow another player to make the tackle on the returner is very important. This poster probably has some weird and wild ideas, but still get the job done. Eric Martin is just the most recent example of this position, but Brandon Rigoni may be the best.  Speedy - Once the ball is in the air, the defensive special teamers need to get to the ball as fast as possible to either make the tackle or down a punt close to the opposing goal-line. There's nothing that frustrates a coach more than giving the other team 20 free yards! We need someone who is a speed poster and has the body control and ability to down the ball inside the 10! Young - Coaches love to use true freshmen on special teams. Normally they don't want their skill players getting hurt on a kick/punt coverage or returning. I think this position should be filled by a "rookie" of HuskerBoard - maybe someone who has only been here for 3 months or less...longer if we can't think of anyone. VOTING CLOSES 3/24
  5. Punt Returner: Fair Catch ability - If the PR knows he's going to get drilled if he tries a runback, he needs to wave the arm, concentrate on the ball, and make the fair catch. This poster should always think about the best way to approach a question and to give the best answer as to not bring on extra attack from others (and a spear tackle from a gunner)! Makes the first guy miss - The most important move for the PR is making that quick sidestep to the left or right to get the first man in to commit to a poor tackle (like Niles Paul's return against Colorado this year). Once this is accomplished, the PR can follow his blocks and use his cutting ability to score the TD. To me, this guy is really a sneaky member! He'll give you enough of a comment to reel you into arguing with him, and then, BAM! You've just missed the point completely, and the poster looks like a fantasy genius with his reply to your opposing viewpoint! Shifty - Can change directions on a dime, makes people miss. Look no further than Johnny Rodgers' electrifying return in the Game of the Century for the ideal of this trait. Rodgers dipped, dived and dashed his way through the heart of the Sooner coverage team en route to maybe the most important TD in Nebraska history. Lightning-quick speed and reaction time, young, smart, able to make an opening for himself where one doesn't exist.  VOTING CLOSES 3/24
  6. Kick Returner: RB wanna-be - When no opening is created, a Kick Returner normally tries to plow through the opposing special team members head on to try to gain some extra yards. Therefore, the ideal HuskerBoard KR has Running Back capabilities. You might want to consult the description of RB (not afraid to take hits, consistent, competitive, reliable) in order to best make a nomination/vote. High top speed – Josh Davis was the prototypical KR. He could run straight from his own goal line and reach a very high speed by the time he got to the 20. By this time, the defense has hit the wedge and he could either find the seam to take it to the house or blast through the best hole he could find to get some yardage. A poster who really gets on a roll with their posts and can find that bit of extra info that someone opened up for him would be a great KR. Dangerous - He may not be on the field a lot, but when he is, look out! A threat to take it all the way VOTING CLOSES 3/24
  7. Long Snapper: Versatile - You don't realize how much he is actually on the field. He's on the field when your team is doing well - scoring touchdowns or attempting field goals - and when they aren't doing as well - punting. Some of his snaps are long and some are short but always accurate. Has to be someone that contributes in a lot of ways. Unsung Hero - When he's doing a great job, you sometimes don't even realize he's there. A guy who contributes effectively and often but might not always get the recognition he deserves. Upwardly mobile - Might not get a lot of pub now but that doesn't mean he doesn't have a future. Every NFL team need a long snapper. Might cash in on a nice career by finding a niche and excelling at the next level.  VOTING CLOSES 3/17
  8. Punter: Big Leg - This guy booms the ball down the field (usually 60 yards - 45 yard punts plus their 15 yard dropback!) to give the other team bad field position for their offensive series. Following through the ball and a high leg finish are their trademarks! This member's posts go "a long way" to making his side of the argument better. Unsung Hero - The punter has a specific job, and he does it to the best of his ability. He doesn't normally get a chance to put points on the board, so some fans and players might forget about him. But when he pins the other team by their goal line, it's a big positive for the club! Maybe this guy doesn't get a whole lot of kudos around HuskerBoard, but he can be just as important as an offensive player or a regular poster. Limited appearance - The punter is only needed on 4th downs, so they normally only play 5 - 10 downs a game. I would therefore assume the best choice for HuskerBoard punter is one who isn't a super-prolific poster and is only used when it's necessary!  VOTING CLOSES 3/17
  9. Kicker: Consistency - This is a mentally draining position. The kicker has to be able to keep his head down, keep his eyes on the ball, and concentrate. This will lead to repeated precision in kicking field goals. This poster should contribute constantly and be focused intently on the main idea of any question or comment. Clutch - Since he's not on the field all the time, when the kicker is called upon to do his job, it needs to be done expertly. The entire game can ride on the leg of this (normally) little guy. Maybe this position shouldn't be filled by a "shock and awe" poster, but more by someone who only posts when he feels it necessary and when his idea will put the point "through the uprights!" Real Alex Henery type material! Strong Leg - Most times the placekicker will also be the kickoff kicker. He has to try to boot that ball off a 1-inch tee 70+ yards in the air and give sufficient hang time as to let his team get down to tackle the returner. Of course, he also has to be able to boot 50+ yard field goals into the wind/rain/snow to give his team those valuable 3 points! So, this guy needs to have powerful opinions backed up with hard facts. Also, if this poster's getting driven into the ground with his opinion, he has to trudge through and explain himself well in order to score! VOTING CLOSES 3/17
  10. Safety: Deep Coverage - These guys are the last line of defense for any long pass play. They should be able to sniff out the deep routes and keep the opposing QB from finding a wideout with an open field. This poster can add those last few deep thoughts to end a thread or find the inside information from a local city that no one else has heard. Hard-Hitting, Old Schooler - Just like Larry "The Assassin" Asante, this guy hits you so hard that you think you're on the merry-go-round. His posts are right at the center of the issue and puts his opinion right to the wall. At the same time, he's so tough and dedicated that he can play (or type as the case may be) with a severed finger! Interchangeable - Many CB's switch to Safety in the "later years" of their career – Eric Hagg comes to mind. They still play at a high level, and can still return the ball to the house. They have the skills of a Huskerboard CB - quickness and jumping ability, just maybe not the blinding speed of "younger bucks"... This poster is a Husker Football guru during the season and has plenty of info/insight to add through recruiting season, Spring Ball and on through summer conditioning. VOTING CLOSES 3/10
  11. Cornerback: Quickness - The CB must cover the WR's downfield, and when they start flying, he has to be right there to mirror their moves, a real Josh Bullocks type of guy. To me, this poster seems to be the "second man" in a thread quite a bit. When someone quickly adds a thread, this guy is right on the new topic and adds his own thoughts. Coverage - Since there are many routes a WR can take, the CB has to anticipate them and/or bait the QB into a false sense of security. When he knows the route, he can jump in and pick off the ball for his own gain! This poster is always ready for a funny "slant" on any subject, and if someone thinks his way is right, correction could be coming up behind you! Jumper - Since most CB's are shorter than WR's, they have to possess a large vertical leap. When the WR is looking to make the catch over his head, the CB needs to be in good position to get his hand between the ball and the hands of the receiver to knock it down. This poster jumps from thread to thread constantly in order to keep himself involved, and can make the stop when a thread runs out of control. Risk taker - This person ought to be one who is willing to let a WR go up against a safety if the opportunity to jump a route presents itself. This poster is willing to work with help from the other members of HuskerBoard, and takes a post hostage and in another direction when it's deemed necessary, but not all the time. Confident-He will do what he feels right and is behind his decision all the way. He posts his opinions with pride, therefore giving you a perspective. Awareness-He knows what actions to take when and where. He posts appropriately and knows where to post everything of course. He knows what hes talking about and the situation Sure tackler - when you're out on the island all by yourself you need to make the play in the open field. This poster can refute another poster quickly and concisely and make a good argument doing it. VOTING CLOSES 3/10
  12. Offensive Guard: Big - Offensive lineman are probably the largest players on the field - they are normally about 320 pounds!!! They stuff up the line as best as they can to keep the QB safe and able to pass. I would therefore say this poster should be one who is "long-winded" and likes to write a lot on any particular subject. One sentence answers aren't this guy's modus operandi - this poster likes to get all the ideas out of his head on every reply he makes. Pulling ability - We've all heard of the "pulling guard!" On the snap, this guy can laterally move behind his other line mates to create a running lane on the other side of the field - especially on sweeps and "counter trey" misdirection plays. The nominee likes to try to use his wit and cleverness to "pull" an argument to his side of the field. He'll also "counter" once in a while in order to create an pro-con scenario. Leverage - The Offensive Guard needs to use good leverage to keep the opposing tackles or ends from getting around them. It's all about "staying low" and "getting dirty" - you know, hands under the armpits once in a while! He might not always be the first person in a conversation (lower in the order for good positioning!), but he knows what he's talking about and likes to add his two cents to get into the conversation (in the trenches)! "Right" (or Left) Hand Man: The guard, who plays, next to the Center and QB, is in charge of all the inside plays. He has to work well with the rest of the offense. He is in on every play, but doesn't always get the credit or make the big play. But he is there regardless. He is always posting, but his posts may not be the most glamorous, but they are there and have a role. VOTING CLOSES 3/3
  13. Center: Snapper - This guy gets his hands on the ball on every play. His job is simple: to get the football from the grass (or turf) into the hands of the QB without causing a fumble. On shotgun plays, the center has to deliver the ball on target and at a waist-high level as to give the QB time to find his receivers. As a HuskerBoard center, the poster should either start many, many topics because he "touches the ball first." When posting from a "shotgun" format (well after a topic is started), he should give the starter of a topic a nice straightforward answer/comment as to further the point stated. Blocking ability - On any type of screen play, the center needs to get off of the line and help create a "mini-wedge" for the receiver. At the same time, he has to make sure he doesn't go past the line of scrimmage before the screen goes into effect! I would say the ideal Huskerboard center likes to help out the arguments of posters and keeps himself restrained - meaning he doesn't go way off base with his comments. Intelligence - In many football games you may see the center pointing out defensive alignments to the QB and his linemates before he gets into snapping position. The center has to anticipate what the defense is doing and relay it to his team. The football knowledge of this poster should be quite vast, and his ability to point out the strengths/weaknesses of other's posts should be quickly ascertained. Underrated - This poster does a lot in helping HuskerBoard but doesn't always get recognized for their help. VOTING CLOSES 3/3
  14. Offensive Tackle: QB Protection - The left OT has to be the best athlete on the line. As most QB's are right handed, their blind side is the left side. Since the best rushing DT is normally coming from the blind side, the left OT has to use finesse to keep him away from the QB - many times with no help from the TE! So, this poster should be very active, be able to have his ideas stand alone from others, and has the flare to his posts that keep the members happy! Physicality - For a right OT, physical strength is important because most offenses run over the right side of the line. The OT needs to create the outside lane for a RB on a standard run play (In the immortal words of Vince Lombardi at the blackboard: "What we need is a seam here," etc...). This poster comes strong with his ideas and creates a lane for others to make a topic grow and grow. Big guys with foot speed - Just as with an OG, the tackle should have a big presence on the line. At the same time, this giant should possess the ability to use his feet to gain leverage on an opposing defender. Basically, they can run through those rope squares really fast! I would say the ideal OT should be a poster that has big ideas in one message (that take a lot of space!) but still has the speed to contribute to as many forums as he can. VOTING CLOSES 3/3
  15. Linebacker: Defensive Leader - The LB sets up the defense in the huddle and keeps everyone abreast of how an offense is shifting or motioning. This poster is a well-respected member that keeps all others in line with his comments, while at the same time informs everyone of player news and other happenings in the NFL. Gap Filler - When a play is run and holes are made for the opposing RB, the LB fills the running lane and stuffs the RB from breaking free or stops him in the backfield completely! Our LB's are guys who keep threads interesting by adding their own insight and can stop a thread from running amok with useless info. Blitzer - When the rush is on, you can expect the LB's to be coming fast and furious through the line and get to the QB with blazing speed. When a breaking story hits, these guys rush to HuskerBoard to inform and add good content to the discussion. Team Pleayer - Holds his ground and knows what he's doing is important to the outcome, even if he doesnt get much recognition for what he does Alertness - Aware of the situations and reacts properly. Hard-Hitter - Relentless at the opposition. When he sees something being done wrong, he will take care of it, no questions asked. Not afraid to belt a receiver going across the middle, but isn't the kind of player to make unwarranted cheap shots. VOTING CLOSES 2/24
  16. Linebacker: Defensive Leader - The LB sets up the defense in the huddle and keeps everyone abreast of how an offense is shifting or motioning. This poster is a well-respected member that keeps all others in line with his comments, while at the same time informs everyone of player news and other happenings in the NFL. Gap Filler - When a play is run and holes are made for the opposing RB, the LB fills the running lane and stuffs the RB from breaking free or stops him in the backfield completely! Our LB's are guys who keep threads interesting by adding their own insight and can stop a thread from running amok with useless info. Blitzer - When the rush is on, you can expect the LB's to be coming fast and furious through the line and get to the QB with blazing speed. When a breaking story hits, these guys rush to HuskerBoard to inform and add good content to the discussion. Team Pleayer - Holds his ground and knows what he's doing is important to the outcome, even if he doesnt get much recognition for what he does Alertness - Aware of the situations and reacts properly. Hard-Hitter - Relentless at the opposition. When he sees something being done wrong, he will take care of it, no questions asked. Not afraid to belt a receiver going across the middle, but isn't the kind of player to make unwarranted cheap shots. VOTING CLOSES 2/24
  17. Tight End: Durability - Not one to let the time of year or the game influence his play. Just as strong with the posts in March as in October. Knows what's needed - That ability to look around, know where the first down marker is, sit in coverage and convert. Nothing flashy but keeps the posts moving along. Safety valve - Knows that he is often the check-down receiver or the guy the QB looks for in a blitz package. A Mike McNeil type who establishes a reputation in forums and it's assumed he'll fill the role. Downfield blocker - Can move faster than lineman, is usually bigger than a blocking back, and so helps the really big running plays by sealing the corner or flattening a member of the opposing secondary. Versatility with what's said on occasion. Good "Liar" - The TE can act like he's blocking for the run but then quickly releases to become a pass catcher - especially on the fake dive/throw to the TE play at the goal line. That's one of my favorite plays! So, this guy might not always know exactly what he's talking about, but he knows enough to still score points with the members of HuskerBoard. VOTING CLOSE 2/17
  18. Wide Receiver: Fast - This guy has blazing speed and can burn any cornerback that stands in his way. Replies to messages and questions come from this poster at an alarming rate! Able to outrun any Georgia DB for a 99-yard TD when the team's backs are against the wall. Good Hands - When a pass is thrown his way, he always catches the pass where the defenders can't knock it away. Very rarely drops the ball when his vision isn't impaired. So, this poster backs up his content with documented info and normally answers the question very well. If you need someone in that end zone to clutch the Hail Mary, this is your guy. Route Runner - Slants, posts, and hook routes are this player's forte. Using these routes, this poster always finds the soft spot of a zone or gets good separation from tight coverage. This guy has a different "slant" on many topics, "posts" a lot of interesting information, and "hooks" you with his witticism and knowledge. Wily/Crafty - A student of the game. Recognizes patterns and coverage (knows the topics he's commenting on and the other people in the particular debate). Tends to use his skill to get away with things, isn't afraid to fight with the defense. A Maurice Purify type. VOTING CLOSE 2/17
  19. Defensive End: Technically Sound - When you're toying with a 320 pound offensive lineman, you need to know how to get past them. Hand technique is crucial! This poster should be a master of the "swim" move (has a free-style), the "rip" move (points out incorrect stats and states his opposing viewpoints freely), and the "bull rush" (sometimes has too much to talk about)! Grant Wistrom and Trev Alberts are two examples of the prototypical Rush End. Reads the QB's eyes - When in a passing situation (and when not trying to sack the QB), this guy is always looking at the passer to see which passing lane he should cover and gets his arms up when the ball is released to knock it down. Ideally, this member intently reads all the opinions of the previous posters and finds out how to best agree or disagree with the viewpoints presented. Great acceleration - This guy has to get off the line fast in order to get to the QB as fast as possible. He should have a sharp burst of energy when the ball is snapped. Therefore, I think this poster should be one of those guys who comes into the forums (the ball is snapped) and immediately posts 3-4 replies to the most recent threads. You see this person's name at the top of the forums a lot! Versatility - Having to be fast enough to get to the QB, big enough to take on the O-line, strong enough to bring down a RB, and quick enough to fall back into a cover-zone. This poster should be seen in all types of forums, flashing knowledge on a wide array of topics. A jack-of all trades.  NOMINATIONS CLOSE 2/10
  20. Defensive Tackle: Two words: Ndamukong Suh – The quintessential example of a legendary DT. The DT is a huge guy that makes it impossible for you to run straight up the middle. They have the toughness to fight through double teams and get in the gap to stop the RB. Our DT should present his big ideas to a topic and have them mean so much that an argument or question stops at that point. Quickness - This may be an overused item, but it's still important at the DT spot. If he can get through the line, he has a straight path to the QB! The faster he gets there, the better - this can create poor decisions and bad throws by the passer. HuskerBoard DT's should react fast to breaking news! Shifting ability - If the Huskers decide to go into a 3-4, a DT will become a nose tackle and line up over the center. If he can take on both running gaps and jam the inside, he allows the ILB's to make plays. The perfect DT takes on many tough issues in many forums to allow other posters the ability to answer the obvious questions (the easy stop as it were)! Relentless - This guy can really dig his heels in and eventually overpower the lesser player in front of him. Creates a surge towards his given target and then makes the tackle from any given angle. VOTING CLOSES 2/10
  21. Quarterback: Leader - A take charge kind of guy. He starts a majority of the threads here on the board, being a topic starter. Cannon Arm – The QB has a blast visiting HuskerBoard daily. He has an powerful way with posts (shooting at lot of posts at us daily). Offensive Minded - He makes the offense offensive. He may correct you to his way of thinking. Some of his remarks may offend you but he makes you dish it out like he dished on you. Great Size - The ideal "pocket passer" QB should have great size - 6'2" to 6' 5". This gives them the ability to see over the line and take big hits from defenders. Therefore, this poster should have a good volume of posts. We're not looking for ones that say "I agree" or "That's funny" though... These posts should all have good quality and stand above all other "defenders." Field Vision - He has to see what the defense is giving him and make the best of the situation. That means our QB reads pretty much all of the posts and gives what he feels to be the best answer/comment to the question - and many times it is the most noteworthy comment of the thread. Scrambling Ability - The QB should be able to "scramble when flushed out of the pocket" by an odd question. This poster can quickly answer the question posed from his own knowledge of Husker football or experience. VOTING CLOSES 2/3
  22. Running Back: Not afraid to take hits - hits the holes hard and fast and dishes out just as well as he receives. Very consistent - This person gives good information on a constant basis and is dependable when opinions are needed. this person states his viewpoints and does not waver from them. Competitor - Even after fumbling (giving bad advice), this guy will always come back at you the next time with his best. Never afraid of the opposing linebacker (critic), will carry the ball until the cows come home. An "inside runner" - When the holes are made for him, he has to fly through with a quick step. This poster is able to find the inside information, then quickly divulge it to HuskerBoard so we can all "gain yardage!" Ability to "bounce it to the outside" - When the hole isn't there, this guy can use his lateral thinking skills (and lateral movement) to tiptoe the sidelines for a good gain. Catching out of the backfield - When a fellow poster (or his QB) gets in trouble in a topic, the RB has to be able to and bail him out. Short dumpoffs, designed draws, and screens should be easily fielded by this poster. Picking up the blitz - Handles several topics/Mocks/debates/etc... while always prioritizing correctly (reply to a topic first, then worry about debating on the Heisman winner or best college mascot). Reliable - Can be counted on to show up and play hard every week. Won't cough up the ball when taking a hard hit. VOTING CLOSES 2/3
  23. Defensive Coordinator: Defensive mind - This guy is all about keeping people out of the end zone. It's his job to find the correct personnel for each situation and keep the offense from finding a hole or seam to advance the ball. So, when posting on HuskerBoard, this member employs the best info and stats available to defend his arguments from being shot down by others. Knows when to blitz - Sometimes an opponent is in a situation where a blitz will almost surely create a forced throw, a turnover, or a big loss. This poster brings the heat by quickly posting a counter argument to a weak or disjointed post. It almost always squashes the opposing viewpoint before posters can even bother to post against it...therefore many times it's not even necessary to pile it on! Experience - Just like an offensive coordinator, the DC is normally an old defensive player or coached linebackers, the secondary, or the defensive line for several years. We're looking for a veteran poster who has been able to defend HuskerBoard's honor in many ways during his years here. VOTING CLOSES 1/27
  24. Offensive Coordinator: Relayer - "The OC" (as he may be called) has to hand down the offensive play call from the Head Coach for it to be implemented in the game. So, this poster is someone who likes to give out new breaking stories or updates to players & coaches, and does it very often. Tactician - The Offensive Coordinator has to sense weaknesses in a defense throughout the whole game and can sense changes quickly enough to call a play that will exploit the opponent. In HuskerBoard-land, this poster is able to find flaws in weaker arguments and rebut it with the most pertinent facts and stats to gain himself "yardage" in the thread. Student of the game - Offensive Coordinators normally start out as a coach in another capacity on a team or several teams, such as QB or WR coach. They can teach the players on the field and call the plays during the game. So, I would have to say there's a lot of experience that must be gained to take this position. Therefore, this poster should be a veteran of the site who has been here long enough to understand the ins and outs of the "offense" in the form of posts and threads. VOTING CLOSES 1/27
  25. Head Coach: Teacher - You have come to learn from this guy on a regular basis. He has expert knowledge of Husker football. He is always helpful and willing to help you out with something you need, whether on the boards or PMs...especially newcomers. Play Caller - This guy “runs the show” in his mind. You often see him on HuskerBoard organizing several "audibles" at any given time in a heated topic of discussion. He’s been known to get some of his preseason predictions right, and his knowledge of Husker football is second to none. He often sways the opinions of the majority in a discussion thread. Worldly Knowledge - Even though some coaches use a "cheat sheet" with all the plays on them, our Head Coach doesn't need them. This member is active in numerous areas of HuskerBoard, offering insights on various topics already posted, and keeping HuskerBoard informed of breaking news or important subjects. Because of the crucial nature of this position, this member should be a veteran of many years at HuskerBoard. VOTING CLOSES 1/27
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