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Found 6 results

  1. This blog has Gregory at 7 to the Bears.. I've seen him a few spots higher and a few lower.. Where do you think he can move up: http://thefmproject.com/2015/03/23/tfmp-nfl-mock-draft-1-0/#more-1126
  2. TFE's NFL Draft Lead writer Brandon Thorn breaks down one of his top rated RBs for the 2015 NFL Draft with an in-depth, NFL style scouting report. This is the first of many prospects that are completed using this format. Feedback is very much appreciated! http://www.thefootballeducator.com/ameer-abdullah-nebraska/ Summary:Abdullah has been the bell cow back for the Cornhuskers since taking over the starting role as a sophomore in 2012 (three-year starter). Ameer set numerous school-records including the only player in history to rush for three 1,000 yard seasons and he finished as the school’s second all-time leading rusher. He finished his career with 813 carries, 4,588 yards, 5.6 YPC, 39 TD, 73 receptions, 690 yards, 7 TD, 1592 return yards, 26.1 YPR. Ameer’s senior season (2014) he finished with 264 carries, 1,611 yards, 6.1 ypc, 19 TDs, 22 receptions, 269 yards, 3 TDs, 14 returns, 392 yards, 28.0 avg. He also received his degree in history in 3 1/2 years. Abdullah is a dynamic, do-it-all player who wins with effort as much as explosion and quicks. His fearless mentality on the field allows him to be a very effective cut blocker, inside runner, and tackle breaker. Ameer looks to run inside first, but once in the open-field, look out. He runs low, which paired with his sculpted, compact frame gives him the leverage advantage against almost any defender. Arm tackles do not work against him and he initiates contact much more than he receives it. His two biggest strengths are his vision and decisiveness. He identifies the right hole consistently and wastes no time attacking it. His acceleration out of his first cut and jump cut is devastating. Ameer is a smooth route-runner and receiver out of the backfield, displaying soft hands that he uses to make the routine and difficult catch seamlessly. Aside from some fumbling issues his first three years that he cleaned up his Sr. year, his lack of overpowering size to run between the tackles at the next level is my only other concern. He could easily handle another 5-10 pounds of weight, making his body capable of being a feature back. By all accounts from college, he would be a great teammate and addition to the locker room as well. Ameer is a top 32 prospect for me with legitimate value near the end of round 1, worst-case middle of round 2. He’s the type of player who will likely get overlooked and be a steal after round 1. Value – Top 30 Projection – Top 50 Pro Comp = Ahmad Bradshaw
  3. TFE's NFL Draft Lead writer Brandon Thorn breaks down his #1 rated edge player for the 2015 NFL Draft with an in-depth, NFL style scouting report. Feedback is very much appreciated! Full Report - http://www.thefootballeducator.com/randy-gregory-nebraska/ RG is a freakish athlete who has tremendous size with a narrow but muscular body-type. He has long arms & aggressive hands that he uses to maintain separation at the POA to locate the ball. Surprisingly aggressive & physical when shedding blocks, rarely getting overpowered off the LOS, but it does happen from time to time due to lack of sand. Excellent in pursuit where his high motor & outstanding speed really get to shine. He’s an explosive tackler who meets ballcarriers with an attitude and wraps up consistently. He is noticeably late out of his stance in every game I watched, usually 4-5 times each tape. This is hard to figure out why and since it still happens frequently late in the year, is somewhat disconcerting. Despite occasionally being late off the snap, Gregory is a very well-developed pass-rusher who wins in a variety of ways. He consistently keeps his pad level low out of his stance which enables him to dictate the outcome more often than not. His coordination and foot fire allow him to get OL off balance which sets up his array of moves. RG is very skilled with his hands and has a nice rip, spin, swim, and bullrush capabilities. He loves crossing the OL’s face and can get skinny on the inside where most of his sacks have come by way of his swim move. His closing speed/short-area burst is impeccable and he made a play vs Miami that summed this up well where a RB attempted to cut him off of play-action. Gregory was standing up on the right side as the QB hiked the ball & faked a handoff to the RB, who after the fake immediately went for RGs’ knees. RG used his incredible quickness/agility to juke the RB out, leap over him, regain his traction almost instantly and throw the QB down for a sack. He made it look effortless & put on full display his athletic prowess. Despite playing ILB in the 3-4 several times each game (where he was a very effective blitzer, beating slower OL with his excellent speed/agility) there wasn’t enough tape to see him turn his hips and cover. This will be an area that gets tested at the Combine & his pro day. Overall, the way Gregory is used at Nebraska translates almost perfectly to the NFL. The difference is he is best suited as a 3-4 OLB not a 4-3 DE, at least initially, due to the need to add more weight. He is scheme versatile with the ability to be used as a queen on a defensive chess board in the front 7, lining up virtually anywhere and having an impact from day 1. Pro Comp = Aldon Smith Hit me up on Twitter for more in-depth reporting @VeteranScout
  4. Hey everyone, I am the NFL Draft leader writer for The Football Educator run by former GM of the Denver Broncos Ted Sundquist & I am beginning to get my top 5, big board, and mock draft on the site for 2015. I wanted to come here and share what I think of some Cornhuskers. I am very high on both Randy Gregory & Ameer Abdullah, just thought you guys would appreciate it and if anything, enjoy this website in general. Please feel free to drop a comment to me @OneDayGM on Twitter. Thanks. http://www.thefootballeducator.com/brandon-thorns-2015-nfl-draft-big-board-jan-1/
  5. One Cornhusker in round-1, but stay tuned for round-2 which will definitely have more. Feedback os much appreciated. Thank you! http://www.thefootballeducator.com/2015-nfl-mock-draft-round-1-jan-5/
  6. What Huskers does BLESTO like this year? Because they are the ones likely to end up on a roster. BLESTO is a scouting cooperative that serves seven NFL teams: Buffalo, Detroit, Jacksonville, Minnesota, the New York Giants, Pittsburgh and Washington. They share info on draft prospects such as performance measurable, stats, medical info, family history, etc. Thirteen Huskers have been drafted in the past three years. Nine of those Huskers went to BLESTO teams. LINK 2011 DRAFT Player Pos Rd Pick Team Prince Amukamara CB 1 19 New York Giants (BLESTO) Roy Helu Jr. RB 4 105 Washington(BLESTO) Alex Henery K 4 120 Philadelphia DeJon Gomes DB 5 147 Washington (BLESTO) Niles Paul WR 5 155 Washington (BLESTO) Keith Williams OL 6 196 Pittsburgh (BLESTO) Eric Hagg DB 7 248 Cleveland 2010 DRAFT Player Pos Rd Pick Team Ndamukong Suh DT 1 2 Detroit (BLESTO) Phillip Dillard LB 4 115 New York Giants (BLESTO) Larry Asante S 5 160 Cleveland 2009 DRAFT Player Pos Rd Pick Team Cody Glenn LB 5 158 Washington (BLESTO) Matt Slauson OG 6 193 New York Jets Lydon Murtha OT 7 228 Detroit (BLESTO)
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