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  1. Listening to one of the local radio stations the other day and they said our wide receivers have not improved since Scott Frost has arrived. Do you guys agree with this? With having such an elite wide receiver coach still living in Lincoln is there any way we can get Keith Williams back on the staff? I am also excluding Stanley Morgan and JD Spielman from this discussion since they are naturally gifted athletes.
  2. The day is upon us... If most of us are honest with ourselves, this feeling has been dormant for 3 years. The excitement, the passion, the anticipation, the nerves, the optimism, the pessimism, the wonder, the goosebumps and the cold tickle on the back of your neck when Nebraska begins their march towards the field for the first time in a year while 90,000 lose their collective minds. Yes we have endured some trying times. And many of us tried remaining calm as the fire engulfed what we once enjoyed. Today, August 31st 2018 is the last day of "The Calm". Tomorrow, i
  3. Frost's last game as a Husker was T.O.'s last game as a coach. Heh. I knew that, but I guess I'd just forgotten.
  4. 17 college football moments that would’ve been even more amazing if Twitter had been around at the time Included is this: I thought this was a cool idea. What other Nebraska football moments would've been even more amazing if Twitter had been around at that time?
  5. I did a little research and it turns out that way back when, the Huskers were known as the Old Gold Knights. Fitting with Frost coaching his last game for the UCF Knights and returning to his old team. Could have made for a cool marketing campaign. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/1891_Nebraska_Old_Gold_Knights_football_team
  6. Which players in the 2017 class have to succeed at Nebraska in order for the class to be considered a success years down the road? This is more than simply ranking the players best to worst, though. Consider the implications of the player's position and recruiting location, and what it will mean to the team's future recruiting efforts if (for example) they pull a highly touted player from the coast but are unable to turn him into a high-caliber player. In no particular order, Avery Roberts, Tyjon Lindsey, and Guy Thomas stand out as players who I think are pretty critical to future su
  7. The men's basketball team had their "secret" scrimmage against ISU today. Keeping in mind, this isn't exactly a real game as there are additional stoppages, substitutions, etc...ISU won by about 9. Here is the links to the information so far about it. One is from an ISU writer so it is about ISU, however it does give a few more details. http://journalstar.com/sports/huskers/mens-basketball/huskers-have-encouraging-scrimmage-at-iowa-state/article_64d1f47d-f764-5012-ab1d-6ad3526d55fe.html http://cyclonefanatic.com/forum/threads/updated-insider-iowa-state-beat-nebraska-by-9-today-detail
  8. Nebraska Cornhuskers (11-7) vs. Indiana State Sycamores (13-7) Tuesday, March 22 (3 p.m.) Probable Starters: RHP Engelken (0-1) vs. TBA TV: None Audio Stream: Huskers.com | Video Stream: USTREAM Radio: Husker Sports Network Wednesday, March 23 (3 p.m.) Probable Starters: TBA vs. TBA TV: None Audio Stream: Huskers.com | Video Stream: USTREAM Radio: Husker Sports Network Rest of article. Link for video stream USTREAM. Not sure if it's free or paid because my work computer won't load the page.
  9. Nebraska Cornhuskers (4-5) vs. Loyola Marymount Lions (6-6) Friday, March 11, Game 1 (1:35 p.m.) Probable Starters: RHP Howell (0-1) vs. RHP Busfield (1-0) TV: None Audio Stream: Huskers.com | Video Stream: HuskersNSide Radio: Husker Sports Network Friday, March 11, Game 2 (Approx. 5 p.m.) Probable Starters: RHP Burkamper (0-0) vs. TBA TV: None Audio Stream: Huskers.com | Video Stream: HuskersNSide Radio: Husker Sports Network Saturday, March 12 (2:05 p.m.) Probable Starters: RHP Matt Waldron (1-1) vs. RHP Abbott (1-1) TV: None Audio Stream: Huskers.com | Video Stream: BTN Plus Rad
  10. I want this to be a serious thread for all questions relating to SF's future. What are the chances he does well at UCF? What are the chances he ends up at Nebraska? Can he recruit to a school that doesn't have the College of Nike Apparel appeal? Just wanted to hear other people's thoughts. Also, I'm currently a freshmen at UNL and was wondering if anyone else on HB is currently at UNL, or if it is all older fans that remember the good ol' days? I'd love to see the differences in opinions between generations. Oh, and GBR!
  11. He's had some good posts. http://www.knowitallfootball.com/2015/10/15/blackshirt-blog-hi-joe-husker-fan/ Sums up how I feel this season.
  12. 2015 Game 7 “Expert” Picks: Nebraska at Minnesota ————— CollegeFootballNews.com Why You Need To Care Nebraska might be four plays away from being 6-0, but it’s 2-4 – you are what your record is. This is turning into a historically awful start for a program looking to make this a special year after firing Bo Pelini for not being able to take the program to a whole other level – among other things. Lose this, then you’re talking about the worst start to a Husker season since going 1-9 in 1957. Win this, and with Northwestern up next and Iowa still to play, there’s still time to catc
  13. Coach Riley wants to hire a Walk-on Coordinator. I personally think this is great. I think the key points this person should have would be: 1) Must have roots in Nebraska. This person needs to know what it’s like to grow up with the dream of playing in Memorial stadium. 2) Must have recruiting experience. Has to be able to convince the kids to give up a scholarship offer from other schools and walk on in Lincoln. 3) Must already have a good relationship with the Nebraska high school coaches (especially in Omaha and Lincoln). If the coaches are o
  14. We all know Miles has 3 spots. Rumors being thrown around out there are that we might have a few hidden gems. Here are a few names that are being thrown around: Robin Washut ‏@RobinWashut 1h RT @AdamZagoria: Georgetown transfer Moses Ayegba is looking at LIU, Nebraska, Pepperdine, Indiana, Towson, Indiana St & Wichita State Robin Washut ‏@RobinWashut Apr 5 All signs are pointing to W. Illinois' Jim Molinari joining #Nebrasketball’s staff as its new assistant coach... ($) https://nebraska.rivals.com/content.asp?CID=1628459 … Samuel McKewon ‏@swmckewonOWH 1h Chiles will
  15. Was surprised this hadn't been noted in here before now, but grats to the lady Huskers, 2013 regular season champs for womens soccer! Now on to the tourney championship and the NCAAs! What a turnaround for a team that had trouble finding its footing since Jenna Cooper's death. Good to see John Walker getting the ship righted!
  16. People who are angry about the current situation of Nebraska are right. 1. Bo Pelini is not Nebraska football. Nebraska football is much bigger than him. STOP bashing people who question his ability to make the Huskers successful. 2. Nebraska has just as much of a chance to become a dominating winner as any other school in the country. STOP saying Nebraska can't go back to the glory days. Heard a guy on the radio yesterday talking about Alabama before Nick Saban, and it sounded a lot like Nebraska now. Don't give up on the program. 3. Continue to show up to games, continue to buy H
  17. Hi guys, We finished our movie and in light of everything from the past few days it might be nice to see something positive about being a Cornhusker... We could use your help getting the word out about our film. Please share this link on your facebook page, twitter feed, and with any and all media sources. Not only did we spend over 2 and a half years making it but we put our blood, sweat and tears into this film. The link below has everything from the trailer, to where its sold, and it even has a link to an autographed ball that we are auctioning off for Team Jack. Thanks everyone and Go
  18. Pretty cool that Roy Helu is now the starting running back in Washington: http://www.csnwashin...294&feedID=6355 He said he is still enjoying watching his first NFL TD run (and jump!)
  19. Hey guys, I made this music video to go along with our Documentary Film about Cornhusker fans that I will be releasing this fall. The song is about Coming home to Nebraska and the band who made it is from Lincoln and they did a stellar job. Please help me pass it around. Everything was either filmed in Nebraska or on our way home to Nebraska. And if you want more info on our film please visit the films website: www.huskersfilm.com. Thanks guys and I apologize for the shameless self promotion but I'm really proud of our project and I want everybody to know about it.
  20. Starters Nebraska is two wins away from their 2,000th win in school history. Should be an interesting series. We SHOULD sweep the wildcats.
  21. I thought it was pretty interesting that on Obama's ESPN Women's bracket, he has the Nebraska Lady Huskers going to the Elite 8. Regardless of politics, it is nice to get some presidental confidence.
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