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Found 5 results

  1. ...I suppose today should give ample evidence of a failed organizational leader, Mr Reilly and his methodology/approach to the game..the next coach must build his offensive around the focus of building a rushing based offensive system and stop recruiting these pass blocking profile body types...that have no no core power to go forward, only backwards in pass protection..and have insanely slow footwork..and go back to recruiting the passed over smaller, squatty type lineman that come from hard nosed, rushing offensive HS programs that can go FORWARDS...
  2. ..As anyone who reads local papers regarding Husker football and the writers that follow and report/write on Huskers, they generally seem to put together good articles. However they like a bunch of vulchers on Diaco, and how they are covering him shows their lack of social intelligence..they just bash him in their articles, specifically of his quotes/responses to questions and I’ll have to side with Diaco on this one issue. The nature of some of these idiots questions put Diaco, a leader, in a horrible position, and the ones asking these questions should absolutely have awareness of the position it puts the subject in.. ...they keep hounding him about his self refuting or contradictory answers to their questions..I take a step back and put myself in his position..which is very easy, cause I have been, not as Coach, but as a organizational leader, and certain things like this transcend the type of organization and thus irrelevant... ..he gets placed in a dilemma by these jerk reporters questions..I perceive the man wants to tell the truth, however stating the “truth” in this aspect, to a reporter is anything but helpful. He knows full well the Husker Defensive woes always start the same place defensive success starts..with the three down linemen...He knows these 3 are physically weak, due to both youth and failures in the whole lifting and nutrition program at Nebraska, case in point, Husker O line averages 37% body fat..12% over the average percentage of the top CFP team O lines going back 3 years.. ...would a leader of any virtue or character say this to a reporter..”my 3 linemen are not physically strong enough to control their gap..”...is that what the reporter want to hear..? So, Diaco is now conflicted, lie or tell the truth, that’s why he’s stumbling all over his words..IMO the Media just needs to leave the dang man alone for awhile... ..it’s all upfront, it doesn’t take a coach to know it’s always the linemen that drive success, in the case, it’s 3 due to the scheme.. ..I’ve seen mick stoltenberg get tossed out of his gap like a fly.. ..I posted awhile back on Husker strength methodologies are a absolute failure, evidence is seen every game..I’ve seen, I think every O linemen now get driven back and pancaked in the backfield..no explosive launch whatsoever...I guess squats are optional under mike Riley.. i watch navy games every year..have you all seen how they fire off the ball..? I mean they explode and give teams fits... .Diaco had success at NT Dame for many reasons, not all of them was he responsible for said success..he had powerful, powerful rush ends and nose guard/tackle.. ..when you have DEs and NTs like he had, (DE pictured below) ...the defense WILL have succes.. This is truitt I believe..I remember seeing him play under Diaco and very much remember his combine metrics..he bench pressed 30 or 31 reps..(for reference Suh did 34 I believe) exemplification
  3. I found the below poll on an Omaha.com article about Diaco's defense, his approach and its impact on the team. I'm interested to see what Huskerboard thinks in our own poll and if we are in any way correlated with a larger, more generic pool of Husker voters. This is particularly relevant as we've recently had the validity of Huskerboard polls called entirely into question. Here's the article, for those interested. So far, this poll has 909 voting yes and 303 voting no.
  4. This thought has crossed my mind for a while now. What do you expect of the new defense? I expect no team to put up more than 42 points on us. I want these guys to force more fumbles and more turnovers, but I will expect this defense to be ball hawking and forcing fumbles. I feel we just haven't forced fumbles that much. I wonder how many INT's we get without Nate Gerry. It will take some adjustment period, but by years end we need to see a better overall defense than last season. It mean getting stops with some consistency against really good teams and forcing field goals rather than easy touchdowns when a team enters the redzone. A ranking of 30th or lower is my expectation(we were 30th in 2016). I expect the corners to be a lot more physical rather than play off the ball 10 or so yards. We have great talent in the secondary that no matter who we play, they will not beat us deep-outside a few times that happen for an occasional breakdown or exceptional throw. More discipline coupled with the heart and soul to win would be great. We are deep at linebacker and in the secondary with a D-line that is maturing, it may take some adjusting to, but hopefully this group plays more physical than a year ago. No team should be getting first downs at will or scoring with ease. Those are my expectations what are your expectations. O/U on how many turnovers-last year we forced 19, do you take the over or the under on that?
  5. The article below is just one recent item I selected however it is not intended to be the only item supporting my thinking. For this article I think urgency is required to be successful in any profession and this article touches on the topic. When I consider what Riley has done Nebraska is looking more and more like a program poised for success than it has been at any time since Tom retired. The article on setting up a recruiting department to support the aggressive work being done already is an example of future thinking. Not sitting on crappy assistant coaches is a great example. The use of camps for recruiting is another example. Hiring Diaco is a great example, my reason may be different than some think, I like the idea of getting the Husker Admin. to be willing to open up the checkbook, he (Diaco) may or may not be awesome but I think showing players and recruits that we are bringing in the best coaches money can buy adds something, it makes them think hey this program cares enough to bring in awesome coaches for me. (They may or may not be awesome but I think to an athlete they associate money with success). I guess to wrap up, I really hope Riley can be successful, but if he is not I like the machine he is building and if Riley is replaced or retires I hope that the new Big Red Machine and open check book attitude set up the Huskers for future success. http://www.omaha.com/huskers/blogs/an-urgent-spring-awaits-mike-riley-who-s-learning-rapidly/article_11950946-f7bb-11e6-b479-871e75c0d794.html
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