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Found 3 results

  1. Last year was a magical year for the Nebrasketball team, but all summer long we were told Petteway would ditch after this year for the NBA, but he still needs to prove a few things. From what i have heard, Walter Pitchford also has intentions of trying to leave for the NBA(possibly after this season). I think most people assume TP is gone, but the WP angle might surprise some. Both guys needed to work on a few things according to NBA scouts. Petteway needs to work on his deep shot and his ball handling skills. Pitch needs to work with his back to the basket. So now, fast forward to where we are now. TP brings the ball up. He shoots when he shouldnt(did this last year) TP is who he is. Good player but sometimes he is too shot happy. My big concern is Pitch. The dude looks lost. He doesnt seem comfortable down low. His shot seems forced. His body language is awful. Our best (college) player has been Shavon Shields. Shouldnt be a surprise that no one is really talking about SS being in the NBA right now. Seems like Pitch and Petteway are playing with all this pressure to be in the NBA that they are trying to show off and be what they were last year, and more. All the pressure of last year seems to be taking a toll on this team. Need to go back to what worked last year. Play team ball. Drive the basket and dont worry about the future after Nebraska.
  2. Not sure if this belongs here or not... But I created a Bracket for the board(did this 2 years ago and was fun). This is not a Huskerboard sponsored event, but sometimes the Mods are feeling super friendly and they offer up a prize.... I wouldnt expect that... but hey, pride is good enough... AMIRITE? Name: Huskerboard Bubble busters Password: Huskerboard Website: Yahoo.sports Direct link to join: http://tournament.fantasysports.yahoo.com/t1/register/joinprivategroup_assign_team?GID=156986&P=huskerboard
  3. Getting closer and closer. Figure we can talk bubbles being bursted and what not. B1G is in good shape to get 6 or 7 teams in to the dance Locks: Indiana, Mich st, Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio State Bubble in:Illinois, Minnesota Bubble out: Needs to get very hot.. very fast: Iowa, Purdue Out unless they win Conference tournament: Nebraska, Northwestern, Penn state I think Illinois gets in because Iowa/Nebraska should be wins which get them to at least 500 in conf play. probably finish at 9-9. Minnesota should finish 3-0 and with a 22-9 (10-8 B1G) including big wins over: Memphis(who is on fire), Mich St, Ill, Wis and Indiana. TEAM CONF OVERALL Indiana 12-3 24-4 Michigan State 11-4 22-6 Wisconsin 11-4 20-8 Michigan 10-4 23-4 Ohio State 10-5 20-7 Illinois 7-8 20-9 Minnesota 7-8 19-9 Iowa 6-8 17-10 Purdue 6-8 13-14 Nebraska 4-11 13-15 Northwestern 4-11 13-15 Penn State 0-14 8-18
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