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Found 2 results

  1. Here is a video preview by the ES, the oldest college FB blog in the Big Ten. It's from the most popular bar in East Lansing of the upcoming stint at Nebraska. We interview locals about their thoughts on the Spartans vs Corn, review the Spartans whipping of Indiana and the terrible reffing in the Big Ten... plus, video footage of the stumble into Spartan Stadium. Check it out and enjoy! Go GREEN. http://enlightenedspartan.blogspot.com/2015/11/enlightened-spartan-preview-6-mich.html
  2. After that game, I'm pretty much done with this year. I would rather just skip the bowl game and dive straight into spring practice. A lot of people are talking about coaching changes. I think that something probably needs to happen there - not sure what, but I've never seen a Nebraska team more out-coached than they were last night. However, as bad as the coaching was - players win championships. Last night, Wisconsin's players completely dominated Nebraska, especially on the lines of scrimmage. My question to you is - how are we going to fix that? On the defensive line, we lose Eric Martin and Baker Steinkuhler, by far the two most important players there. We also lose Cameron Meredith and Joseph Carter, while Jason Ankrah, Thad Randle and Chase Rome return. I've seen nothing from the latter three players that make me think they can form the kind of defensive front that will win a conference championship. So - who steps up, or what juco player is going to come and rescue us? Are Vincent Valentine or Aaron Curry going to be ready? I think the LB spot looks a little more optimistic. Zaire Anderson returns from injury, and I'm fairly certain he would have been our team's leading tackler by now if he had stayed healthy. David Santos also returns while Michael Rose and Thomas Brown join the fray. If guys get their heads in the game and learn the defense (and practice form tackling day and night), I think it's possible our LB position could be much stronger next year. I think we've got plenty of talent in the secondary, especially at the corner position. Ciante Evans, Josh Mitchell, Andrew Green, Stanley Jean-Baptiste, Charles Jackson, and Mohammed Seisay all return. At safety we're much thinner, with Courtney Osborne, PJ Smith, and Daimion Stafford all leaving. However, if we can just find two guys (maybe Corey Cooper and Harvey Jackson) who simply know how to take an angle and wrap up, we'll be better off than we were this year. On offense, it's all about the the offensive line and tight end. For the second year in a row, I believe we'll have the best collection of skill position players in the Big Ten (Martinez returns, Armstrong joins; Abdullah, Heard, Cross return; Bell, Enunwa, Turner, Steven Osborne, Tariq Allen all return, while Jordan Westerkamp joins that battle for playing time). At tight end we lose both Cotton and Reed, while we return Jake Long. Jake Long looked hideously bad in the Minnesota game, but there was also an article written about how NFL scouts are already looking at him, so maybe he will be able to fill in appropriately. On the offensive line, we lose Justin Jackson, but we return Sirles, Qvale, Long, Pensick, and Rodriguez. Behind them, we have little to no proven depth. It's possible they put together a solid starting 5, but who is going to step up to provide depth should someone go down (like Justin Jackson)? In 2013, it should be an awfully good offense, depending on the offensive line. It's hard to imagine the defense being worse than it was last night, but I'm very, very worried about the defensive line. What say you?
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