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Found 1 result

  1. Some in the Dems Rebuild topic are asking for an education topic. If one of the mods is bored maybe they can move those posts over here. This is one of those topics where I can list a lot of problems but I don’t have many ideas on solutions. I’ll start with that though, focusing on college education. 1) Too many people are going to college. The market is flooded with people doing things that have nothing to do with their degrees. 2) Businesses know they can ask for a college degree when hiring even if it’s not really necessary for the job. E.g. no one can convince me an administrative assistant with a good high school GPA can’t learn on the job under an office manager. 3) #1 and #2 are a vicious cycle. You don’t really need a degree to gain the skills to do job X, but the hiring manager for job X will pick the people with degrees first, so you actually do need the degree. Schools gain the most out of this, then businesses. Students gain the least and spend a lot of $. 4) School is getting more and more expensive but it’s not gaining in value. In fact, because of #1, college degrees are likely losing value. If you’re not sought after because everyone has a degree, the degree doesn’t have as much value. 5) I don’t know that this is true because I’m only going off of personal experience. I think because of #1, college has gotten easier. I was in several UNL classes that were hilariously easy. This is exacerbated when you’re in a field like education where they aren’t paying a lot. There are really smart teachers but being smart isn’t a requirement to get a teaching degree.
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